What Freestanding Poles Are Available in in 2021?

The terms freestanding, stage and platform all used to be inserted before the word pole and they were essentially the same thing, synonyms. A dance pole that didn’t need to be secured to the ceiling with either screws or tension. However, the number of different styles of pole that are classed as freestanding has expended somewhat. We have divided the poles up into 3 categories:

  • Freestanding poles with a stage (podium poles) – X-Stage, Platinum Poles, Lupit, The Pole
  • Freestanding poles without a stage – R-Pole
  • Other – cartridge & tee pee poles

If you want to know what your options are and which is the best for your needs take a look below. 

Should you have landed in the wrong place and actually be looking for tension mounted portable poles chick here

Freestanding Poles with Stage

There are 4 manufacturers of freestanding poles with stage. These podium pole brands all have great reputations but some of them have been in the industry for longer than others, but that doesn’t mean that the new comers should be overlooked as these manufacturers have brought new features and lighter stages to the table. 

Stage poles are perfect if you want a stable pole that doesn’t need to be secured to the ceiling or floor. However, the fact that they are freestanding means that they are often very heavy as this weight is required to stop the pole from falling over when someone is performing tricks.

  • Platinum stages and X-Pole have been around for at least ten years and have a great deal of experience in the studio and home pole industry.
  • Lupit pole and The Pole are relatively new to the scene but they introduce lighter bases, quick spin allows users to switch between static and spinning modes.


X-Pole is a UK company,  that has headquarters in Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. They manufacture lots of aerial and pole equipment and are well known within the pole industry. X Pole supply pole school and home users. Two different stage poles are available. The main difference between the two stages is the height of the platform. The original x-stage, a platform pole has a taller platform which is great for performances at gigs or outside. The X-Stage Lite is perhaps more suited for schools and home users. Both stages are incredibly stable, can be used for  doubles and dynamic spins such as a phoenix. 


  • Biggest selection of pole finishes
  • Most affordable option – This is the more affordable stage pole, when you compare the price of the stage pole with a stainless steel pole the X-Stage comes out substantially cheaper. part of the reason for this is because the materials and production take place in Asia. 
  • Well known, worldwide brand
  • Headquarters in multiple regions around the world including USA, UK, Asia & Europe reducing shipping costs
  • Very stable
  • Shorter extensions are available to fit inside


  • Heaviest stage pole, even the X-Stage Lite is a beast (90kg)
  • Takes a while to construct
  • Hex key needed to switch between static and spinning mode
  • Metal can go rusty

X- Stage Lite

x-stage lite

X- Stage

x stage platform pole

Platinum Stages

Platinum satge platform pole

** This pole is not suitable to support the users weight, it should not be used to spin around, hang from or invert on. **

Platinum Stages is a US-based company with a UK sidearm. They are another manufacturer that has been making fixed, removable and freestanding dance poles for some time now. 

The stage pole from Platinum stages are very sexy looking, they have a square base and can be customised to have lights in the base. You can choose different colours, lights and surface patterns for the base, which makes it ideal for nightclubs or performance venues. A brilliant stripper stage.

The stainless steel or brass poles can be bought. The pole can be set to static or spin mode. it is simple to switch between modes. 

The fact that the pole can be set to spin or static mode is confusing as we point out below the instructions say that the pole should not be used to take the users entire body weight, if you can’t suspend yourself from it we are not sure why you would need the spinning mode? 

This pole is not very portable as it is made from steel and the stage is bolted together. If you want to move it, it will be quite a big job. You couldn’t take it to locations and teach on it and if you read the text below, this is not what the pole is designed for. 

Platinum stages make a very beautiful stage pole but when you look in the instruction manual it clearly states that

  • the centre pole should not be used to support the users entire body weight.
  • It should not be used to invert on, spin around or hang from
  • It is a novelty product for entertainment purposes only.

This means that whilst it is a very beautiful pole it is not suitable for those who want to do pole fitness or acrobatic like a pole. We guess that it is more suited to car shows etc where simple dances are performed around the base of the pole. If you are looking for a stripper pole with a stage this is possibly the one. 

Platinum stages are a reseller of X-Poles stage poles as well. So if you are looking for a stage pole for pole sport and fitness where you want to invert and do tricks; and you are based in the US, perhaps take a look at their prices and stock levels for the X-Stage or X-Stage Lite.

This is the best freestanding stage pole for stripper style dance displays – perhaps suitable for use at car shows, in nightclubs or other performance venues. 


  • Pretty


  • Not suitable for pole fitness or pole sports
  • Unstable

Lupit Pole

lupit pole stage pole

Lupit Pole takes a boutique approach to developing and producing pole dancing equipment. They have taken a new approach in developing products, using new technology and functionality.  Materials have been carefully chosen and the design has been carefully considered. They are also constantly improving the Lupit stage poles and other products they produce.

Some of the best pole artists in the world are ambassadors for Lupit Poles. Marion Crampe, Sergia Louise Anderson, Marlo Fisken and Saulo Sariento are some of the polers who use and recommend Lupit Pole products. 

Their website is modern and fresh. It’s easy to use and find what you are looking for.

The Lupit Pole Stages are freestanding, they are stable, portable and feature Lupit Pole Quick Lock as standard meaning that you can quickly switch from spin to static without the need to use a hex key. This is one advantage over the X-Stages.  

The pole seems to have taken the easy set-up of the very portable R-Pole and given it a stable, flat platform for the user to dance on.  

You have the choice of pole finishes (chrome, stainless steel or powder-coated), long legs or short legs and if you want storage bags. If you purchase storage bags then you need three of them.

Long legs offer a little more stability over the short legs, but choosing them will depend on what space you have available. The longer leg model was designed to withstand more stability demanding elements. 

Why are they more expensive than X-Pole’s models. 95% of parts and materials are made in Europe as opposed to Asia, meaning that they come at a slight premium. 


  • Sexy looking pole
  • Fairly stable
  • Quicker to errect than the market leader
  • Lighter than the market leader
  • Quick-Lock to switch between static and spin
  • Shorter extensions can be purchased for indoor use


  • Only 45mm Pole available
  • Technology and European Manufacturing comes at a price
  • Storage bags extra
  • The ceiling must be at least 310cm – no shorter extensions available

Pole Hive - from The Pole / AGM Designs


The Pole HIve takes all of the best bits from the freestanding poles on the market, combines them together and the result appears to be brilliant. A lightweight, stable freestanding pole with stage. There are multiple options so you can have a fully customizable dance pole. It is the most portable stage pole to date weight just 48kg. However, that comes at a price. 

The website and differences between the poles and options are a little difficult to understand at first but they do have very good FAQ sections. customer service is brilliant.  They clearly care about their customers. 

The Pole Hive has been developed by AGM designs – a dynamic enterprise in which designers and technicians collaborate to create innovative products, according to market needs. 

They even have a test studio where you can go and try out the poles. 

There are two options for what material the platform is made from. They are both wood but one is more durable than the other. 

Users can select a 40 or 45mm pole diameter and have three choices of finish (INOX – stainless steel, gecko grip, rubber). 

You have the option to buy storage bags.

There is choice to have short legs and add stability by adding stabilising ballasts. There is an option to have long legs which add stability without the need to buy additional weights. 


  • Lightest Stage Pole
  • Quickest to put up
  • The top pole is cut to order so it fits inside (no additional cost)
  • Can buy extensions 
  • Most portable
  • Sexy looking pole


  • Expensive – technology and EU production comes at a price.
  • The wooden base – we debate if this will get damaged over time
  • Standard gecko grip pole surface does not allow for users to perform spins on static mode. 

Freestanding Poles - no stage


R Pole Freestanding

R-Pole introduced the lighest free standing pole ever about 15 years ago. this pole is unique in that you can set it up in about 60 seconds and it weighs only 29kg.

The reason it is so light is that it has no stage, it has 6 legs that insert into a base. These feet are exposed, so unless you put foam in between the feet and cover them with a mat you are forced to try and walk around the pole avoiding the feet. 

There is still no competition based on weight and portability. The ultimate portable dance pole. 

The downside is that due to the weight it moves around, however it is unlikely to fall over. All freestanding poles move a little but the R-Pole moves much more. 


  • Very portable
  • Very lightweight
  • Option to have a mat included
  • Suitable for those with smaller hands 38/42mm pole diameter


  • No stage
  • Not suitable for doubles
  • Expensive – made in the UK, labour comes at a premium. 
  • More difficult to perform leg hangs on
  • Can be used in the water for novelty shoots or workouts in the swimming pools
  • Only available in stainless steel

Other Freestanding Poles

There are three very different poles that we have decided to put under this heading. 

One is a removable pole which inserts into a cartridge. This system can only be used indoors. The second free standing pole is another pole which can be inserted into a base hidden in the ground. This system is only for use outside. The third pole is one which is secured at the top via cables. It’s called the teepee system and allows really tall poles to be used outside. 

Whether we should include these poles here is debatable. The reason we do so is that they are not secured at the top or they can be used outside. These poles are also removable and somewhat portable.  These poles are creating a new category of poles and it will become clear where they should be categorised in time. 

We will be writing about them soon.

Comparison table of All Free Standing Poles

Brand / Model
X StageX Stage LiteLupit Stage PolePole HIveR Pole StradaR Pole Studio
Base Diameter1.6m
Stage Height320mm110mmn/an/a
Stage materialMetalMetalHard laminated plasticWoodn/an/a
Standard usable Pole Height2.68m2.89m2.810m3.02.5m2.5m
Height clearance for standard pole3.2m3.2m3.10m///
Shorter extensions available for indoor use?
Pole Diameter (mm)40 / 4540 / 454540/454242
Pole Finish / MaterialChrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone, Powder Coat Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone, Powder Coat Powder Coated, Stainless Steel and ChromeGecko Grip, Inox (100% stainless steel), Rubber Coating Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Spinning / Staticxx
Quicklock (swicth bewtween spin/staic)xxxx
Cost (GBP)
Based on Stainless Steel Finish
Other finishes may be cheaper
Time to put up
2020< 10<511
Storage bag Included in pricexxxx
Mat Includedxxxxx

Need to also consider cost of shipping. 

Which Is The Best Freestanding Dance Pole?

Picking a freestanding pole is quite a difficult task. There are a number of brands, plus a number of options to consider which affect the pole such as pole finish, podium material, pole height, weight, stability, durability. Below is our opinion on which is the best freestanding pole. 

Best Stage Pole

If you want to buy a stage pole and leave it erected, then X Poles stage lite ticks look like a great option.

Best Stage Pole to Frequently Put Up & Take Down

but if you need to put it up every time you use it then Lupit Pole or The Pole’s Hive Pole look like the favourites. The Pole probably comes out as the winner as it weighs quite a bit less.

Best Portable Pole

If you need a pole that you can pick up and carry, get more than one or two in your car then the R-Pole is the clear winner. 

Best Freestanding Pole To take up Mountains, take to the Beach, take on a plane

R-pole is so lightweight that you can just about take it anywhere.

Best Freestanding Pole for Stability

X-Stage lite or Lupit Pole

Best Freestanding Pole to Switch between Static & Spin?

Lupit or The Hive

The cheapest option

Depending on shipping costs to your location, the X Stage is the cheaper option.

Money No Issue?

Get the Lupit Pole

Need to get more than one in your car?

R-pole or perhaps the Hive fits the bill as well. 

Best for outdoor Performance or Gig?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can use a freestanding pole in rooms that are unsuitable for tension m ounted portable poles – rooms with high, vaulted or suspended ceilings.
  • One wants a pole that can be set up pretty much anywhere – take your pole into nature – take it to the bottom of a waterfall, up a hill, to the beach, in the park or put it up in your garden.
  • They make brilliant poles for photoshoots, take it wherever you can carry it to. 
  • For performers and instructors – you can set them up in multiple studios or locations – if you can transport them.
  • They are perfect for beach parties, boat parties or anywhere else you can think to have a pole dancing party.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy a freestanding dance pole you might want to think about the reasons which might prevent you from using a freestanding pole. 

  • They are very very heavy, the pieces are awkward to carry. However, newer manufacturers are coming up with unique solutions all the time. 
  • Require a lot of storage space. You need to find somewhere to store two or three bags worth of stuff.
  • If you want to transport it then you need to invest in storage bags if they don’t come with the pole as standard.
  • They require a lot of floor space.

This all depends on the company you choose to buy your pole from. However, with the exception of R-Pole, they are all available in a 45mm diameter. Some companies produce a 40mm pole.

R-Pole creates a 38 mm and 42mm pole.

50mm and 53mm poles used to be available but we believe that this is no longer the case. Production has perhaps ceased. 

Freestanding poles, just like portable tension mounted poles, come in a variety of different finishes.

The types of different materials available are:

  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Silicone
  • Powder-coated
  • Gecko Grip

The finishes all have different uses and different manufacturers offer different pole materials.  All offer stainless steel.

X-Pole offers the biggest range of materials for the poles that come as standard with the freestanding poles.  

As a general rule chrome are the cheapest,

Freestanding poles are safe, they have been in use for many years now and have been tested by many polers. As long as they are assembled correctly and you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use you will be quite safe to use them.

If you have used permanent or tension mounted poles before then it might take you a while to get used to the movement that occurs in the pole because it is not secured at the top. You will soon get used to this and it is nothing to worry about.

Freestanding poles are great for taking outside into nature to pole in the open air or for a photoshoot. The only thing you need to consider is whether the ground is relatively flat.

Any of the freestanding poles with stages above are suitable for outdoor use.

A popular choice outside is the X-Stage, but it is quite heavy to drag very far from your vehicle. 

The R-Pole designed for portable pole fitness anywhere is perfect to take anywhere due to their weight. An R-Pole was taken on the trip of a lifetime by Kat from Nottingham several years ago. She took it to the wall of china and up Ben Nevis Twice. The R_pole has been used in swimming pools and in the sea. 

The bases shouldn’t damage the floor. The feet all seem to have rubber stoppers on the bottom of them to stop them from moving. If you are worried you could put some lino or spare carpet down. If you have carpet under the freestanding poles the pressure might leave indentations just like occurs when you have a sofa or TV cabinet on it. 

Professional tension mounted, fixed or freestanding poles developed for pole fitness are safe for home use if installed correctly. So whether you choose a freestanding or a tension mounted pole comes down to preference and where you are planning to put it. 

Many dancers choose a freestanding pole despite the higher costs because they want to be able to pole outside on location, they don’t have ceilings that are suitable for a tension mounted or fixed pole.

Discover what to do after you’ve bought your own pole here