Prodigy Aerial Yoga Hammock Review

A Close look at this product

prodigy aerial yoga hammock
Credit: Prodigy

A great product – we have this at home in purple. It has lasted well, it is made from lower stretch fabric, it has been resistant to getting holes. It has faded a little in the sun – we use it outside. But apart from that, it is great and we would buy it again.

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga 
  • Length: 6m 
  • Width:  290cm
  • Material: Nylon – 40 denier
  • Stretch: 6%
  • WLL: 128kg (282lbs)


These supportive, lower stretch aerial yoga hammocks are from the premium aerial brand Prodigy is perfect for aerial yoga. Prodigy is a UK brand, they acquire the fabric from the USA but it is cut and tied here in the UK. 

We have found that the lower stretch of this hammock fabric offers us more support in our suspensions and our inversions than the Firetoys or Arize yoga hammocks. This means that we have to use less effort to move when in the hammock and do tricks. The lower stretch also means that we do not have to adjust the height of the hammock or re-tie as often as with other brands.

The 6 metres of fabric is a metre longer than the Arize hammocks which are just 5m in length meaning that we can hang it from a slightly higher rig if needed, we have more fabric when attaching them to carabineers or o-rings. It also allows us to do some more tricks. 

They are also a great width. At 2.9m wide, they are almost as wide as they come meaning that they are perfect for doing savasana in as well as any other poses that require us to be inside the hammock, such as a vampire or boat pose. 

This hammock comes pretied on O-Rings so they can be quickly attached to carabineers that you already have on your rig. 

When we placed our order they were in stock and were delivered within just two days. 

It comes in a range of colours but it looks as though only the green is available at the moment and they are selling more multi-coloured hammock kits.

These Prodigy Aerial yoga hammocks are perfect for those based in the UK as well as those in Europe or around the world as the seller offers worldwide shipping.  In the UK shipping is free if you select the next working day option. Products are detached the very same day as well. A great service.  


prodigy hammock in use

About The Prodigy Aerial Yoga Hammock

The aerial yoga hammock designed and made by Prodigy in the UK has been created for those wishing to practice aerial yoga. Depending on where you rig it you may be able to use it for a more trick based hammock practice which some call aerial sling. You would certainly be able to use it for conditioning moves for aerial sling and silks.

Aerial yoga is a great go-to exercise for those wanting to take part in aerial yoga, aerial hammock or sling as it combines traditional yoga, pilates and aerial circus. Some refer to it as aerial fitness. Some use it as an introduction to other aerial classes such as silks, trapeze and lyra as the user spends more time in connection with the ground than in these other disciples.  

The Prodigy aerial yoga hammock lends itself well to those wishing to practise these forms of exercise as that is what it was created for. 

The fabric comes pre-tied with an O-ring at either end so it is ready to hang. You don’t need to learn how to tie it immediately. You will need to learn to tie it eventually as you will need to wash it at some point we would assume. 

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6meters in length means that there is plenty of fabric to perform asanas’s even those that require you to stand inside the hammock like a floating tree. Other hammocks which are shorter in length always make me feel like there is not enough fabric and you really need to hang them from a daisy chain – which some debate should not be used even for not dynamic postures in a hammock – so you get some extra length. We love the length of the fabric.

We also love the width. At 290cm wide that’s taller than most adults so it lends itself well to postures where you need to be inside the hammock-like for savasana or vampire. 

What we really like about the prodigy products is that they have set the standard for others to follow suit by advertising what the WLL is and where they get the products externally tested. The working load limit is 128kg (282lbs) – it will hold quite a lot of weight before it breaks. I’m 64 KG so it’s taking me and some more. Little chance of it breaking whilst we do our postures and some non-dynamic tricks as you would find in aerial yoga. 

The only thing about this hammock that could be improved is to include carabineers with the kit because you just have to buy some so that you can rig it. However, we believe they have now just started selling kits with these included – obviously, they are a little more expensive. 


hammock colours

is it safe?

As we wrote above Prodigy  Aerial are one of the only companies that display the WLL in their product details. This should become standard throughout the industry. It is possible to buy cheaper hammocks but they come with no indication of what they have been tested to hold before they break when in use. 

I wouldn’t be buying any hammock that does not have the WLL (1) clearly indicated. And who has done the testing? 

Yes, we believe due to the publicised WLL that this Prodigy Aerial Yoga Hammock is safe for its intended use. 

what you get in the box?

  • 1x 6m Length of Prodigy Silk
  • 2x Steel O rings (pre-tied)

A summary of our review

We think that the Prodigy aerial yoga hammock is brilliant. In comparison to the others that we have used it is made of better quality material, it is of a lower stretch meaning you have to spend less time rehanging or re-tieing it. 

We have been using it for well over a year and we have no reason to make any complaints about it. It has not got any snags in it.

The only minor issue is thaht it has changed colour slightly in the sun. But we imagine that most  of the yoga hammocks will do this. The colours is vibrant and looks just like it does on the screen. 

We would buy this hammock again for personal use or if we were to open an aerial yoga studio. 

where to buy the Prodigy Aerial Yoga Hammock?

The Prodigy aerial yoga hammock can be purchased from the Fire Toys store on eBay. The price indicated on eBay is the cheapest you will find it anywhere.

Shipping within the UK is free, a bonus as most other sellers charge you for shipping and you are buying this direct from the only retailer that keeps these yoga hammock in stock. 

The advantage of buying from this store is that using Paypal credit you can buy the Prodigy aerial yoga hammock and spread the cost over 6-12 months.