Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig Review - A Closer Look at the Product

Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig
Credit: Fire Toys eBay Store

A rig designed and tested in the UK to hang an aerial yoga hammock from.  Whether you want to do aerial yoga at home or do some aerial conditioning this aerial yoga stand can be used indoors or outside, so is the perfect solution.

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga and Conditioning
  • Footprint: 5’10” x 5’11” – 6’1” x 8’3”
  • Height:  200 cm (approx. 6’6”) – 2.9m (9’6”) tall.
  • Weight: 38kgs
  • WLL: 138kg (FOS 5:1)
  • Top bar:  100cm long; 50mm diameter, 3mm thick, seamless steel tub

The Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig is a real competitor for the free-standing rig by X-Pole – if you are wanting to practice yoga or do some conditioning for other aerial disciplines.  Firstly it comes with free shipping, secondly, the base price is lower (It’s cheaper than the x-pole A-frame) and they advertise that one person can erect it (2 people required for competitors). The other big difference is that it is only 2m at its shortest height meaning it is better than competitors if you want to fit inside your home. 

The only negative is that it is only designed for aerial yoga or condition. It has not been designed for other aerial disciplines such as hoop, silks or trapeze. Maybe it will only be a short time before they design and certify one for other aerial skills.  However, the images displaying what the rig can be used for show someone in a lyra and a trapeze hanging from this rig – this is a little confusing. 

The rig only just went on the market a few weeks ago and is being sold by a very small number of retailers.

We haven’t checked out the rig itself yet but a number have been sold (we’ve seen the number of rigs available by the suppler decrease quickly over the last week.) Already this free standing yoga stand has a 5 star review on the retailers website. The review states: 

well packed. nice, succinct instructions with helpful pictures and i assembled it in 20 minutes on my own. Make sure you’ve got space indoors. Seems very well made, and feels and looks sturdy. Fire Toys Website

About the Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig

The free standing rig designed by Prodigy in the UK has been designed for aerial yoga practice and for those that want to do aerial conditioning. 

The retailers website states that the legs and top bar are made from steel. The legs are 1.8mm thick tubes that are 50mm in diameter. The height of the legs can be lengthened or shortened by screwing together two sections.  This does mean, or at least we assume that there are only two heights this rig can be used at either 2m or 2.9m. This shouldn’t be an issue for most, we have a competitors rig at home and we tend to only use it at it’s max or minimum height anyway.

The top bar is just 1m long so there is not much room for swinging around without bumping your legs and hence why you can’t really practice disciplines other than yoga on it. 

What we really like about this rig is that they have stamped the WLL on the frame. Something we haven’t seen on other yoga stands.  

Putting it up,  the retailers blurb suggests it takes just 10 minutes with one person. The reviews of this stand back this up. It will of course be easier and possibly a bit quicker with 2 people. 

There is no indication that this comes with a carry bag, but the length of each part is only 41 inches so perfect for storing in a shed or getting in the bag of your car.

Is It Safe?

Not all rigs you will see advertised on the internet for aerial arts or yoga will state the WLL on their website or tell you who has tested the product. 

The retailers are a trusted source of aerial and circus equipment and provide info about the WLL and who tested it. 

All this leads us to believe that the  Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig is safe for aerial yoga that doesn’t contain any crazy dynamic drops and as indicated the users sticks to low-level dynamic loading as expected in Aerial Yoga.

The retailers state that the rig gas been tested in the UK at an independent testing facility. by Nebosh, Tech-IOSH qualified testers. 

The strongest indoor rig we’ve seen, with a WLL of 138kg (FOS 5:1) based on static load tests rigged from quarter points to simulate 2-point Aerial Yoga use. The WLL is based on the loading up to the first permanent deformation, not destruction (3)


Credit: pictures from eBay shop

What You get in the Box

  • Bridge (top bar) x1
  • Connector (leg sections) x8
  • Bottom Rods (leg sections) x4
  • Feet x5 (one spare)
  • Pins x4
  • Straps x2

In Summary

If you want to practice aerial yoga at home this is the perfect product. Many people don’t want to or can’t put a permanent ceiling mount up at home and find practising with frames that hang in a doorway too constricting. The Prodigy aerial yoga rig is the perfect solution, it has a small enough height and footprint to be erected in many houses (please check how big your room is before you buy though) and it can be put up by just one person in about 10 minutes. 

The weight of just 38kg means that it can be carried quite easily and it’s length means it is very portable. 

It is possible that this Prodigy aerial yoga rig is close to being our favourite yoga rig. Take a look other available stands and see if you agree?!

Where To Buy?

The Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig can be purchased on eBay from the firetoys store. The price on this store is as cheap as you will get it. You also get three shipping and as long as the product is in stock it will take 3 days – we presume that is 3 business day.

Why not order yours today! We are sure you won’t be disappointed if you love aerial yoga and want to practice using a free-standing rig that is portable – so you can use it for inside and outside practice. 

If you buy via eBay you can also use Paypal credit so you can spread the payments – see ebay/Paypal for the terms and conditions about this. 

watch the Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig being Put Up


The cost of the Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig is £399. It is possible to spread the cost over 6 to 24 months paying as little as £19 a month with Paypal Credit. 

Like most rigs if you leave it outside it will be exposed to the environment and most would recommended that you don’t leave it outside.

However, if you live in a nice warm and dry climate like Madrid leaving it outside might be less of an issue than if you live in cold, damp and wet England.  

Most would recommend that the Prodigy aerial yoga rig is stored inside for longevity.

Whilst aerial yoga is suitable for most people it may be best to take a few classes with a professional before buying a rig and learning at home. Many moves are grounded and pose little risk to the totally inexperienced yogi but if you plan on taking your feet from the ground to do inversions and floating moves they can be dangerous to the inexperienced. 

Aerial yoga is an effective way to challenge and improve your strength and flexibility. It can be practiced by both beginners and experienced yogi’s, take a few lessons in a studio before buying a rig for home.

The height of this indoor / outdoor aerial yoga stand is variable it can be set between 200 cm and 29ocm tall. This means that it is perfect for indoor use. 

It’s high enough to hang yoga hammock but not exceed your ceiling so you should be able to put it in any room.