KT Aerial Yoga Stand Review

KT Aerial Yoga Stand
Credit: khanhtrinhvn

A good quality portable stand to rig a aerial yoga trapeze, swing or hammock from. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga / Pulls Ups
  • Footprint: 47.79 inches x 51.73 inches  (121 cm x 131 cm)
  • Height:  59inches (150cm) – 100.4 inches (255cm)
  • Weight: 44.09lbs (20kgs)
  • Supports: 440.09lbs (200Kgs)
  • Top bar:  39.05inches (99cm)
  • Made from: 1&1/2″ and 1&3/8″ round metal aluminium alloy tubing
  • Made: HaNoi, VietNam
  • Ships: Worldwide


We first discovered the KT aerial yoga stand on Amazon, but they are now for sale elsewhere.

This is a great little stand that is both the cheapest and weighs the least out of all the products we tested in the category.  The frame is very solid and supportive for hanging aerial yoga kits from (or TRX cables)!  It’s perfect if you want to practice aerial yoga at home without drilling holes in your ceilings.

It comes packed in two boxes with manageable sized pieces and can be put together in 30 minutes. 

Once together it is not designed to be packed away into a carry bag for storage but folds in half, so you can put it up and put it away in a matter of minutes. 

When it comes to storage it might not be so easy to tuck away in the corner like some other stands, but it does fold flat so it can be stood against a wall behind a door. 

Aesthetically it is very pleasing to the eye. It is made from steel that is powder-coated. So it appears black. 

About the KT Aerial Yoga Stand

How Big Is It?

The KT aerial yoga stand is quite unique in that there are 63 different heights available for you to choose from. Anything between 59inches (150cm) – 100.4 inches (255cm) is possible. 

The frame goes low enough that a child could use it but high enough so that you can rig a yoga swing so that an average height person can use it.

Depending on your ceiling height and how tall you are you will probably always use it at its maximum height, I certainly would. But the fact that it does go much smaller means that you can shrink it for storage. At 1.5m it will probably fit right in a cupboard for storage without getting in the way too much. 

How easy is it to Put Up?

There are simple instructions on how to construct the frame delivered with the product and links to you tube video that clearly demonstrate what you need to do. 

It took us about 30 minutes to put up the first time around. Not a bad time for a product that is not designed to be portable.

Once constructed it takes just 10 seconds to pack it up and similar when yo want to get it back out again. We think this is the best product for ease of being able to pack it up quickly. A stand that takes too long to construct if you can’t leave it up all the time becomes a hassle and users resent having to put it up and pack it away all the time. 

Here is the Youtube Video that Shows you how to Set Up the KT Aerial Yoga Stand (previous model).

How easy is it to store?

KT aerial yoga stand folded away

Unlike other yoga stands we have reviewed this one does not pack away into a carry bag. It was not designed to be portable but its huge selling point is that it folds away at the flick of an arm. 

The KT aerial yoga stand can be folded up in 10 seconds for storage. Think storage against a wall behind a door and you will have the right idea. Conveniently you could pop it into a shade or garage to store it.

The great thing is that you can set it back up again in 10 seconds as well. Perfect for when you fancy a quick aerial yoga sessons.

Can It Be Used Outdoors?

One of the brilliant things about the KT aerial yoga stand is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. Like most stands, it can’t be left outside in the elements but you can certainly take it outside on a nice sunny day. 

The stand is very versatile. It has height settings that are low enough to fit it in a front room, garage or outhouse but stable enough to take it outside and put it on the grass.

Can I travel with it?

We haven’t tried but the KT aerial yoga stand is certainly light enough to travel but whether you would want to dismantle and reassemble it is another question. It has not been designed to be portable, but for those that don’t mind the time it takes to put it back together, it would be totally possible from the weight aspect.


  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Height adjustable – 63 different heights are possible. 

What you get in the box?

When you buy the KT aerial yoga stand it gets delivered into boxes.

You get all the pieces you need to construct one yoga stand. 

How stable & Safe is it?


The company boasts more than 11 years of experience in the industry and they take pride in stating that they are as good as it gets! It’s the reason why their customers love us and keep going back is simple – they maintain quality. They have some great reviews on the sites they sell the product on. If the stand was not safe it would have attracted some bad reviews in the last 11 year don’t you think?

Everyone who has written a report says that the KT aerial yoga stand is stable.

We’re not sure where it was tested but they say it supports weights of up to 440.09lbs (200Kgs). If you plan on doing anything dynamic – which it clearly is not meant for then make sure you calculate the BLL. 

If you plan on climbing or doing any swinging yoga poses then make sure you add sandbags to support the base and stabilise the structure. 

We feel confident in using this frame for aerial yoga, TRX and pull-ups but would not progress to doing aerial sling or other aerial arts on it. 

Where Can I Buy this Stand?


This is one of the only aerial yoga stands that advertises that it comes with a warranty.  The KT aerial yoga stand comes with a 5 years manufacturers warranty as standard. 

It is a Limited Warranty that applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from the seller. It covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period. 

How Quick is Delivery?

That depends where you are in the world and if there is a local warehouse. The main warehouse is in Vietnam so expect 2-8 days unless there are any delays. Delays happen from time to time at seaports.  The best thing to do is email the seller and ask an estimate of time (1). 

How Much Does it Cost?

The KT Aerial Yoga Stand costs $375 but is currently on sale at $289 (that’s about £204).  Shipping and taxes etc to the USA are included in the price. If you are elsewhere in the world you might need to pop the seller a message to find out if there are any additional costs. 

Customer Service

As you would expect from a Vietnamese company, you get excellent service.  We read one review that said that they had issues with one of the adjustable armbars, and the company sent replacement parts which were delivered in a timely fashion.

It’s a small company, based in a hardworking country. They are going to take the very best care of you. 

Overall Review

height adjustable

If you just plan on doing TRX, Aerial yoga, pull-ups or rings then this is the perfect solution. No need to drill into the ceiling to add ceiling hooks. We wouldn’t recommend that you use this as an indoor / outdoor rig for any other aerial arts as it’s not been designed with that in mind.

The only issue we can think of is the width.  It’s 40 cm narrower than the portable stand we use at home. There is a chance that the leg will get in the way of some of your moves, especially if you are looking to do more advanced aerial yoga sequences that verge of aerial silks. 

If you just want to use this stand at home against is perfect, but if you want to take it to the park or on your travels it might not be so easy to do, due to how long it takes to construct. But it is light enough to take on a plane. 

Overall if you want a cost-effective indoor aerial yoga rig, for lower-level sequences and inversions that you can pack away in minutes then this is the one for you.

The KT aerial yoga stand is a great little rig that can be used indoors or outside. 

Pros and Cons of the KT Aerial Yoga Stand


  • Foldable
  • Sturdy
  • Very strong
  • Height adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Versatile – use for pull-ups, aerial yoga, punch bag
  • Use indoors or outdoors


  • Can’t leave outside
  • Not as portable as some other models