Info & Hardware for Hanging Your Yoga Hammock at Home

Aerial Rigging

Carabiners, Slings, Daisy Chains, O-Rings, etc Reviewed

Whether you have had a team of experts around to make you a permanent mounting on your ceiling, have bought an A-Frame, Trapeze Stand or rigging it in some other way you will require some equipment to hang you hammock material from your rigging point. 

Hardware that you will need includes: 

                              • Carabiners
                              • O-Rings
                              • Daisy Chains
                              • Strops / Loops / Slings (spanset)
You can buy hammock kits which include everything you will need to hang your hammock from the rigging point or you can buy it all separate. 


Daisy Chains




Daisy Chains

These webbing straps are great for rigging aerial yoga hammocks from as it allows the height of the hammock or trapeze to be adjusted quickly. This makes life so much easier if you want to switch between aerial yoga and a restorative practice. 

You simply attach it to your rigging point using a carabiner, then you clip a carabineer attached to your hammock on to one of the loops, depending on how high you need to rig your yoga hammock or sling.

Whilst these webbing straps allow you to adjust the height quickly some daisy chains are not suitable for dynamic drops. So no progressing into the world of aerial sling or crazy flips and trick with these guys. If you are going to progress to more than basic aerial yoga then invest in something a little more robust like a Dyneema Short Loop Chain as each loop is 23Kn. The individual loops in a daisy chain are not 23Kn, it’s the whole chain that’s rated that. 


Carabiners are frequently seen in aerial rigging, they are used to attach different bits of your rigging together. In the case of hammock we attached the hammock to the rigging point by either attaching the hammock to a carabineer directly or via an O-ring.  

They are many carabineers available for sale. Those used for aerial rigging are extremely strong and durable with climbing-grade materials. They come in a variety of sizes and weights, and colours and price classes. They can be made from either steel or aluminium. 


O-Rings are an optional piece of hardware that some aerial yogi’s like to use.  Those that use them tie the the fabric to the O-Ring, which is connected the the carabiner that is then hooked up to the rigging point, whether that be a daisy chain, ceiling mount or other anchor. 

They are good to use if you want to use your carabineers for multiple disciplines like hoop,  silks or TRX. 

Strops, Spansets & Loops

Strops, Loops and Spansets can be used to wrap over a beam, A-Frame, Door frame in place of a daisy chain. They are perfect if you want to enter the world of dynamic drops or the more adventurous flips and tricks. They come in a variety of lengths. Perfect if you don’t need to adjust the height of your hammock frequently. If you do invest in a multiple loop system. 

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