Sophie Green has been pole dancing and aerial arts at home and in studios around the world for over 13 years. She's taken a number of instructor courses in pole and aerial. Plus attended a course on rigging. She takes part in lots of exercise.

Bedroom Heels

Sexy Bedrooms Heels for Everyone Bedroom heels are a weird concept, and if I’m honest not one I had considered until recently. After thinking about the idea for a while I guess you either love the idea or hate it, a bit like marmite. If you like the idea but have no idea how to

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Aerial PhotoShoot

How to get the Most out of your Aerial Photoshoot So you’ve booked your first aerial photoshoot! How exciting! A photoshoot can be an amazing way to capture how much you love your aerial apparatus. Catching your favourite moves in a picture taken by a professional photographer looks so much more special than the images

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Aerial Yoga and Friction Burns – What They Are, How To Avoid Them and Treat Them?!

As a beginner, friction burns and bruises are unlikely to be a huge problem until you start doing more advanced inverts when you’re venturing into the world of the aerial sling. So if you are suffering from friction burns you must have reached the point of inverting – well done you!  You will know that

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Pole Dancer Songs

Are you looking for songs to perform your next pole dance to or are you looking for songs about pole dancing? Great because this page covers both of those scenarios. Maybe you can pick a song about pole dancing to pole dance to?? We all know that it can be tricky to pick a song

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Who IS Christopher Harrison?

Credit: Antigravity Fitness When you google the name Christopher Harrison a few different people pop up, a hot shot tax man, a principle ballerina and the man who invented antigravity fitness. The latter, is man that this article is about.  Christopher Harrison founded the antigravity performance company, and has invented a few things including finding

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Aerial Yoga Girl

Aerial Yoga Girl Who is She? Who is the aerial yoga girl? Karlene Linxweiler is the aerial yoga girl.  And you’ve guessed it she practices aerial yoga and hence the name.  She has a huge following on Instagram. Whilst she started with aerial yoga in one of those delicious yoga hammocks she has now moved

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Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen Who is The Yoga Girl on Instagram? Clothes, Fashion, DVDs and Books Reviewed Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher famous for her book “the Yoga Girl“, which is also the name of her Instagram account. The Swedish yogi set up a yoga school on the Island of Aruba after discovering yoga in Costa Rica.

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Yoga Types

What Are The Different Types of Yoga? Are you wondering “What are the different types of yoga are?” Great because we aim to answer that question in this article. There are many different types of yoga and it can be difficult to know which style is right for you. This post will help you find which

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