3 Best Pole Dancing Boots in 2021

pole dancing boots

Most popular

Pleaser Flamingo 1020

heels for pole dancing

Best choice

Pleaser Flamingo 1051fs

flamingo 3063 pole dance boot - one of the best pole boots available

Premium Pick

Pleaser Flamingo 3063

Pole dancing boots look amazing. They look brilliant with a pair of leggings and knee pads for floor work or equally as good with a pair of hotpants. Pole boots are perfect for photoshoots, routines, exotic and choreo classes.

There are styles and brands that work best for pole dancers. Ankles and calf-high are very popular choices for routine classes, but some polers prefer knee and even thigh-high boots for special occasions like photo shoots and performances. 

Pleaser shoes and Hella Heels are the favoured brands of many in the UK, USA and Australia but bada.ss boots, Ellie Shoes and custom made boots are also some other options.

Pole boots have been designed with pole dancing in mind so have been made to protect your skin from bruises and/or friction burns, provide ankle support and provide extra grip on your feet and legs, making it easier to climb. 

If you’ve never worn pole shoes or boots before you will be in love as soon as you pop them on your feet.

Our Top 3 Pole Dancing Boots

#1 Pleaser Flamingo 1020

pole dancing boots

Key Features

  • 8″ (20.3cm) Stiletto Heel
  • 4″ (10.2cm) Platform
  • Lace-Up Front Ankle Boot
  • Inside Zip Closure
We love the Flamingo 1020 a lot! They fit well and feel really comfortable to walk in. Available in a range of eye catching, beautiful, show-stopping colours. The baby pink is adorable, the black are of course the go to colour! The 8inch heel and 4 inch platform mean that stability is no issue. We found that there was lots of ankle support and they were easy to dance in. The inside zip closure means that they are easy to get on. If you want to feel empowered grab a pair of these pole dancing boots.

#2 Pleaser Boots: Flamingo 1051

heels for pole dancing

Key Features

  • 8″ (200mm) Heel
  • 4″ (100mm) Platform
  • Peep Toe
  • Lace-Up Front Mid Calf Boot
  • Inside Zip Closure
  • Range of colours: blue, red, beige, black, baby pink, bright pink, white.


The Pleaser Flamingo 1051 pole dancing boots are another of our favourites and we would like to own them in every colour and fabric. Greedy? Yes! But they are amazing. We especially love the blue. The grip and ankle support is second to none. We love peep toe boots they are our absolute favourite in terms of fit, style, support, and comfort. These boots fit perfectly and are incredibly sexy. We found that they felt very secure and were very easy to walk in.

#3 Pleaser Boots: Flamingo 3063

adore pole dancing boot

Key Features

  • 7″ (17.8cm) Stiletto Heel
  • 2 3/4″ (7cm) Platform
  • Rear Lace-Up Stretch Thigh Boot
  • Full Inner Side Zipper

W love the quality of these boots and how nice they look on! As with all of Pleaser’s platform boots they are extremely comfortable despite such a high heel. Due to the lacing the boot fits perfectly snug around the legs. We tried them in red – it’s the most beautiful colour, almost a cool tone red. These could be my favourite pair of thigh highs! These Pleaser Flamingo 3063 pole dancing boots are extremely grippy, perfect for leg hangs. 

Pole Dancing Boot Buying Guide & FAQ

I’m not sure if I mentioned it above but pole dancing boots look stunning. They look flatter in all shapes and sizes. Unless you opt for a flat, heelless boot, pole dancing boots have a high heel (6, 7 or 8 inches) that make the wearer look taller. They also make legs look longer and elongated thus they look younger and sexier. You will feel attractive. 

Whatever level you are, beginner or advanced you can still wear pole boots. All pole moves can be performed wearing ankle, calf, knee or thigh-high boots. They don’t restrict your movements. Spins, tricks, climbs and inversions can all be performed whilst wearing boots. 

In fact, pole dancing boots are a good training tool, they add weight to your feet, making you have to work a little harder to invert. When you take them off inverting will be easier. 

If the boots are made from plastic, PVC, they will stick to the pole making climbing earlier. Leather and suede boots will add some grip as well. 

Types of Pole Dancing Boots


One of the more popular choices for routine classes, a step up from shoes but without the added cost of some of the taller boots. Due to their popularity, there are lots and lots of this style available to buy. As such some of the best designs are found in this category.


Knee-high boots are not something that we see many polers wearing but they are available if they are your thing. The great thing about them is that they stop just below the knee so you still have your knee pit exposed if you prefer the feel of your own skin against the pole for those leg hangs. They look great with a stylish outfit. 

Some styles such as Ellie shoes Mistress Knee High Boot in gold or silver would look amazing if you were wearing a supergirl themed outfit. 


A new style that’s just been around for a few years, they come a little higher on the leg than ankle boots but not as high as knee-high boots. They look brilliant on those with slender calves. 

Thigh High

Thigh-high pole dancing boots are a premium purchase, but they look amazing for photoshoots. They are a personal favourite as they give you so much extra leg grip all the way up the leg, from the ankle almost to your groin. Leg hangs will never be a problem again. Thigh-high boots can make your legs look really long and enhance the natural shape of your leg. Pair them with short pole shorts for a super sexy look. 

Flat & Heelless

If you want boots but are not a fan of platform boots with huge heels then heelless, flat boots are the pole boots for you. Yoga shoes and Nike Studio Wrap Shoes are great options.

Boot Sleeves

Love them or hate them, pole dancing boot sleeves are a thing. The specially made gaiters turn your pole dance shoes into pole dancing boots. It’s a great solution that means you can turn all of the shoes you already have into over the knee or thigh-high pole boots. 

They are a great solution if you find that regular pole boots don’t fit y our extra thin or chunky calves or thighs. As you can get the perfect fit by pulling the shoelaces up the sides to the perfect fit.

Once you add them to your pole shoes, you will have a super leg grip provided by the boot sleeves. 

Boot Sleeves gives you multiple combinations to wear your existing pole shoes. They are available in multiple sizes, colours and finishes.

How To Choose Pole Dancing Boots

Brand – Some brands we recommend in this article and elsewhere on our site include Pleaser, Hella Heels and Ellie. These brands are very popular with pole dancers around the world. They have been designed with polers in mind and have multiple options available for a wide range of clientele.  

Price – This is often the limiting factor for most girls and boys in the market for new pole boots. Most of the ones we list are what is considered a reasonable price to pay for boots in the current climate. Sometimes the price does make us suck our breath in a little, but it’s an exercise class and just like buying running shoes, you need the right kit if you are going to put footwear on and move around. If you are on a budget, look out for stores that have sales, discounts or clearance racks. 

Reviews – comments from friends, colleagues and existing shoes users from around the world have helped us make our choices about which boots to list.  

Features To Look For In Pole Dancing Boots

It’s very important that the pole dancing boots that you select are comfortable when worn. It is also very important that the design of the pole dancing boot compliments the outfit being worn, and is a style that won’t damage the pole or hinder the moves you are going to do.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when selecting a pair of pole dancing boots so that they ate comfortable and suitable for pole dancing and fitness. 

Heel – 6, 7 or 8-inch heels are the ideal height for polers. Any lower and they just don’t look very cool. If they are 9 or 10 niches in height most girls struggle to walk in them. However, saying that the higher the heel the sexier you will look to the audience. It might sound daunting picking a pair of boots with a 7 or 8-inch heel, but the platform is usually 2.5 – 3 inches high so the actual height of the heel isn’t as tall as it sounds. The platform makes the shoe stable so you won’t fall all over the place. 

Straps and buckles – boots with buckles can get in the way when climbing or performing some inversions even when on the outside. They can also scratch the pole so we would always advise against selecting boots with buckles or bits of metal on them. Instead, opt for boots with zips that are covered by laces. 

Padding – walking in shoes can be uncomfortable if there is no padding under the foot. The brands mentioned on this site tend to come with padding in so that your feet will be happy when spinning, dancing and climbing. Cheaper brands may not include such padding and may become uncomfortable after a while. 

Style – Sexy pole dancing boots come in a range of styles from ankle-high to thigh-high boots. The major determining factor will be which style appeals to you and if your budget will stretch to them. 

Where to Buy Pole Dancing Boots

Some of the best places to buy pole dancing boots are online stores that specialise in sexy platform footwear.  Our favourite place to buy pole boots from at the moment is Amazon as you can take advantage of prime membership and get free 1 or 2 day shipping depending on your location.  

Another option is to buy direct from Pleaser. Shipping costs are reasonable, you are buying direct from the manufacturer and you can see what stock is available. When you buy from another seller they often don’t have the boots in stock, and actually just place an order with Pleaser or Hella Heels when you have order with them. All you are doing is cutting out the middle man.


As we said this is our favourite place to buy pole boots from at the minute due to the free shipping that you can get. They list all of the most popular boots that are sold by Pleaser. The only down side is that Hella Heels can’t be purchased form Amazon yet.


Buying direct from the manufacturer has many advantageous. You get next day shipping, you can see the stock levels on their website. Ordering from some third party sites can lead to frustration as they my advertise a product as being in stock, but they don’t have immediate access  to Pleaser’s stock levels. For this reason we would always prefer to buy direct from them.

Hella Heels

Club Hella Heels sell a superb selection of 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch boots. With some amazing designs available you will struggle to choose your favourites. The advantage of buying direct from Club Hella Heels is that you have access to the full catalogue of pole boots. Buying from a third party will give you just a limited selection of heels. They ship worldwide and shipping rates are reasonable. 

Banana Shoes

One of our favourite online stores to buy Pole boots from. They stock or can order you any of the pole boots from the Pleaser selection. They are ideal for those of you based in the UK or Europe. They have been in business for a long time and really know the industry. They have sales frequently and also have a clerance department online. 

Pole Dancing Boot FAQs

Boots have a lot of benefits. They keep your ankles supported and stable. They also protect your toes from taking a beating while learning low flow and floorwork. The best pole boots for beginners are ones with a 6 or a 7 inch high heel. Probably best opting for some ankle high ones. Then if you like wearing boots you can increase the heel height and the height of the fabric up your legs. 

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In 2021 the best brands of pole boots to buy are Pleaser or Hella Heels. They are brands trusted by polers around the world.