9 Essential Pole Dancing Accessories for Every Pole Dancers Bag

Grab all those pole dancing accessories, those nice to have items for your pole dancing lessons. All the equipment that’s not usually essential, but can make a pole dancers life more comfortable and fill up your dance bag 🙂 

Whether you’re looking for leg warmers, knee pads, thigh high socks, wearable grip aids, tote bags, wrist protectors, ankle cuffs, jewellery, special effect make up, boot sleeves, dance skirts, tracksuit bottoms, back warmers……the list just goes on and on…..you can find reviews and buying guides for everything and anything related to pole below. 

Discover the best online stockists and find out which the best brands to spend your money on are. 

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The Number One Accessory for Pole Dancers

Grip Aids for pole dancing

The first and probably most essential of the pole dancing accessories is grip aid. As the type of grip is aid is specific to your skin type it’s usually a good idea to have your own. 

Of course, the use of grip aids should be limited so that students develop grip strength they definitely have a place in pole classes for beginners, when you’re learning a new move or when super hot and sweaty. 

Liquids, gels, lotions, sprays and resins have a place when that “fight and flight” response kicks in and we find ourselves with sweaty palms or they have super dry skin and need a bit of moisture added.

Wearable grip aids can be purchased for the ankle/feet, knees, thighs, elbows and upper arm.

We’ve written a post that gives you more information on these products, you can Find out more here. But if you are in a rush our favourite grip aid is below.

Dry Hands

Dry Hands

The go-to grip for many students. However, if you are outside of the USA you might find it quite difficult to get hold of. But it is for sale on eBay. 

Dry Hands Pole Dance Grip by Lupit Pole

Dry Hands Pole Dance Grip by Lupit Pole

This might be the new go-to grip aid for pole dancers.

What they say:

“Suitable for pole dancers who struggle with sweaty palms, slipping on the pole and reduced confidence due to difficulty with grip. Use the black side of the pillow to apply added grip to the pole’s surface.”

What we Say:

It’s available on Amazon and it gets 4.5 stars from over 100 reviewers – the stats speak for themselves, don’t they. Personally, we love this grip aid. It has two sides – one for the pole and one for your hands and the rest of your body. It solved our problem of wet sweaty hands that caused us to slip on the pole and we could use the black side to treat the pole. I loved the handy size as well. the small pillow is only 12 x 12cm, so it easily fits into your bag. 

accessories for the Feet

So many accessories you can buy for your feet. If you like a little grip on your feet or don’t like the idea of bare feet, yoga socks might be the perfect things for you but if you want to spin around on the floor than dance socks or toes will enable you to pivot on the ball of your foot. 

Fancy a bit more fun why not add a pair of 6, 7 or 8 inch platform shoes or boots. Protect those sexy heels with some protectors.

If you are looking for a change in the look of your shoes try a pair of boot sleeves. 

shoe protectors

Yoga Shoes

boots sleeves

For the Legs

If you want to keep warm add some leg warmers or over the knee socks to your bag to keep you toasty during the warm up or to add a bit of sauciness to your outfit. 

Leg garters add a bind to your leg and look fabulous in photos.

Save those knees the pain endured during sexy floor moves with some knee pads. 

Take a look at our pole clothes page for other pole wear, such as leggings for the legs.

leg warmers

over the knee socks


knee pads

Arm accessories

If you suffer from pole burns to your wrists during spins, invest in a wrist protector or a simple sweat band 🙂

If you want to add warmth to your outfit try some arm sleeves.

Arm garters look great in pictures too.

Arm Sleeves

Wrist protectors

Other Pole Dancing Accessories

You’re going to need a good bag to take and store all of those essential pole dancing accessories in. Grab a tote or dance bag to carry all your essential (and unessential) items to class. 

Yoga mats are great for warm-ups.

Tote bags

dance bags

yoga mats

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