Best Aerial Yoga Socks

for aerial hammock and yoga-trapeze


Most people wear bare feet for both aerial yoga and yoga trapeze, but if you want to add a bit more grip to your standing asanas and keep your feet warm at the same time you can add a pair of aerial yoga socks to your kit. 

These sticky socks have a silicon dots added to the bottom of the socks and they help you grip. There are a range of styles available, some look just like trainer socks, others are toeless and some are like foot gloves. 

Here's Our Selection of the Best Aerial Yoga socks to Shop Today

Aerial yoga socks cost anywhere between £7 and £34, so it depends on your budget really. There are some excellent brands out there and they can easily be picked up on Amazon or eBay. 

Best Budget Buy - Voidbov Non Skid Socks


These super high-grip socks with a non-slip Transparent Silicone Dots Sole will help you grip the floor or mat. They have an anti-microbial treatment so hopefully it will keep them fresh for longer.

The socks are made from high quality knitted fabric so they have great durability and support.  They are made from a combination of materials – cotton 80%, Nylon 15% and Elastane 5%.

We found them to be breathable and they fitted securely. They were really soft and comfortable. The medium thickness means that we would probably wear them in the cooler seasons but they would also be perfect for wearing as a warm up item on cooler days in the warmer months as well. 

You can buy a single black pair or a pack of 4 which includes 4 Different Colours -Black, Gray, Purple and Rose Red.

Best Eco Friendly Pair - Panda Paw Fit Best Bamboo Non Slip Yoga Socks

If you care about the environment you will love these aerial yoga socks by Panda Paw Fit. These luxury bamboo non slip socks may help improve your grounded aerial yoga moves without the distractions of slipping.

We found the awesome range of dramatic colours and statement designs really cute. They have a panda face on the bottom in silicon, as well as on the heel, so anyone practising behind you will see the cute face. On the top of the toe they say “breathe, pose, be …” So cute. Adorable socks that will make you smile when you practice. 

 The makers claim that they have made 100% moisture wicking PREMIUM BAMBOO fabric with super absorbent INNER SOCK material – we don’t really suffer with getting that hot and sweaty during our work outs so we couldn’t test this out. 

We did find them very easy to care for – we just popped them in the washing machine at 30 degrees and hung them out to dry. The instructions say not to tumble dry or iron them (who irons socks anyway?). We found that they retained there shape and grip after endless washes.

The socks are made from, 80% Bamboo 16% polyester, 4% Spandex.

Bonus you get twos pairs in the pack, so not as expensive as they first appear.

Best Branded Pair

Toe Sox

If you like to stick with tried and tested brands you will love these from Toe Sox – they work perfectly as aerial yoga socks. They come in a range of great colours, the style we picked are like gloves for your feet and they have a hole cut out in the top. N o cute panda faces  but we love the colours. There is a choice of 29 colours – grab a pair to go with every outfit!

We found the low profile design that fitted below the ankle. The fitted heel keeps sock in place, so there was no bunching and twisting of the sock. 

One of the best things we found was the five toe design which allowed our toes to move and spread naturally. This allowed us to spread our toes out to get that whole foot on the floor. 

These socks offer a hygienic alternative to bare feet.

A Bit of Information About Aerial Yoga Socks

What are they?

Before we jump in and tell which aerial yoga socks made our list we thought we would give you a bit more information on what aerial yoga socks are. 

They are basically a pair of socks with silicon added to the bottom. The silicon can be added in dots or in variety of patterns. You will have seem this before on the bottom of slipper socks and the socks worn for regular mat based yoga or Pilates. The silicon helps to stop you slipping around. The extra grip will help with balance and control going through each grounded pose in the hammock. 

They will also help to keep your feet warm. Great for winter warmth or warm ups in cold studios. They will even help with that outside winter practice. 


How They Can Help Your Practice

If you tend to find yourself sliding around in your warrior I, II or III whilst being supported by the hammock instead of focusing on your breath, feeling the stretch, and connecting with yourself it can cause agitation as opposed to relaxation and a feeling of inner calm.

Popping on a pair of aerial yoga socks can help you hold your downward dog instead of you slipping around all over the place. There is nothing worse than trying to hold a posture that is hard enough as it is without having to stop yourself from sliding around. 

Think about the added stability your practice could do with. 

Do You Need To Wear Them?

Not at all, some people just choose to use them because of the slip and slide on the mat. Others like to wear them to keep their feet warms and others because they want to avoid picking up any nasty foot diseases like athletes foot from sharing a mat with others. 

Is Barefoot Better?

That all depends on personal prefereences. Some days I like to practice with bare feet and other days if I’m feeling a bit cold or slipping around I find that the aerial yoga socks can help me. 

Sometimes when inside the hammock the silicon dots can hinder movement a little. But this is something I have learned to adapt to and it is no longer much of an issue. 


How To Choose?

question mark

It can be difficult to know how to choose a pair of aerial yoga socks but there are a few things you can take into consideration when choosing a pair. 

Think about the size, fit, grip, material, style, thickness, washing instructions and if there is any sort of money-back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not really. Normal socks will not grip the floor. You will slip in your asanas, which could lead to injury. You are best wearing either bare feet or aerial yoga sock with sticky bits on them. 

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