4 Pairs of Glittery Pleaser Heels and Where to Buy Them

pleaser glitter heelsIf you’re in a rush our favourite glitter pleaser heels are the Pleaser Sky 308 with holographic Glitter.

In this article, we discuss five of the best glitter Pleaser heels we could find:

  • Pleaser Sky-308GF Ankle-Strap Sandal
  • Pleaser Adore-708MSLG Ankle-Strap Sandal
  • Pleaser Flamingo-809LG Ankle-Strap Sandal

Who doesn’t love a pair of glittery heels? When it comes to glittery pole dancing shoes Pleaser have got us all sorted! There are some pretty amazing platform heels covered in glitter that are just perfect for dancing around the pole and going out.

Pleaser does two styles of glittery shoes. Those where the glitter is stuck to the outside of the platform and those where the glitter is inside the shoe.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles. Scroll down where we discuss the styles.

Our Favourite Glitter Pleaser Heels


Pleaser Glitter Flamingo 874 Platform Heels

An awesome pair of Pleaser heels with glitter that is perfect for pole dancing choreo classes or a night on the town. These would go great with leggings, jeans or hot pants. The Dual Buckle Straps will help to keep these beauties on the feet. They have an 8″ heel and a 4″ Platform. The glitter is on the straps and the platform is frosted. 


Pleaser Glitter FLAMINGO-808LG Platform Heels with Clear Upper

Another amazing pair of pleaser platform heels with glitter, this time it’s covering the platform. These are available in a couple of different colours.  These gorgeous sandals where the Entire Platform Bottom is covered with Glitter. 8-inch heels and a 4-inch platform. What’s not to love about these and they are available in other colours as well. 




Pleaser Flamingo-808mmg Platform Heels with Glitter.

Look at these heels look how they shine! Sparkly pleaser heels are what every girl wants! Wear them to dance class or on a night out. We love these, don’t you?

A Holographic Glitter Filled Platform. The heels are 8inches and the platform is 4 inches. they have a clear upper and ankle strap. We can’t wait to dance around our pole with these. 


Pleaser Flamingo-808mg Platform Heels with Glitter

Are you drawn to the sparkle? Pleaser Flamingo-808LG clear ankle strap sandals with silver holographic glitter platforms. These are also available in rose gold and silver. It will probably be rose gold glitter for us 🙂


Pleaser Flamingo-808GF Platform Heels with Glitter

8″ Heels with a 4″ platform Ankle Strap Sandal with a Holographic Glitter Filled Platform. These are available in teal, black and silver. The teal are simply amazing. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter in their lives? Sparkly heels with glitter add a special flavour to your pole outfit even if it is plain and simple.  All of the Pleaser heels on this page have big platform heels. We make no apologies as this page is all about Pleaser heels with glitter for pole dancing (or a night out). 

Where To Buy Pleaser Heels with Glitter?

The best places to buy pleaser shoes from is reputable online stores. If you’re in one of the America’s you can buy direct. If you are anywhere else in the world then Amazon is a pretty good place to start looking.  If you have prime membership you will most likely qualify for free delivery.

If you haven’t found the glittery pole dancing shoes for you then why not check back later and we will have added more styles. 

Which sparkly Pleasers are you going to buy? Pleaser heels with glitter are totally the way forward, we can’t wait to see which ones you buy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The style where glitter is stuck to the outside of the platform or to the top will not stick to the pole and the glitter may scratch the pole. The best thing to do is buy sparkly glittery platform shoes where the glitter is inside the shoe. These will stick to the pole and you won’t scratch the pole or lose glitter either. 

That depends on the style of glittery heels you pick out of Pleasers vast collection. Those with glitter stuck on the outside of the platform will lose glitter, but there will always be some left stuck to the shoe so you can carry on sparkling. If you want to guarantee that the glitter won’t fall off and damage the environment chose the glitter heels where the sparkle is inside the platform. 

Glitter in the shoe heels will be better for the pole as well, there will be no chance of damaging the pole.