Pole Dancing Gloves - Which are the Best and Should You Wear them?

So you get sweaty hands, you want to protect your hands from calluses and you’ve heard about pole dancing gloves? Do you want to know which are the best ones to buy? Perfect as this article takes a closer look at pole grip gloves designed just for that reason. 

Sweaty palms is an issue when pole dancing as you need to be able to stick to the pole. If you have sweaty palms you will have a problem sticking to the pole. 

There are a few brands of gloves on the market and we reveal the best ones below. We have written a short review of each pole grip glove.  

Top 3 Pole Dancing Gloves

mighty grip pole fitness gloves

#1. Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gloves with Tack Strips

What they say: "Mighty Grip gloves provide the advantage and practicality that all pole dance and pole yoga participants can use from novice to expert. Tacky Gloves are recommended for spinning poles. Our gloves should be tight fitting. To prevent the gloves from slipping against the skin of your hands, apply a small amount of Mighty Grip Powder (sold separately,) to the palms of your hand before putting the gloves on.

Features: They help prevents injuries caused by sweaty bare hands slipping off the pole; Add a layer of protection between your hands and the dance pole to protect your skin from calluses; Help grip the pole allowing you to do more advanced dance moves without slipping; They are great for beginners who are trying to build their strength and they absorb sweat which causes slipping on the dance pole.

What we Think: Mighty Grip is very well known brand within the pole dancing community. They make several pole dancing grip products. We like the mighty grip pole dancing gloves both with and without tack. They are great for beginners who are sweating excessively and for those with Hyperhidrosis.

We did find that if we used the wrong size glove that they were a total waste of time as our hands slid around too much. Make sure that y ou check out mighty grip's size guide before you buy a pair. If you are unsure buy two sizes and see which fits best.

The gloves can become worn out quite quickly, the tack strip can tear off. If you are a beginner, you might find just one pair is enough, and once they become worn out you will have developed enough confidence and strength to pole without gloves. On a particularly warm day and we were sweating quite a lot we did find that the gloves slipped around quite a bit, which hindered our ability to perform pole tricks. However, as the manufacturer suggests, we applied some mighty grip powder and our hands stopped slipping and sliding around.

The advantage of wearing these pole dancing glovesis that they are relatively inexpensive. There are great for beginners and when learning a new move and I needed a little extra added grip to begin with. They are recommended by pole fitness trainers for those with excessively sweaty hands.

tite grip pole gloves

#2. Tite Grip Pole Dancing Gloves

What they say: "Breathable. Comfortable. Grips like magic. Revolutionizing your pole practice and training. You can actually feel the pole or ANY metal object that you grip. High quality material, high quality inner lining and neoprene outer shell with full knuckle support and wrist support. No noise on contact, no sweaty feeling, no constriction. Apply Tite Grip II Lavender grip aid on your hands for optimal use."

What we Think: We found that these allowed us to manoeuvre more on the pole than other brands and I have to say that I was impressed. The scuba, neoprene material against the top side of the hand is soft. The palm side of the hand which is going to be gripping the pole is made from nylon and this gripped the pole well.. Perfomring quick moves such as pirouettes was easy and when climbing and inverting I had enough grip. Like any gloves which are going to be used on the pole they may have a limited lifespan as they are being dragged along the pole, so they will get tears in them eventually. They are a strong contender with the mighty grip gloves. The reviews on the marketplace are very positive like ours. They come in three colours, blue, red and black so you can get a pair to go with every outfit or your pole shoes 🙂 . Will you be giving them a go? They are inexpensive as grip iads go, so they won't break the bank. These gloves are "no tack" so are best for static pole.

powersport grip gloves

#3. PowerGrip Sport - Pole Dance Gloves With Tack

What they say: "These Powergrip Sport gloves with tack have been specifically designed for Pole Dance / Pole Fitness. The gloves feature tack on the inside of the hand which enhances your grip and increases your confidence when trying out new and difficult moves."

What we Think: We are still waiting to try a pair of these but they look great and have some big names in the pole industry as ambassadors. They have been specifically designed with pole dancers in mind. Power grip sport are a small UK company.

Tack vs No Tack

There are two types of pole gloves available on the market for pole dancers. “Tack” and “no-tack” variations.

Those with “tack” have a type of shiny kind of plastic material on the palm area and in between the fingers, which helps you stick to the pole. These gloves with tack increase grip on the pole for extra support. These are best for spinning poles. 

The “no-tack” variety are made out of a soft leathery material. These do not stick to the pole, but the leather is meant to improve grip on the pole. They can help prevent blisters and calluses. These work great for static/stationary poles. 

Do They Work?

Manufacturers have been pouring the market with a lot of glove variations. The most popular is the ‘tack‘ and ‘no-tack‘ variants. Overall, they are a good purchase for a beginner pole dancer as they help build your confidence. They are only useful if the correct size is ordered. they are meant to fit tightly, if they are too big your hands will move around rendering them useless. 

It’s a good idea to work on moves with and without the gloves, use the gloves as a learning tool rather than wear them all the time.

Those with excessively sweaty hands will benefit from wearing pole fitness gloves. 

Frequently Asked Questions



Tacky Gloves are recommended for spinning poles. … To prevent the gloves from slipping against the skin of your hands, apply a small amount of Mighty Grip Powder (sold separately,) to the palms of your hand before putting the gloves on. Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand.

If you have excessively sweaty hands or hyperhidrosis then carpe lotion or pole dancing gloves are a great idea. 

Carpe lotion is a general product that’s used for the treatment of excessively sweaty hands. It was created by two hyperhidrosis suffers as a solution for sweaty hands in any situation.

Pole dancing gloves can be worn with or without carpe lotion or another antiperspirant underneath.  

It’s quite normal to sweat when you are exercising or when learning  a new move (when you’re scared the flight or fight response kicks in and makes us pespire). This excess water can be annoying as it stops pole dancers from gripping the pole. All polers have experienced at some time or other. It’s not possible to pole with sweaty hands as you just slide off of the pole, so gloves or antiperspirant can be a good idea. Pole fitness gloves are great for those who sweat excessively or practice in hot or humid climates. 

Pole dancing gloves can be rinsed with lukewarm water and mild soap after use. They can then be hung up to dry and you can use a clean cloth.