Ellie Shoes Review & Top Styles for Pole Dancers

ellie shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of pole dancing shoes one brand that is quite popular is Ellie Shoes. Ellie Shoes’ design and produce several collections of shoes including their Sexy range and the Halloween line of heels. 

It is the sexy range that this post is focused on as these are, in our opinion the lines that are preferred by pole dancers and performers. 

The sexy range is Ellie Shoes’ household brand. It focuses on pumps, platforms, sling back, peep toe and boots with various heel heights ranging from 3″ to 8″. 

We have found that the best place to shop for Ellie shoes at the moment is from Amazon. 

12 of our Favourite Ellie Boots & Platform Shoes

ellie shoes urma 709
709 solaris
709 Rainbow
709 Prism
709 patriot
709 Miranda
709 Leanne
709 Juliett
eliie shoes blossom 709
709 Angela
609 Fantasy
709 Fantasy

Ellie do a great range of clear platfrom shoes as well as some amazing boots. They come in a selection of heel heights including 6, 7 and 8 inch heels. But when it comes to the platform height, it is hard to find out any information. Ellie shoes don’t mention it on their website and there is also no information on Amazon. This is somewhat disapointing, as how can you b uy a pair og platform shoes or boots without this information. After writing that sentence we did find one pair of shoes on Amazon which stated the platform and it was a 6 inch heel with a 2.25 inch platform.

As well as designing platform boots and heels they also produce some pretty amazing competition shoes, specially clear competition shoes for posing and bikini competitions. 

Over the years they have become quite renowned for produces pretty decent costumes shoes for Halloween and the like. 

Whilst they do some pretty decnt platform pole boots and shoes, it is possible that they have spread there wings too wide and now cater for too many genres. Looking at their site leads us to believe that their interests lie within the costumes shoe department. This maybe because that is the clientele that gives them the most business. We would love to hear you opinions on this. 

Where to Buy Ellie Shoes

Ellie Shoes can be bought directly from Ellies Shoes online site, however, we suggest you buy them from Amazon or an alternative stockist for the following reason.

Ellie heels have a lot of shoes to offer, but finding what you want on their website is a little complicated. We have found that the best way to find Ellie Platform shoes is to look at their “basics” catalogue and then you the search button on the website to find them. However, Ellie pole shoes are slightly easier to locate on Amazon.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Ellie Shoes was founded by Ellen Renger in 2000 in Orange, California. The company which started out as a footwear company that sold lingerie and bedroom shoes for women is family-owned and operated.  

Shoes are quite a personal choice. Some people love them and others prefer other leading brands of platform shoes for pole dancers. We haven’t found it to be true but some suggest that they feel quite heavy in comparison to other brands or that they don’t suit those with narrow feet as they are of a very thin width and can really squish the toes up at the end.

However, others report that they are very comfortable and fit like a dream. We’ve been reviewing some comments made by Ellie shoe owners and some suggest that they run small so order a size up from their normal shoe size.

To ensure you get the correct size, so these shoes stand a chance when you try them on it is always a good idea to look at the size chart. Especially if you are buying from outside the USA. 

In our opinion, the Ellie shoes that we have tried on and wore for pole fitness were very comfortable. 

But they are not the market leaders when it comes to sext platform heels for pole dancers, and we guess that there is a reason for this. 

Unless you are going for the school girl look it is unusual for pole dancers to wear socks with Ellie pole shoes. Sometimes dancers might use the hair dryer trick on Ellie shoes, this is where you pop a pair of socks on, heat the plastic shoes up with a hairdryer, pop your socked foot inside and wait for the shoes to cool down. This is a neat trick to increase the size of Ellie shoes a little if they are a little tight when you first get them.

Reports differ, we found that we ordered our usual size and they fitted perfectly. Others have found that they need to go up a size. Those ordering a size up usually have wider feet and need the extra length to fit their wider feet into or they are ordering closed-toe shoes, which require you to buy a half size up.  See the post below on choosing the correct size.


In order to make sure your shoes don’t fly off during a spin or crush your toes as you dance, you have to get the right size. It may take some trial and error to find the best size, but there are some general guidelines to follow.


Consider your physical stature. Take into account your height, frame, weight, and build to avoid a risky balancing act in these high heels. Choose a sole comfortable enough to walk in. A sole three-quarters of an inch to one-and-one-half inches is suitable for women to walk reasonably well.

In order to get the right pair of pole shoes and ensure that they don’t fly off during a spin or crush your toes, you have to get the right size. This can sometimes take a bit of trial and error. This is a bit of a pain when you usually have to buy Ellie shoes online. 

In general, if you are buying a sandal with open toes you are advised to buy your normal shoes size. Unless you are a half size, then buy a size down.

However, if you are buying boots or shoes with a closed toe then most buy a size up. If you’re a half size, go up a half size.

Those with wide feet might find they need to buy two sizes up.