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Best Aerial Yoga Leggings


Are you looking for the best pair of leggings to wear to aerial yoga? Whether you’re aerial yoga takes place in an anti-gravity hammock, sling or trapeze below we have listed some of the most amazing leggings for you to wear in 2021.

Whilst aerialists and yogi’s are spoilt for choice today – there are so many to choose between it can be a hard job. Should you be looking for the prettiest, the most visually attractive or some plain black ones? 

You need a pair of leggings that aren’t going to creep down as you forward fold over the hammock into skyward dog revealing your bum to the world or bunch up at your waist causing immense pain as the hammock presses into your hip crease. 

If you are petite or plus size you will longer struggle to find a pair. Designers have finally realised that leggings are for all shapes and sizes not just regular sized girls. Whatever you’re style or size a good pair of leggings can make all the difference.

To save you the effort of scrolling through the internet for hours to find that special pair we have rounded up a selection of our favourites for aerial yoga. Of course you could wear them for any aerial discipline, yoga, travelling, the gym or any activity really. 

Can I Just Wear Any Leggings?

Like me, until recently, you might think that all leggings are made the same, but they’re not. Those made for running are thicker, will be designed to be sweat-wicking as your run and have seams and structure designed for high impact. You want aerial yoga leggings to have a high waistband, be stretchy and feel like a second skin. Whilst there is nothing to stop you from wearing any old pair of leggings for class, grabbing a pair that are suitable for postures and positions you perform in the hammock. Plus you need them not to bunch up and cause extra pain when you invert or perform moves involving hip hangs.

What to Look For in a Pair of Aerial Yoga Leggings?

You want them to be high waisted and pass the downward dog test, there’s nothing worse than trying to yank your pants back into place to cover your bum whilst hanging upside down, trust me.  They should feel comfortable and support you. the waistband needs to lie flat on your torso, not cut in and shouldn’t have any drawstrings, zips or pockets that can dig in and or make you uncomfortable on the hammock. We’d probably avoid pairs that have lots of seams on them, they might get uncomfortable when the loop presses into them. To avoid damaging the hammock avoid zips, catches and sequins. Most activewear stretches over time so avoid sizing up, so that when the loosen up a bit they will still fit.  I personally love wide leg and boot cut yoga leggings but they don’t work so well in the hammock as it’s just a bit more fabric to battle with 🙂

What Are the Best Aerial Yoga Leggings to Buy?

If you don’t have a budget then Lululemon are without our favourite brand! If you have never tried Lulelemon you are in for a treat they are so comfortable and they last really well in our experience. Sweaty Betty are another go-to brand when our budget runs to it, again they last and last, plus they feel amazing!  Both of these brands have a background in yoga so make leggings specifically for this category.

As well as the big brands like Nike, Reebok that make yoga specific ranges there are smaller brands like Malta Leggings, Oulowear, Yogaleggs that make great pairs that are perfect for hanging upside down in 🙂

If you are on a really tight budget just pick some up in H&M, Primark or Walmart.

Here's Our Selection of the Best Aerial Yoga Leggings to Shop Today

#1 Queenieke Women Aerial Yoga Leggings


These Classic 5.5 Inch High Waist Running Pants Tummy Control Workout Tights are perfect for aerial yoga. WIth a review of 4.5/5 from over 1000 buyers they must be good. They come in a range of size and colours so there will be a perfect pair just for you! They cost less than £20 so they are quite the bargain. We found them on Amazon so if you have Prime you will qualify for free delivery as well. They feature a back pocket, ultra stretch, are non see-through and they are high waisted. They have a 28 inch inseam design so they look very long – perfect if you like to pull them over your heels or you are tall. They also make shorter ones if you don’t like long leggings.

Best Budget pair


These leggings were designed to sculp and support you. They are high waisted and very easy to wear. The soft and silky material feels great against the skin It’s easy to move in them and they are pretty much squat proof. We found them to be good quality leggings with great stitching. Available in three different colours including blue zebra, grey/orange marble and the olive animal print shown here. The prints are really cool. They do have a pocket on the side, but that shouldn’t get in your way too much on the hammock. Made from 74% polyester and 26% elastane. 

Best 7/8 aerial yoga leggings


These leggings were designed with yoga in mind, they have been crafted from a brushed, buttery soft and stretch fabric delivering that naked sensation and unrestricted movement. The specially brushed fabric gives a warm and soft feel. They are perfect for aerial yoga, but we wouldn’t try going for a run in them. At 30% they are made from a  slightly higher percentage of elastane than other leggings. These are also available in a range of colours and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often you will see spandex or elastane in the list of fabrics and you may wonder if they are different materials. Nope, they are exactly the same thing, it just depends where you are in the world. In the United States it is usually called Spandex, but everybody else calls it elastane (1)