4 of the Best Unicorn heels Available in 2021

The unicorn fashion trend has acquired strong popularity since 2016, especially among millennials. According to Alice Fisher who writes for the Guardian the unicorn has become an emblem of our time.

For the young, the trend is just fun and colourful, but older millennials are drawn to it because it reminds them of something they grew up with. It’s a reminder of what they used to play with, watch on TV, and love for example My Little Pony.

Whilst the unicorn obsession was a fad that peaked in 2017, the unicorns are here to stay.

As you were probably hoping, the popularity of everything unicorn has even reached the adult shoe industry. 

In keeping with the Unicorn Trend,  Unicorn heeled shoes are designed with a rainbowed and vibrant colour palette, usually composed by pastel or highly saturated colours such as pink, violet, blue and green. 

Whether you are looking for a pair of unicorn heels for pole dancing or a night on the town you will be interested to look at our selection of the best unicorn high heeled boots and shoes. 

Whilst our list used to include some from the brand Irregular Choice **, their range has been discontinued so most are from Ellie Shoes or the Pleaser Unicorn Heel range. Which is no bad thing because they are exceptional manufacturers of platform high heels.


The Best Unicorn Heels Our Overall favourite

Pleaser Pink Glitter Unicorn Heel Shoes

Heel / Platform: 7 Inch Heels with 3 1/4 Inch Platforms

Material: Patent PVC Upper, Faux Leather & Rubber

RRP: £75.99

They say:

Fairytale Pleasers for Fairy Princesses, these beautiful Unicorn 711T sandals feature pink shifting TPU ankle straps and cut away vamps that change colour as they shimmer, cushioned insoles in delicate shell pink rest gracefully atop 7 Inch ombre glitter Unicorn horn shaped heels, bubble gum pink tinted 2.75 Inch platforms complete these stunning sandals.

We say:

These could actually be my favourites. Pink, glitter and unicorn what more could a girl or a boy want on the end of their feet. 

  • These 7-inch platform sandals featuring a unicorn heel have a tinted platform bottom. 
  • Available in pink or blue we are spoilt for choice. 

We will be buying these next time we have some money to buy new shoes 🙂

Currently, the best place to buy them is on eBay. 

Where Did The Unicorn trend Come From?

The unicorns popularity is a testament to its fantastic appearance and mythical nature. 

The explosion of the unicorn trend is a result of nostalgia colliding with social media. Social media gave us a platform to flaunt our childhood nostalgia.

Unicorns are imaginary, ridiculous, fantastic, and a perfect escape from the confusing times of today.

The escapism combined with nostalgia means that we all love unicorns.

Now I can’t say that I understood the unicorn trend, and was never into My Little Pony but after doing some research for this article I know understand. 

According to Vox, the unicorn trend is about a certain aesthetic: It’s characterized by pastel colours, rainbows, iridescent hues, pearly purples, an opalescent sheen, and everything shimmery.

It seems that whatever was popular in the 1990s is popular once more, from Kellogs cereal bars to power rangers to unicorns in part due to nostalgia being shared via social media. 

Unicorns allow for escapism, just like pole dancing. When unicorns and pole dancing collide you get the most amazing unicorn heels. 


Another Three Pairs of Unicorn Heels

Ellie Shoes Women's 777-Prince Unicorn High Heel Boots

ellie shoes prince unicorn heel

These delightful boots with a unicorn heel. Whilst they are available in two colours pink and white we would always grab the pink ones as they are super cute.

The 7-inch heel allows for plenty of unicorn to be featured in the shoe.

My sister has them and she loves wearing them with shorts or peaking out of her jeans. A child of the 80s she’s so into the unicorn theme.

There are reports that these boots from Ellie Shoes run a little bit big so opting for a smaller size might be an option. 

We found that the best place to buy these unicorn shoes was on Amazon.

Ellie Shoes 777-Magic Unicorn Shoes with a High Heel

Ellie Shoes 777-magic Unicorn boot

Another super cute pair of unicorn-themed boots with a high heel that my brother purchased for my gorgeous niece. She doesn’t pole dance in them but I would.

They have beautiful soft fabric on the boots and the good news is that my niece reports that the fur does not shed. If you plan on poling in these just take into consideration that they won’t offer much grip on the pole. Maybe wear them for dances that don’t require any climbing. The really good thing is that the fur won’t scratch the pole. 

Despite the 7 inch heel, they are easy to walk in. The ankle part isn’t too big or too small.

Again we found that it was best to buy these on Amazon.

Pleaser 7" Purple Glitter Unicorn Heel Ankle Boots


Ooh, now then. Out of all the unicorn heeled boots, these from Pleaser are quite near the top of my list. 

The sparkle combined with unicorn heels is a winner in my opinion. They look classier than the Ellie shoes Unicorn boots above.

Will you be buying these heels?

Are there any alternatives to Unicorn Heels?

When it comes to pole dancing there are a number of alternatives to donning unicorn heels to class. How about some amazing 

  • Gun Heels
  • Glitter heels
  • Pleaser thigh High Boots
  • Clear platform heels

Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. But what really matters is that they are aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. 

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