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Welcome to the area of Loops World which is focused on pole fitness for dancers of all levels. We are fast becoming the number one resource for all things pole. Whether that would be equipment for home or you need clothes, shoes or grip aids for your pole bag – our honest reviews and buying guides will hopefully aid your search.

As well as equipment and apparel review the blog section is packed full of information gathered from years of personal experience as a student and as an instructor. We do ensure that we research any content thoroughly to make sure we have the facts correct and they haven’t become blurred in our old age. 

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It’s not always just about poles and pole wear when you embark on a pole fitness journey. There is a whole plethora of additional items a pole dancer needs (or simply can’t live with out 🙂 )

Find reviews and buying guides for all of the additions you could possibly need for your pole bag.

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What is Pole Fitness?

Pole dancing is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and dance that you do on a vertical pole. Depending on the class, participant’s can get a full body workout that includes resistance training, cardio and flexibility.

Due to it’s fun and alternative nature, it breaks the monotony of going to the gym. It is a form of exercise that has taken the world by storm. Over the last 14 years or so it has gradually been gaining acceptance in the world of sport. With tons of girls and ladies taking classes in studios around the world as well as setting up poles at home, in garages and back yards. 

Whilst many pole instructors who pioneered this fun and alternative form of fitness had to overcome the modern day stigma attached to the form of dance that takes place in a strip club, pole dancing does in fact originally date back to the 12th century in India when it was practiced by men. As it happens Chinese pole at the circus is very popular with men as well. 

The sexual aspect came about when dancers would try to entice people to come and watch there shows by dancing erotically. 

Stigma overcome and pole fitness is on the map. The International Sports Pole Federation (ISPF)(1) have tirelessly promoted pole as an athletic sport and hopes that one day it will be recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

We will be bringing you an article on the history of pole dancing in a future post so we won’t go into that too much on this page.

This page is mostly to bring you to a central place that directs you to posts which review anything to do with equipment, attire and accessories. 

We aim to help the ever increasing number of people entering entering the fascinating world of pole dance each day by providing the opportunity and support when purchasing pole dancing goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh yes, pole dancing is a great workout! When learning pole moves, even as a beginner you engage multiple muscles at the same time. this is because the moves are dynamic. As you lift and hold your own body in most of the moves you build strength in your back muscles, biceps, triceps and forearms. When you start to link moves together and include dance moves you get a cardio workout as well. Pole dancing gives you a complete body workout. 

Pole fitness helps you to burn calories quickly.

When talking to someone who has never tried pole fitness before they automatically assume that it requires a lot of strength and they wouldn’t be able to do it. Yes, it does require strength to do all the advanced moves, but like with anything you will build up to doing those moves. When you first begin the manoeuvres are less challenging and whilst you are required to use some strength it will build up over the coming weeks as you repeat the moves. 

If you go to a pole studio or join online lessons you will be taught properly from the start. The course will be designed so that you learn transitions and easy spins as well as a couple of moves that require minimal strength. You get used to the pole and build strength. 

Over the last 20 years, pole dancing for fun and fitness has become massively popular. Fitness professionals and some of the general public are aware of the strength and fitness benefits. Students comment on increased body awareness, core strength, leg tone and upper body strength. The body is used as resistance to build the body up. Many girls also comment on increased confidence and reduction in anxiety and depression. 

We’ve discussed the benefits above but there are a few risks. Many students come away with bruises or skin burns after learning a new move. These are more of an annoyance than bad for you.

The most common injuries that are reported are shoulder problems followed by hamstrings injuries. 

If students don’t train both sides they can end up with muscle imbalances.

However, if you warm-up and cool down properly as well as follow a structured training program you should avoid injuries.  

There are a number of resources available that allow a student to learn at home. This isn’t necessarily teaching yourself but you don’t have to go to a studio. It is always recommended that you go to a studio so that you can have a spotter for complex moves, but if that is not possible just take your time and follow the advice of the online resources. We talk about these here

If you bought yourself a pole and wondering what to do next. We have a brilliant post titled “I bought a pole – what now?” – find out what we say in it, here

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About The Writer(s)

Over the last 15 years, we’ve used plenty of studio and home poles whether that be fixed, tension mounted or freestanding poles. Due to travel around the world, we have also been lucky enough to try and pole classes around the globe, trained with some of the stars and have also invested in online lessons to train in the early days when we lived overseas on the tiny island of Malta. 

I know what it’s like to try and buy equipment for home and try to learn when there is no local studio or the lessons just don’t fit with your schedule. That’s why we created this resource so that I could pass on my knowledge and experience. 

I love pole so much that I have been and got several pole fitness qualifications so that I could further my knowledge of pole safety, pole moves as well as equipment. 

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