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Whether you have a sexy pole flow class, pole  competition or a photo shoot you NEED the best pair of Pole Dancing Shoes.

With so many brands, styles, heel heights we’ve put together a list of the best pole shoes and sexy platform heels you can choose from. 

There are a plethora of online store to buy your shoes from but who offers free, fast shipping?  Which stockists allow you to return your purchase? Who has the best prices or allows you to spread the cost. Read out buying guides and find out the answers to these questions. 

Popular Brands

Pleaser USA

The go to sexy shoe for pole dancers world-wide

Ellie Shoes

Sexy Shoes for dancers & performers around the world

Hella Heels

Iconic Heels designed by dancers for dancers Boots

Heel-less boots

pole dancing Shoes by Colour

Search for your perfect pair of pole dancing shoes by colour. Whether you fancy a pair of glitter heels, red platform heels, black kinky boots you can take a look at our top ten pole dance shoes by colour.

Baby Pink

Hot Pink

Heel Height

Whether you’re a newbie to platform heels or a professional you will have an opinion on what size heel you feel safe and secure in. Whilst most beginners opt for 6 inch heels they might find that 7 or 8 inches are just as easy to walk in. 

6 inch

7 inch

8 inch


The styles that are generally used for pole fitness and dancing are sandals and boots (Knee, calf or thigh high as well as ankle boots). For the more adventurous among us kinky boots and ballet boots. Recently heel-less boots have become popular. Yoga shoes and ballet pumps are occasionally seen in studios and too a lesser extent trainers.  

PLatform Sandals

Ankle Boots

Knee High Boots

Calf High

Thigh High Boots

Online Stores & Stockists

There are so many online stores that you can purchase your pole shoes from. But which are the principal ones to order them from? Which offer free delivery, returns, fast delivery/shipping? 

Buy your Exotic Sexy Shoes for Pole Dancing Fitness classes from reputable online stores.

Banana Shoes

Pleaser Shoes



Pleaser Usa

The go to brand for pole dancers world-wide!

Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

Buying your first pair of pole dancing shoes can be quite daunting but hopefully the guides on this page will help you choose a pair with ease. 

Some things to consider when choosing are listed below:

Heel height: choose 6, 7 or 8 inch heels that have a hidden platform.

Platform: make sure the shoes or boots you pick have a platform that’s at least an inch high. The platform makes the heel height much less than the 6-8 inches you might select. To work out the actual heel height simply take the platform height away from the heel height – the heel height will seem much nicer. 

Sandals or boots: Opt for sandals with an open toe or ankle boots. Closed toe shoes might lead to painful toes when you crash down onto the floor. Knee high or thigh high boots might be difficult for beginners to dance in. 

Platform shoes (1) as worn for pole fitness have been around for quite some time. The history of this sexy heel can be seen elsewhere on our site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best shoes for pole dancing are sexy platform heels made by Pleaser or Ellie. 

For example the Ellie Shoes Women’s 709 Bria Platform Sandal or Pleaser Women’s Delight-1020/B/M Boot.

I know what you’re thinking – OMG I’ll fall head over heels and break something. I’ll never be able to walk in those! 

Surprisingly they are really easy to walk in. Stable and comfortable. How you ask? The hidden platform is around 2 3/4 inches, with a 6 inch heel that means that the actual heel height is less than 4 inches. That sounds much easier to walk in, doesn’t it. It’s nothing like walking around on a stiletto heel with no sole. 

Many of those new to pole shoes opt for ones which are 6 inches, but many find that 7 or even 8 inches are quite easy to walk in. 


Pleaser are the go to brand, world-wide. A few cheaper brands have made an appearance over the years but they have never lasted the distance.

Ellie shoes are very popular in the USA. In Europe and Australia Hella Heels are making a good headway into the market.

The height makes girls look taller making them appear slimmer, the legs are elongated making them look more youthful. The shoes look sexy too!

That’s a hard one, there are so many gorgeous designs. If they are purely for pole we suggest platform sandals, ankle or calf boots. Ensure they have a platform sole with a strap.

Pick a brand and take a look at the suggestions on our site, choose by colour, heel height or brand.

It is possible to buy cheap ones. There are some cheaper brands available. Also you can buy Pleaser shoes on sales such as Black Friday or on clearance. It is also possible to pick up discount codes for online stockists. We post on this site if there are any discount codes or sales happening.

Online stockists are plentiful around the world. Take a look at our list of online stores and stockists above.

There are a number of synonyms used for pole dancing shoes. Common names are stripper heels, platform heels, pole heels, Pleaser, or simply “shoes.”

You could wear your regular heels, but you won’t get quite the same experience, and you might as well wear bare feet. There are a number of advantages to wearing exotic sexy heels; they help increase your strength and flexibility. They’re kind of like little ankle weights but a bit sexier 🙂

The shoes pole dancers where are specially constructed to make dancing around the pole easier. An angled heel and platform sole which means that the heel height isn’t so great as it first seems, and they provide support and keep your weight distributed.

When performing floor work they allow your feet to glide over the floor as your sweep your legs. They provide some protection for your feet and allow you to pivot on your toes with ease. 

You can wear socks with pole shoes, but unless you are going for the sexy school girl look they might look a bit daft.

However, quite often girls find Pleaser or other brands a bit tight when they are new. So often girls pop a pair of socks on to stretch the shoes a little bit.

pole dancing shoes

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