Online Pole Fitness Lessons – Learn To Dance With The Best In 2023?

So, you’ve decided that you want to learn how to pole dance at home but have no idea which is the best provider of online pole fitness lessons. Read on to discover which online pole school is the best for your needs in 2023. 

Pole dancing for fun and fitness has been growing in popularity for the last 15 years. Pole schools providing pole dancing lessons can be found in every major city around the world. Many can be found in small towns and villages. 

However, if there are no pole schools within an easy drive of you what do you do? Online pole fitness lessons to the rescue! 

For a number of years, there was one provider of online pole dancing classes, Studio Veena. But as we enter 2023 the number of online pole schools has skyrocketed. But who offers the best online pole classes?

online pole fitness lessons


Which Online Pole Dancing Lessons Do We Think Are Best?

With so many providers of online pole lessons, and many appearing on the scene every day it is a little tough. We discuss our criteria for choosing what makes online pole fitness lessons worth spending the money on.

Studio Veena

Studio Veena was one of the first, if not the first provider of online lessons. I used to use the lessons whilst living on a tiny island with no access to a pole studio – just my own pole in a tiny spare room. I loved it. Veena is lovely – when you play the videos it’s almost like she’s in the room with you. Willing you on.

Detailed lessons that are clear and easy to understand.

When it comes to content there is lots of it.

Not only are there pole lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. The lessons have been sequenced so you can progressively work through the levels.  There’s more – it’s not just pole dancing lessons, there’s a community, and more!

  • Pole dancing for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students
  • Choreo lessons for all levels
  • Stretching
  • Hula Hoop
  • Online forum – this is FREE to join

Studio Veena is the original provider of online pole fitness lessons and one of the very best.

Studio Veena offers you a FREE 3 days trial.

Get Your Free Trial Here


What Makes Online Pole Dancing Lessons Worth The Money?

Online pole fitness lessons can be cheaper than heading to a studio – after all, you are not paying for studio time and in many cases, the content is pre-recorded and many people have access to it. However, the provider did spend time creating the program and filming the lessons. They also have to pay for the upkeep of a website, hosting, and their time keeping it up to date.

In our opinion, this is what makes for the best online pole fitness lessons

  • Plenty of content
  • The regular addition of new pole dancing lessons
  • Lessons for beginners through to advanced
  • Warms up and cool down programs
  • Knowledgable instructors that have a persona you gel with
  • Added extras like social media groups
  • The option for feedback on your lessons
  • A site that’s easy to navigate
  • A site that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye – ie it looks pretty
  • An app is sometimes nice to have access to especially if you use your phone

Option extras such as one-to-one live pole lessons are nice to have if you have the spare cash, want feedback, or want personal attention.


Pole dancing is a great form of exercise and it is so much fun! If you’re on the fence about taking online pole fitness lessons, get off the fence and sign up with the best providers listed above.

You will not regret it – pole fitness is so much fun.

There is no point in signing up for lessons if you don’t have the equipment. You will of course need a pole and a crash mat. Maybe some pole dancing shoes and a camera to record your new moves and track your progress.