The Best Heart shaped Aerial Hoops

Heart shaped aerial hoops add a whole new diminsion to aerial photo shoots and performances. We love them! If you’ve seen them on social media, you might be wondering “where you can buy the best heart shaped aerial hoop?”

We did quite a lot of research last month, when we were buying one for our aerial rig, and we thought that we would share it with you.

They are only available from a limited number of stockist at the moment, with the aerial loop being the more popular option available in many places. 

The simple elegance of a heart shaped loop design inspires playful experimenttaion with shape and form. 

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Our favourite Aerial Heart

Prodigy Aerial Heart - Heart shaped Aerial Hoop

An amazing variation on the aerial hoop. We love this red heart shaped lyra available from Firetoys.

The heart is made from 1″ diameter 10G tubing. The steel tube is powder coated in red powder coating. 

Will look amazing as a decorative piece for an event or photoshoot. Or it will look amazing as a functional performance piece. Perfect if you want to mix up your aerial training at home. 

It offers lots of popportinities for new shapes and doubles work. 

As it’s tabless you have felxibility in the way that you rig it.  

  • RRP: £219.00 / 449 USD
Prodigy Aerial Heart


How To Rig an Aerial Heart?

It’s always best to read the product guide thats supplied with the aerial heart. But as a general rule you will need polyester strop, safe rope or nylon strops. You will need to attach tape to the top of each bump in the heart and they place the rigging material over the top of the tape. The heart will need to hang vertically. 

You have the option top rig the top of each bump to a single point in a 3 toe rigging plate and swivel if you want the heart to spin in the air. 

You will need something to hang it from, permanant ceiling mount, aerial rig