Where to Buy the Best 6 Inch Heels for Pole Dance & Fitness?

6 inch heelNo sexy heels or choreo class is complete without a pair of pole dancing shoes. 6 inch heels and boots are a nice entry level height for those to dancing in platform heels. 

6 inch heels will add half a foot to your height, look ace with your pole shorts or leggings and knee pads. It will ramp up your pole outfit and you will look hot! Donning a pair of 6 inch platform heels will make you feel hot in you pole chorography class. However, they aren’t available everywhere, but there are a number of brands that pole dancers tend to radiate towards. They can be purchased from a select number of online stores. These few eye catching styles can be bought at a few of the reputable retailers. 

Top four Picks


Pleaser SKY308VL/C/M Platform Sandal

These 100% Synthetic 6 inch heels have a rubber sole. The heel measures approximately 6.25" and the platform measures approximately 3. inches. The towering lucite platform and heel feature a clear upper with an open toe. The ankle strap has a buckle closure.


Pleaser Sky-309 Platform Sandal

The Pleaser 6 inch heels are the pretty standard sandal that you see girls come to class in. You're sure to adore these platform heels. The ultra-tall platform, tantalizing heel, and sleek, glossy finish, this sandal is leg lengthening and attention grabbing in all the right ways.

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 6 1/2"
  • Platform measures approximately 2 3/4"


609-Vanna Ellie Boots

These peep toe ankle boots by Ellie shoes have a 6 Inch Pointed Stiletto High Heel with a Peep Toe. The platform is 2 Inches high. There is a zipper on the calf.

the highest heel 6 inch orange

The Highest Heel - 6 inch Peep Toe Heeled Sandal

If you're looking for a pair of boots in a colour that breaks the norm, here are the pair for you. This bold orange is simply awesome. they are made by the highest heel, one of the cheaper brands making 6 inch heels.

  • 100% Man-Made Materials
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 6"
  • Side zipper closure, decorative lace in back, open heel, and peek-a-boo toe
  • US Sizing, Medium width

Buying 6 Inch Heels for Pole

It’s such a shame but there are very few places in the mall or on the high street that you can buy 6 inch heels from, unless you happen to be in Vegas. 

When you want 6 inch high heel boots or shoes you need to do a bit of online shopping. But fear not there is no shortage of online stockists however there can be an issue with stock levels when you find that perfect pair that you MUST have. 

Once you have decided that you are buying some 6 inch heeled shoes, you then need to decide on the style, colour and brand.

Black is very popular as this tends to go with most pole outfits, but red, blue, leopard and pink are also very sought after colours.

When it comes to brands the obvious go to make is Pleaser, but there are a few other brands appearing that are giving them a run for there money such as Hella Heels. We talk more about the brands below, if you want more information on each of them. 

As a pole dancer you want to pick a style that is either a boot or a sandal with an ankle strap. If you are just planning to do sexy floorwork and spins in them it doesn’t matter what fabric they are made of, but if you’re going to be heading up the pole then avoid slippery fabrics like velvet and faux suede. Patent, PVC or matt finishes are good for sticking to the pole. Also avoid buckles and big chunky zips as these may scratch the pole. 

In your search for 6 inch heels there a few shops we recommended that you check out first. 


Amazon is a good place to start your search especially if you have Prime membership as you can take advantage of free fast shipping. They have a selection of six-inch heels in numerous styles and from various name brands, including Pleaser and Ellie Shoes available in the USA.

You may also come across some cheaper brands which might be a good place to start if it is the first time you have worn heels. Then you can see if you like wearing heels in class or not. 

Whether looking for boots, pumps or clear platforms you will be able to find them.

  • The Pleaser Kiss-209 Sandal is available in 6 colours and costs just under $50. These are a great example of a style that is brilliant for those new to wearing pole dance shoes. 
  • For those looking for a boot style, these Ellie 609-fantasy thigh-high boots with a clear platform and black stretch patent top are great for those wanting full leg coverage. 

The only disadvantage with Amazon is that the selection of shoes available to buy is somewhat limited compared to those stores listed below. 

Banana Shoes

banana shoesWe love this online store! They specialise in selling Pleaser shoes to those located in the UK although they will ship to Europe and around the world. 

They have everything from metallic pink pumps with sky-high heels to matte black ones with fringe. 

Some of the sexy platform heels are available for next day delivery, and other styles available to order for delivery in up to 10 working days (within the UK).

Free UK delivery is available on orders above £25. 

Pleaser Shoes

pleaser 6 inch heelsFor those of you in the USA or Canada, ordering direct from Pleaser is your best option. Free shipping is offered on orders above a certain value. Those living in the UK or anywhere else in the world could also consider buying direct from them.

The advantage of ordering direct is that you can see exactly what is in stock at the time of ordering. You don’t have to wait for shoes to be shipped to a third party and then shipped on to you. 

You also have access to the full catalogue of 6-inch shoes in the range. 

Hella heels

It’s also possible to order direct from Hella Heels, again no third party involvement is required. Cutting out the middle man is always a good idea. They use drop shipping to fulfil orders so if you have any complaints about the shoes you need to speak to someone in a customer call centre which can sometimes have issues. 


Etsy is a great store to check out if you are looking for custom-designed 6-inch heel shoes. There are some lovely handmade styles available. It’s also a great place to buy shoe protectors from. 

How To walk In Them

The average pair of 6-inch heels have a platform that’s 2-3 inches high, so the actual heel height then only equates to about 3 inches, which is fairly easy to walk in. Pair them with your pole shorts or black leggings. Knee pads for sexy floorwork are optional 🙂

If you wear them with your hot pants you will reveal a lot of your legs – this will look superb in a photoshoot or performance. Leggings can often be a better option when rolling around on the floor in sexy moves class. Obviously, if you are heading up the pole in your 6-inch heels you will want those legs out unless you invest in sticky leggings. 

Practical Tips for Wearing Your Heels to Class

Wearing 6-inch heels can take a bit of getting used to and can have an effect on your feet and calves. There are a few things you can do to minimise the effects. 

Train Your Feet

As tempting as it may be to head off to pole class as soon as your new heels arrive on the doorstep, breaking them in is essential if you want to avoid twisted ankles, blisters etc.  Don’t go from dancing on tiptoes to wearing 6-inch heels overnight. Take time to train your feet and calves. Take about 10-15 minutes each day to practice standing and eventually walking in your new shoes. Train yourself to walk in them before you head to class and start doing your pole walks, hip dip to pirouettes in them.  If you take the time you will feel more confident dancing in them and you will be more capable of manoeuvring around the pole in them.

Massage and Stretch

After the class massage and stretch your feet and calves. Use a foam roller under your foot while you’re sitting down. Simply roll the sole of one foot around on it whilst you stand up. repeat on the other foot. Then sit down and massage the back of each calve by rolling it backwards and forwards over the sides and back of each calf. Your calves will thank you when you next go for a massage. A calf massage after wearing 6-inch heels for months and months can lead to short tight calves. 

Protect Your Shoes

protectorsThere is nothing worse than wearing your new 6-inch pole dancing shoes to class and covering them in scratches or chipping of the patent surface. Invest in platform shoe protectors. 

Get to Know Your Pole Shoes

There are some great anatomy of the platform shoes guides out there. There are also some brilliant guides now on how to train your ankles and feet to wear 6-inch heels. Investigating these and becoming knowledgeable about your feet and footwear can only improve how we wear them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of students find that 6-inch heels with platforms are fairly comfortable to wear. This is due to the cushioning on the inner sole and because the platform actually decreases the true heel height so the difference between the heel height and platform isn’t so steep. 

If your shoes are plastic or made from PCV – The surface can be cleaned with a cloth that you’ve put detergent onto or you can use a wet wipe. A small soft bristle brush like a toothbrush will work well to clean in the tiny crevices. 

Years ago we used to pull socks or leg warmers over the platform area of the sole to protect them. Thankfully someone came up with the idea of making shoe protectors. Special little covers for the platform and top of the shoe. 

Insoles do wear out over time and should be replaced as needed. Simply take out the original insoles that come with your shoe and replace them with the new ones in order to still have the right fit.
Pleaser, also sells gel insoles. These are the perfect accessory for your new 6 inch heels. Gel insoles are renowned for adding comfort. they will also stop you from sliding down the shoes if you have a tendency to do so. 

6-inch heels can be resoled, just take them along to your local cobblers and they will sort them out for you. 

However, if you buy decent brands like Pleasers or Ellie Shoes you will find that they are both very sturdy.  Hella Heels are also pretty study and they have an offer that they will pay for them to be resolved at your local shoe shop.

If you do have issues and you want to avoid taking your sexy shoes to the store then you can try fixing them yourself. After some research, many girls suggest epoxy or nail glue works best to mend the platform on 6 inch heels with.