What Stunt Scooter To Buy Your Kids

If like me you’re looking to buy your kid(s) a stunt scooter you might be wondering which is best – there are so many brands and models it seems almost as complicated as buying a car! It can definitely feel overwhelming with all the options out there. The best one can depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at that and then we’ll list a few of the scooters that made our shortlist.

Things To Consider When Buying a Kids Stunt Scooter

When it comes to choosing a stunt scooter for your kid(s), there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you’re getting the best one for their needs.

Firstly, consider the build quality and materials.

Stunt scooters need to be durable to withstand all the tricks and jumps your kid(s) will inevitably put them through. Look for models made from strong materials like aluminium or steel, with reinforced decks and forks.

Next, pay attention to the wheels and bearings.

High-quality wheels with smooth bearings will ensure a smoother ride and better performance, especially when doing tricks.

Also, consider the size and weight of the scooter.

It should be lightweight enough for your kid(s) to manoeuvre easily, but sturdy enough to handle jumps and tricks without feeling flimsy.

Choosing the right size stunt scooter for your child is crucial for their safety and enjoyment. Here are some general guidelines based on age and height:

Age GroupHeight RangeRecommended Scooter Height
Ages 4-690 cm - 125 cm50 cm - 75 cm
Ages 6-8125 cm - 150 cm68 cm - 85 cm
Ages 8-12150 cm - 170 cm80 cm - 90 cm
Ages 10 and older170 cm and taller90 cm and over

By using this table, you can easily determine the appropriate scooter height based on the rider’s age and height.


Some popular brands known for their quality stunt scooters include Razor, Fuzion, Lucky, and Envy. It might be helpful to read reviews and see what other parents and kids have to say about the scooters you’re considering.

Safety Gear

And of course, don’t forget about safety gear! Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are essential when riding a stunt scooter, especially when learning new tricks.

Regardless of age, always ensure the rider has proper safety gear, including:

  • Helmet: Essential for head protection.
  • Knee Pads: Protects against falls.
  • Elbow Pads: Offers additional protection.
  • Wrist Guards: Prevents wrist injuries during falls.

Best Online Stores to Buy Stunt Scooters From

There are a plethora of stores to buy a stunt scooter for kids. These are always our favourite stores when looking to buy kid’s sporting equipment. 


Always a good store to buy stuff quickly from. They have a good range of leading brands and cheaper brands as well. If you have a Prime membership you can get free delivery as well. 

The Best Stunt Scooter For Kids

Ultimately, the best stunt scooter for your kid(s) will depend on their age, size, skill level, and personal preferences. In an ideal world, you might take them to a store to try out different models and see which one feels the most comfortable and suited to their needs but in 2024 not many people have time to visit the store. So if you’re just like me and you’d like to buy online take a look at these stunt scooters that made my short list.

Ages 4-6

Chilli Base Scooter

Chilli - Base S

Features: Lightweight, easy to maneuver, adjustable handlebars. Pros: Great for young children due to its light weight and easy handling. Cons: Not as durable for advanced tricks but perfect for beginners.

Ages 7-9

Razor A5 Lux stunt scooter

Razor A5 Lux

Features: Larger wheels, sturdy aluminum frame. Pros: Smooth ride, adjustable handlebars, suitable for beginners. Cons: Not as specialized for tricks but versatile for general use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Buy Any Scooter To Use As A Stunt Scooter

    No, stunt scooters have been specially made with smaller wheels and reinforned handlebars. If your child tries to use a normal scooter in the skate park they may have an accident.

  • Can My kid use The Stunt Scooter To Go To School

    Yes, but it's worth bearing in mind that they have smaller wheels and are not designed for pavement use

  • How Much Do Kids Stunt Scooters Cost

    Upwards of $99

  • What is the difference between a stunt scooter and a normal scooter?

    A stunt scooter is a highly durable version of a regular kick scooter. Unlike standard kick scooters, pro scooters typically cannot be adjusted for height or folded. They are heavier than regular kick scooters and often feature an advanced compression system, making them ideal for performing tricks and vert riding.


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