The 10 Best Mats for Aerial Yoga

They double up as exercise mats for regular yoga as well.

If you’re a fan of aerial yoga you will agree that you need a surface to stop your feet and hands slipping during practice and there is no better way to do that than with an aerial yoga mat. 

When looking for an aerial yoga mat, think about you would use for regular mat based practice and that’s just what you need. If you can on a round one, that would be perfect. 

You’ll find a large selection of yoga mats available to buy. From non-slip sticky yoga mats to crash mats. You’ll be sure to find your perfect mat to assist your aerial yoga practice. From travel mats to wide or thick sticky mats, beginner mats and crash mats, there’s a one suitable for every aerial yoga bod.

A standard yoga mat will be suitable for most of us doing aerial yoga – but if you’re practice leads into the world of tricks and flips – those moves which may be more related to circus skills than traditional mat based poses there is a strong case for placing a thicker mat such as a crash mat under your hammock.

As a general rule of thumb if you are doing restorative yin aerial yoga or you are not being suspended in the air a standard yoga mat will be just fine. But if 

                          • You are doing drops or swings of any kind.
                          • Your apparatus is higher than waist height, or you roll up in it higher than waist height.
                          • You are standing on your apparatus.
                          • You are nervous about a move 

then seriously consider using a crash mat. Especially if the moves are new to you.  You wouldn’t practise aerial silks or trapeze without a crash mat – so aerial yoga when it’s leaning towards aerial circus grab that thicker mat.

The issue with a thicker mat your more floor based asanas wouldn’t work as you need a solid base. So if might be that you have to take a short break in your practice to slide that thicker mat under you. 


What is the best mat for aerial yoga?

long aerial yoga matWe find that a long yoga mat works best when doing aerial yoga as you need length in both directions. There’s nothing worse than hanging upside down and discovering that you need to yank your mat along the floor so that you can stop your hands from slipping and then when you come back to standing you need to readjust it so you can go into a warrior II or crescent lunge. It’s not that a standard size won’t work we just feel a longer mat works best for us.

longer mat

Heathyoga Extra Large Yoga Mat

An Eco Friendly 6mm Thick SGS Certified, TPE Textured, Non-Slip Extra Large Yoga Mat with Carry Strap, 183 cm x 65 cm ​

Best for travel

kuyou yoga mat

Kuyou Travel Yoga Mat

If you plan to travel with your hammock the last thing you need is excess weight to lug around. So it's a good idea to invest in a lightweight mat. We found that the perfect option for travel is one that folds up. Much easier to transport that a rolled up one.

We found this high quality eco-friendly mat that has No ODOR, and is NOT made using any PVC, toxic or harmful chemicals.

It is made by natural suede, can absorb sweat quickly. Absorbed sweat more, the anti-slip function is more stronger. Double layer structure coupled with a non-slip textured surface provides optimal grip.

It is easy to Fold & Carry. It's size is 71"L x 26"W x 1/16" Thick. The yoga mat can fold up easily, making it the ideal travel yoga mat. As a bonus is comes with a carry bag and 96in stretch band straps, which are for easy store and enhance flexibility strength and endurance.

Best Foldable Mat

Lions Foldable Yoga Mat

This 4mm thick non-toxic PVC yoga mat can easily folds up. So it is also great for travel. This mat is 100% non toxic and safe to use.

It has a reversible non-slip surface so you can perform any movement with confidence. The wavy underside stops it from sliding on floor.

This product has been designed to last DURABILITY & LONGEVITY: Our high performance products are designed to withstand the test of time to help improve and enhance your practice. It is quite a long mat, measuring 183cm Long by 61cm Wide. It is 4mm Thick and weighs around 800grams.

Best for tricks and flips

best wide mat