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Aerial Yoga Swings / Trapeze

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Looking for the best aerial yoga slings so you can practice inversions, perform poses with support – and get a suspension trainer thrown in at the same time?

The benefits of yoga are well known and over the last 20 years or so that practice has been taken into the air.   Aerial yoga offers support and offers a tool that helps balance. It can take the strain out of some postures and allow you to feel the weightlessness of some moves. Access to some more complex poses become possible for many.  Spinal decompression is just one of the many advantages of the practice. Other benefits include core strength and increased joint mobility to name a few. 

In recent years the market has been flooded with both aerial yoga swings and hammocks and more recently the branded yoga trapeze.  It is possible to buy some extremely cheap yoga swings – but as you will possibly be suspending your entire weight in it – we’re not convinced that cheap is the best option in this case. Good quality material is produced in the USA, so think about where you’re cheap material is coming from, how much is someone being paid to make it. The products recommended on this page have been produced by reputable companies.

So, which is the best aerial yoga sling/trapeze? To answer that question we have created a go-to area of our site for everything related to these products.

There appear to be two lineages of what is rightly or wrongly being called aerial yoga emerging – that which take place in a swing or trapeze – they have 1, 2 or even 3 sets of handles and that which employs the use of a hammock (no handles). Then there are different styles within the 2 lineages.

As you may have guessed this post is about yoga swings and the trademarked yoga trapeze. Take a look below and find the best for you!

Top 3 Aerial Yoga swings

#1 Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swings

gravotonics aerial yoi#ga swings

These yoga swings are handmade in Bali and have been since 2003!

The Gravotonics Yoga Swing is the original & best yoga trapeze for Aerial Yoga, Suspension Training & Inversion Therapy.

They are made from 100% Nylon and are available in 6 different colours.

This was developed from the original yoga hammocks with the aim of creating a prop that allows users to safely and effectively perform aerial yoga and achieve almost ANY asana imaginable!

The yoga swing offers you the ability to:

  • stretch & strengthen.
  • Decompress your spine
  • Invert – decrease muscular tension and promote increased joint mobility, circulation, and energy.


  • Beautifully crafted using high strength fittings & triple stitched, durable 100% nylon parachute material – will never rot or mildew.
  • Two handles with six large foam padded grips at varying lengths & added adjustment straps for versatility and a spacious swing seat for comfort during practice.

  • Weight: just 1.3kgs – incredibly portable – with quick assembly & can be hung almost anywhere.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Perfect for aerial yoga, a prop for correct alignment during yoga asanas, an inversion therapy sling or for suspension training

  • Holds an Indonesian Design Certificate – the swings are of the highest quality & safety standards

  • The safe load capacity of 440lbs.

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee!

All in all a great product that offers all the benefits of aerial yoga and suspension training. It’s been tried, tested and refined over the years. It meets all of our suggested criteria of considerations listed below. The 5 year warranty makes this our best aerial yoga sling to purchase!

#2 Yoga Trapeze Pro by YOGABODY


The Yoga Trapeze looks like a crazy torture device. As someone who is an aerial yogi that uses a simple hammock like the ones above – this takes some getting used to. There are handles everywhere and things to adjust the seat with.

This product was created back in 2007 – so whilst not the first on the market – see the Gravotronics above – it has been tested by many.

What do you get in the bag:

  • Rubber handle grips
  • adjustable daisy-chain straps
  • gym-grade carabiners and
  • a stylish carrying bag.
  • Bonus Video Tutorials and Pose Chart. Plus online access to professional tutorials and pose charts for beginners. 


  • The fabric is made from durable, washable nylon (100%)
  • WLL: Third-party stress-tested to 600lbs. We can’t find anywhere online that tells us how well stitched the product is.
  • Weight: 1.72Kg
  • The pull handles create somewhere for you to pull on – offering grip strength, shoulder rotator cuff health, wrist and elbow stability and neck support. 
  • Warranty: It’s not advertised very well, but once we found that the Trapeze comes with a warranty we were much happier about trying this product. They offer a one-year satisfaction guarantee for every purchase. This means if for any reasons (or no reason at all) you’re unhappy, just return your purchase for a full and prompt refund.
  • Size: We couldn’t find any information on how big the trapeze is – so we assume that you cannot lay down in this product.

This product is it is used in homes, studios, and fitness centers in 81 countries around the world for strength, balance, flexibility, and traction. Lucas leads internationally certification courses, and to date, there are over 2,000 Yoga Trapeze instructors worldwide.

Negatives: not wide enough for you to climb inside, so there is no classic shavasana inside the hammock. 


The trapeze can be hung from a ceiling mount or you can buy a portable rig for indoor or outdoor use.

#3 MelkTemn Aerial Yoga Swing Set


A swing we found on Amazon that get great reviews but the owners don’t have a website, they sell purely through the market place – which always makes a little suspicious.  It screams made in China – which doesn’t mean that it is substandard by any means – but suggests that the price of labour is lower and produced in bulk. Probably a copycat of a product above.

However the sellers claim: 

  • Double premium material layer is strong enough, 
  • A load capacity of 400 kg load capacity.
  • Triple stitched design swing seat gives you more safety and stability.
  • ★ADJUSTABLE – The height of the swing can be changed in less than 30 seconds – thus perfect if you have multiple heights on people using it .
  • The PACKAGE INCLUDEs – 1x Yoga Swing Seat/Hammock, 2x Yoga Swing Arms with 6 Handles ,2x Height Adjustable Daisy Chains, 4x High-Strength Steel Carabiners, 8x Stainless stell Concrete Anchor Screws,2x Yoga Trapeze Ceiling Hooks,1x Carrying Bag

Need help selecting an aerial yoga hammock?

Read our aerial yoga guide

Aerial Yoga: Swings vs Trapeze vs Hammocks

what is an aerial yoga swing?

Aerial Yoga Swings are made from non stretchy nylon – think parachute material. They come with a swing seat and long tails with moulded handles and foot loops for extended stretches.

The swing is hung from either secure mounting in the ceiling, an aerial rig, a swing stand or we’ve even seen units to go inside door frame (like a pull up bar). You could even use a fitness tree. 

There are many advantages to using a Yoga Swing. They can:

  • help strengthen your body without getting tired or demotivated
  • spinal traction and passive back-bends
  • exciting yoga moves like pushing, pulling, holding, back-bends, forward bends, twists, hip opening and so much more

The price of swings can vary greatly. We have seem them priced as cheaply as just £20 ($26 USD) and as much as £269 ($299 USD) plus tax and shipping. We’re not convinced that the overly cheap hammocks we would put our trust in, if you plan to use them to support your entire body weight in inverted moves.  

The Best Aerial Swing / Trapeze Buying Guide!

When looking to buy a yoga swing there are a number of things you need to take into consideration.

  1. The Working Weight Load (WWL) – this represents a force that is much less than that required to make the lifting equipment fail or yield.  A safety factor is used when calculating this number – some designers use a safety factor of 10:1 others use 5:1.  Don’t select a product if it won’t take your weight – or if the WLL is not stated!
  2. The Size of the Swing – if you want to take shavassana in it – make sure it is big enough for you to lay down in.
  3. Easy to set up – if like us, you need to put it up each time you use it, you want one that is easy to assemble or you just won’t use it.
  4. High Quality Parachute Material – The swing needs to be made from high quality nylon and be triple stiched  – it needs to be able to take your weight and last a long time.
  5. Weight – If you plan to travel with the yoga swing you don’t want it to take up all of your weight allowance if traveling by plane or you have to carry it any distance.
  6.  Portability – If you do plan to travel a lot, an essential feature to look out for is portability.  Choose a swing that you can easily pack and carry everywhere. 
  7. Warranty – If the manufacturer offers a warranty this is a good sign that they make good quality products that are meant to last. 

  8. Money Back Guarantees – a reputable company making good quality swings will offer a money back guarantee – these money back offers do tempt you to buy the product, but if you try it and don’t like it you can get your money back.

Learn at Home

Relax at home in your aerial yoga swing / trapeze

Learn how to perform the poses safely with a range of media

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Frequently Asked Questions

High strength parachute material fabric (100% Nylon) is used to make 

If you buy a reputable brand yes it will.

All the products that we promote on this page have a WLL listed – this is the working load limit. This is a calculated number that includes a safety factor in the calculation – so it is the maximum working load that is calculated by the manufacturer / designer. 

You can buy a swing from the manufacturers own website or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

The better products come with a stated WLL, are made from high quality nylon (parachute material), have been independently tested, are triple stitched and come with a warranty. Some review sites list a 10 year warranty but the most we have come across in our extensive research are 5 years.

You are best consulting the manufacturers guide for this.

But as a general guide yoga swings and trapeze can be simply:

  • hung from a specially designed yoga swing stand or an A-Frame/Aerial Rig
  • hooked over a pull up bar, tree or exposed beam 
  • Hung from a ceiling mount
  • We have also recently discovered the fitness tree which we think would be perfect to hang a yoga hammock from.

Not neccesarily. Some people choose this option. Ceiling mounts are securely fasted into a beam. Then you can just hang the swing from the mount using a carabiner.  Other ways of hanging them are listed above.

Other than having someway of hanging the swing, you don’t need anything. They come with everything you need in the box.

If you buy fabric only you will need to purchase some hardware like ceiling mounts such as a spanset or hooks, carabiners and daisy chains. 

Children love them. But of course children have growing body’s and special attention should be given to how they use the yoga swing. Parental supervision is a must and professional lesson would be advised.

Do not leave children alone as they often like to put the swing around there arms and swing, or as i often catch my little boy doing they place it around there neck. 😱

Yes, totally safe = providing you follow guidance on hanging them and you buy a good quality swing or trapeze.

It is suggested that swings / trapeze are hung so that the bottom of the loop is about hip height. This ensures that you can get in and out of it with ease. 

If you are heavier then the average person, then you may need to adjust the height accordingly. 

Men may need to place the bottom of the hoop slightly higher than the hips because the extra weight will lower the bottom of the hammock when they invert in it.

Those larger ladies or men may need to lower the starting height of the hammock so that the weight is better distributed. 

Aerial Yoga Hammock