firetoys aerial yoga hammock Review

Lets Take a Closer Look at this Product

Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammock
Credit: Firetoys eBay Shop

One of the better aerial yoga hammocks on the market from the reputable company firetoys. It’s available in 2 lengths 6m or 10m. So can be used for aerial yoga or aerial sling. 

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga 
  • Length: 6m or 10m
  • Width:  290cm
  • Material: Nylon – 40 denier
  • Stretch: 10%
  • WLL: 172kg (379lbs)


The specialist aerial yoga hammocks from Firetoys come with everything you need in the box to get you flying, well almost.

These professional hammocks that have been fully safety tested are tied using Firetoys specially chosen knots to a pair of stainless steel O rings. You can then choose to rig them as either a 1 point or 2 point hammock.

The hammocks made from premium Nylon have a 10% stretch, they are slightly stretchier than the Prodigy hammocks which are 6% stretch.

The hammocks are 6m long and 280cm wide – perfect for aerial yoga postures. You are able to use the hammock for a full range of heights and the width is perfect for savasana at the end of your practice or if you are flexible enough to the splits. Some cheaper brands do not allow you to do this.  

To rig the hammock all you need to pop in your basket at the same time are the items specific to how you will hang your fabric.

A full range of colours is available including the new shades of dark pine green and maroon. 


Aerial Yoga Posture in hammock

Credit: Firetoys on eBay

What we thought About the FireToys Aerial Yoga Hammock?

The hammocks are available in a great range of colours, the new shades of maroon and dark pine green – we are in love with.

The fabric itself we don’t like as much as the Prodigy fabric. The weave is further apart and doesn’t look or feel quite as nice . 

We like how the fabric is made in and the knots are tied the UK. 


Because the Firetoys fabric has slightly more stretch they may need a little more adjustment after they have been hung than the competitors. If you need to adjust the height frequently you can do this easily using a daisy chain if you plan to do dynamic drops make sure you buy a suitable type of daisy chain (one that consists of individual loops and not the stitched variety.

The advantage of them being a bit more stretchy is that they won’t be quite as painful across the front of the hips and glutes for beginners not used to the feel of fabric tight around their muscles. 

hammocks packed up
Credit: Firetoys

is it safe?

Firetoys is a well known and respected company in the UK that has been supplying equipment to aerialists and circus fans since 1999. They were one of the very first companies to sell to this niche market. If they sold products that were unsafe they would not still be around today.

You can trust that the Firetoys aerial yoga hammock is very safe for you to use for it’s intended purpose. The hammock gets 5 stars from at least 18 reviewers. So you can be sure you are not getting a dodgy bit of kit.  

The shop blurb states “All Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammocks are inspected and tested in the UK, before being packaged up and sent out to you, we have given them a Working Load Limit of 172kg (379lbs).” Giving us lots of faith that these hammocks are safe for aerial yoga.

what you get in the box?

    • 6 x 2.80m fabric for the Firetoys aerial yoga hammock in your choice of colour
    • 2 O-rings pre-tied
How O-Rinds are Tied
How the O-Rings are Pretied by Firetoys
fabric Colours
Your choice of colours

Credit: Firetoys

a summary of our review

What can we say about of the Firetoys aerial yoga hammocks that we have reviewed as our second favourite yoga hammock? We really like how safe they are, the width and the medium stretch. The only reason we gave it second place was because we prefer the feel and low stretch of the competitor that won. But this is a personal choice. Many other people love the Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammock as you can see from the reviews that previous buyers have given it. 

All in all it’s a fantastic piece. Much better, than some of the cheaper hammocks that are from companies that are not so reputable as Firetoys. 

A huge positive is that it comes ready to hand with the rings attached, very handy for those that want to get going straight away and not figure out how to do the knots first. Many use a bowline knots to tie the hammock (1)

Most reviewers love the fabric and the great colours – they are very vibrant. We have washed them once and they have washed well. 

Delivery is fast and it’s is also free if you are within the UK.

Overall we are very pleased with the product and service that Firetoys provided.

Where To Buy the Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit From?

Offering an informative review on the Firetyoys Aerial Yoga Hammock, we also wanted to provide a place for you to come and purchase their products easily. We’ve found that some vendors tend to raise the prices of their products, despite the market value.

So we have sought to pair you with the best prices possible and a dependable way to make a purchase. We have found the supplier with the best price available! Take a look for yourself.