The Best Platform Light Up Shoes

platform light up heels
Credit: Pleaser

So you’ve been to pole class and seen the most amazing pole dancing shoes with light-up heels and soles? You have to have a pair of these amazing platform light up shoes, right? But you want the best or at least the best you can get for your budget right?!

Or perhaps you have a photo shoot on the horizon, how awesome would they look? Perhaps drape some fairy lights around you as well?

We’re not talking about light up sneakers for twerk or night time walks but light up 6 inch platform shoes and boots for adults – men and women.

Perfect, below is our collection of the 10 best and coolest platform light up heels. Watch in wonder as floor around your pole starts to sparkle as your spins, invert and pirouette.


Here are the best Platform Light Up Shoes for you to buy right now.


Pleaser Discolite 809 Light Up Heels

discolite 809 lit up
discolite 809 front
discolite 809 behind

This beautiful pair of Pleaser Discolite 809 platforms with light-up clear heels have an 8″ heel and a 4″ platform with an ankle strap. The rechargeable LED light-up sandals to feature Multi Colored Disco Lighting Effects in Various Patterns/Settings. They are charged up via a USB cable. In the box, you get a charging cable and replacement clear tip heels. Click here for more details.


Pleaser Women's Flashdance-708 Light Up High Heels

Flashdance 708

An amazing reasonably priced pair of 7″ (17.8cm) heeled ankle strap sandals with a 2 3/4″ (7cm) platform featuring 7 color changes & 4 lighting patterns. The alluring Pleaser Flashdance-708 sandals charge up via a USB cable. Plug the led light up heels in via the micro USB port on the underneath of the sole, charge for a few hours and they’ll light up for at least a pole class or two. Find out more about them here.


Pleaser Flashdance-1020 LED Heels

flashdance-1020 glow

These magnificent Pleaser flashdance-1020 ankle boots have a 7-inch heel and 2 3/4″ platform. The light-up stiletto heels feature USB Chargeable LED Lights with multiple static and changing color options & light settings. They lace up at the front making them super sexy. Pair them with a pair of black leggings or hot pants. Find out more about them here.


Pleaser Illuminator-709


These stunning Pleaser Illuminator-709  light up platform heels. The USB Chargeable LED Lights feature multiple static and changing color options and lighting patterns. The 7″ (178mm) heel and 2 3/4″ light-up platform sandals with ankle strap are a real pleasure to wear. So very comfortable and super stunning. Find out more about them here.


Pleaser Flashdance 1020


The pretty Pleaser Flashdance-1020-8 are similar to those above but the patent finish gives them something a little extra special. Plus they are an extra inch taller :-). We love the 8″ (200mm) heeled, 4″ (100mm) platform ankle boots. Like all the other Pleaser light-up shoes and boots the LED lights charge up via a USB cable. A flick of the switch on the underside of the sole turns on the light-up feature. There are multiple static and changing color options & light settings. The ankle boots lace up at the front making them easy to get on. Find out more about them here.


About Platform Light Up Shoes

A pair of light up platform heels are the perfect accessory for your pole dance outfit. They produce different flashing lights that are attractive and bright. They make me smile every time I don a pair. They are a great reminder of a pair of battery-powered L.A gear sneakers I had back in the 1990s.

The LED lights used in sneakers are based on a system developed in the late 1980’s by Nicholas Rodgers, a Canadian inventor (1). Eventually, light-up high heels were made for adults. However, the idea was not a new one. In 1979 patent for ”flashing discoshoes,” for example, featured lights embedded in a clear plastic shoe with four-inch heels. Pleaser has now come along and produced them. We are so pleased about it!

Platform light up shoes come with a rechargeable battery. You charge them up via a USB cable that you plug into a USB wall plug. You can turn them on and off via a small switch in the sole. The battery stores charge for up to 4-6 hours. This should be plenty long enough for one or two pole dance classes or even a night on the town. You’ll be the star of the class when wearing flashy platform high heels with lights in them.

Imagine having a pole shoot whilst wearing your light-up heels. How awesome will a pair of light-up pole shoes look?!

You only live once, why not grab yourself a pair of light up stiletto heels today. Your light-up heels will make you smile every time you wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re delightful platform light up shoes stop working firstly, you might just need to check the power source and maybe try a different plug or cable in case it is a fault with those. If it is definitely the shoes at fault and you have had them only a short time contact the online store that you purchased them from. Occasionally there is a fault and the wire comes out of the battery pack inside the shoe. The supplier should be able to replace them for you.  If you have had them some time still contact the stockist you bought them from as they might be able to advise yo further on how to med them. 

We charge our platform light up shoes up using the USB charging cable that came with them. First, we plugged the USB cable into a wall USB adapter and the mini USB end of the cable into the mini USB port on the underside of the shoe. We plugged the wall plug into the wall, ensured the power was on and the shoes/boots started blinking, indicating that they were charging.


Charge time for the shoes varies due to the charge the shoe has, however for full charge shoes 4-6 hours or until the shoes stop blinking.

the best place to buy platform light up shoes is directly from Pleaser or one of the Pleaser stockists. Amazon can be a good place to buy them from.

We wouldn’t recommend buying these second hand unless you can see them working before you buy as they might already be broken. 

To be honest the only brand we have been able to find that sells platform light up shoes is Pleaser. There are a couple of Pleaser collections that features the LED light up function, they are called Discolite, Flashdance, Illuminator and Echolite. You can invest in a pair of 6, 7 or 8inch light up heels.

Once fully charged the LED charge will last up to 4 hours, depending on which LED light mode is used. If you opt for the solid color mode it will last for up to 4 hours. If you use the flashing mode you can expect it to last for a shorter period of time, maybe up to 1.5 hours. So if you want to last as long as possible opt for the solid color mode. 

Turning on LED PLatform Light Up Shoes

  1. To turn on the LED Shoes: Find on/off button.
  2. Press the button once to turn on LED lights
  3. Press the button again to cycle through different light modes

Turning off LED Platform Light Up Shoes

  1. To turn on the LED Shoes: Find on/off button.
  2. Press and hold the button to turn off the LED lights