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Keeping fit at home won’t be a problem with the wide and various forms of exercise you can try out at home.  Read our guides to the best alternative workouts and equipment you can use to get yourself fit in 2020.  Read our fitness & wellbeing and nutrition reviews, including the best equipment to buy, top exercise apps to install on your phone, leading brands of work out clothes and more.

Whether you’re looking for the best portable pull up bars, resistance bands, wrist and finger strength trainers or jumping shoes, hula hoops and trx cables being you reviews and buying guides.

Scroll down and find guides to your next form of alternative exercise.  

Fitness & wELLBEING Equipment

Follow the links below to read reviews about the different brands, finishes and diameters that are available within each type of dance pole so you get the best pole to meet your needs.

trx cables

yoga wheels


press up bars

kangoo – jumping shoes

rollerblades / skates

portable pull up bars

skipping ropes

handstand platforms

Resistance Bands

Rebound Fitness (trampolining)

Stretch / yoga / gym mats

wrist & finger strength trainer

gym bags

foam rollers

self massage tools

handstand trainers

Alternative fitness at it's best

This site features reviews about equipment that you can buy specifically for pole fitness, aerial acrobatics (circus) and aerial yoga.

This page gives an overview of the many other types of alternative forms of exercise you could use to get fit in 2020.

There are so many imaginative and fun ways to get fit. We are such a lucky generation. If the gym isn’t for you maybe twerking, zumba, disco dancing or handstands are. 

Take a look around the page and find your style of fitness. Whether you’re looking for online lessons, equipment or accessories you will find buying guides and reviews a plenty.

Want to see something reviewed – drop us a line. 

Learn at Home

Master the art of pole dancing with a variety of media

online lessons, dvds, books, apps and more

Sports and Fitness Clothes

Furnish your gym wardrobe with everything you might need for the gym and working out in 2021.

Whether you are in the market for tank tops, T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms or something else tap on the icons to see our favourites.

Workout Clothes for Everyone.


crop tops

vest tops




swim, swimmer, crawl