Drag Queen Heels

Where to Buy platform Heels for Men

So your a man looking to buy the best platform heels for men, AKA drag queen heels? 

If you scroll down the page you’ll be able to find a handy section about finding shoes for drag queens. But if you want to just straight in we show below some superb options. Otherwise, you can head straight over to Amazon and see what they have available. 

10 Best Drag Queen Heels

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Where To Buy Drag Queen Shoes

A really good place to look for boots and shoes for drag queens is at Pleaser shoes. Specifically, their pink label range as these have been designed especially for anyone needing larger women’s shoe sizes.

Pleaser says that “the Pink Label range openly embraces modern values of acceptance and accommodation”.

The range of diverse footwear in the collection features many classics as well as extreme styles. They come in extended sizes and foot width, meaning that they allow the wearer to be true to themselves and their spirit. Classics and extreme styles can be worn with comfort by anyone with larger and wider feet. 

Whether you need a women size 11 or a 16 (male 9 or 14), Pleaser will have a pair that will fit you like a dream. 

What Do drag Queens Look for in Shoes?

Contrary to popular belief drag queens don’t all wear pole dancer style platform shoes. However, Pleaser who makes pole dancing shoes are very popular with drag queens as they specialise in making bigger shoes for those who need larger sizes. 


The trick to drag queens finding comfortable heels is to get shoes or boots with arch support and a wide toe box, according to Gloria Swansong. Plastic shoes can also be painful for men’s feet so opt for soft leather or faux leather footwear.

Heel height?

As a drag queen are you tempted to buy super high platforms? Not all drag queens do wear this style of heel, although they are quite comfortable. Other options are wedges with 4-5 inch heels, kitten heels that look superb with vintage outfits or 8-inch stiletto heels. 

If you are looking for heels with more than a 3-inch heel you will want shoes with a platform in them, this gives support, stability and they are easier to walk in. They often have a cushioned footbed for comfort.

Sturdiness & Stability

Sturdiness and stability is the key to being able to wear drag queen heels all night long. Thick heels which are constructed along with the sole of the shoe will be more stable than stiletto heels.  Platform shoes from Pleaser are ideal as they are generally constructed with dancers in mind that need stability and sturdiness. The heels are angled to help with balance, they won’t wobble and break during your first totter.


We talk below about how to get the right size heels for men but first, we wanted to look at the difficulties males find getting shoes to fit.

Often vintage styles don’t come in larger sizes unless you go to specialist stores. These shoes were only designed for women with delicate feet not someone with size 8 or 9 feet, never mind men with size 10 feet needing size 12 ladies heels. 

Just like women, males have different sized feet which can cause an issue. the way around this is to by the shoes that fit the bigger feet. This can also be helpful when the feet start to swell during the night when they have got a bit warm.

How To get the Right Size?

When shopping for drag shoes online you will find that the majority of platform heels and boots are sold in women sizes. As a male trying to buy platform shoes you simply need to do a size conversion, like if you were shopping for pumps in another country. 

If you are male simply go up two sizes to find your female size. If the boots or shoes have a closed toe it’s generally advised that you go up three sizes to find your female size.

For example, if you are a size 9, you want to order a female size 11 if open toe or a size 12 if it is a closed toe. 

See the visual below.
size chart drag queen

 It can also be a very good idea to measure the length and width of the feet so that you can double-check what size you need on the website you are buying from.