14 Valentines Gifts for the Pole Dancer in Your Life - 2024

Make your pole partner or BFF feel extra loved with these thoughtful gifts

They’re your biggest fan and the person you can always count on to cheer you on. If you want to show tyhem how much you appreciate them for all they do for you, there no’s better way to celebrate the special pole dancer in your world than with a thoughful gift for Valentines day. 

However, if you’re overwhelemed by the options, or like my husband, have absolutely no idea what a pole dancer might like or need as a gift we’re here to help.  we reveal some amazing gifts that any pole dancer or pole fitness fanatic will love to pack in their pole bag or use at home. 

If you want to wow your partner , sole mate or BBF – these incredible Valentines day gifts for pole dancers are sure to win you some brownie points. 

valentines gigt guide for pole dancers

The Best Budget Gifts

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1. Travel Pole Dance Bag with Shoe Compartment

A really cute duffle bag that is just perfect for pole danecrs to take all their stuff to pole class in.

This pole bag is made of high-quality tear-resistant and waterproof polyester fabric. It has a double zipper closure design that enables the user to take things out and put gthem away with ease.

One of the best things about this bags is that it has a roomy compartment at the top for essentials and a separate compartment at the bottom which is perfect for storing pole dance shoes.

I really love the pictures on the outside. there can be no mistake as to what class you are going to and what’s inside.

Dimensions: 16.14*8.27*11.81 inch.
RRP: $32.99 – Amazon

pole dance bag
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2. Pole Dancer Gift Dance Makeup Bag

A double-sided printed, lightweight cosmetic bag that has a high-quality coating.

The bag is just 10 x 7 inches (25 x 17cm) big, so will fit in even the smallest bag that your poler takes to class.

The cute make-up bag is big enough to hold day-to-day makeup or be used to carry anything they need to take to class like coins, cellphones, stationery, pencils, etc.

It’s perfect to keep in a pole dancers bag. 

RRP: $13.99 – Amazon

pole dance make up bag
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3. One Shoulder Workout Sports Bra

A super cute crop top that any pole dancer would love to receive as a gift whether it’s for Valentine’s day or not. 

This one shoulder strap top features two straps that both go over the left shoulder. The laser-cut detailing adds a fun fashion element. It’s easy to wear due to the elastic rib detail.

The sports bra is super supportive and made from cool-to-the-touch fabric. The four-way stretch and sweat-wicking material is engineered not to shrink in the wash. 

A great top that I own three of – I love them so much. It’s brilliant as it comes in a range of colours to suit the mood.

RRP: $18.99 – Amazon

Running Girl pole Top
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4. Stanley Cup

It’s at the top of everyone’s list at the moment. Give your fav one of these large-size, insulated Stanley cups and let them keep drinks cold for hours, whether they are going to pole class or work. 

RRP: $44

Stanley Cup
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5. Leg Warmers

Keep her legs warm during warmup or stretch class. These thigh-high leg warmers are a must for any poler. 

RRP:  $30.99

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6. Grip It

If your dancer complains they slip and slide off the pole – this grip product will go down a treat.  Order some today. 

RRP:  $19.99

Grip It
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7. Pole Dancing Book - Perfect Those Moves

Whether they take lessons at the studio or teach themselves at home this book will elevate them to a higher level. 

RRP:  $7.24

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8. Cute Rave Shorts Ruffle Panties​

Whether they like to dance or do tricks these cure shorts with a ruffle skirt will add flare to the performance. b 

RRP:  $14.99

Cute ruffle short pants
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10. Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to treat them to, why not grab them a gift card and they can pick their own pole treats? Amazon sell a great range of items they could use there gift card for. 

RRP:  $6-10

gift card
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11. Sticky Leggings

When it’s cold out, the thought of taking your clothes off just makes most shudder – whilst a bit of an investment, sticky leggings really are the future. 

RRP:  $77

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12. Platform Heels

The number one accessory for any poler is a pair of new pole dance shoes or quality high-heeled boots. They have a plethora of benefits and are often essential for sexy routine classes.  Pick a pair of black ankle boots or a pair of platform shoes in your girl’s (or boy’s) fav color. We highly recommend a pair of pleaser shoes in their standard shoe size or go up a size if buying boots. 

RRP:  $40 – 100

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13.  A Mug

Who doesn’t love a mug of coffee, tea or their fav tipple? This is something that you can’t go wrong with.  A mug is a little something you can buy online with ease. These unique mugs designed with polers in mind are just a little bit different. 

RRP:  $16

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14. A Pole Dancing Pole

If your valentine doesn’t already have a pole dancing pole at home it could make the most amazing Valentines Day Gift. If you are looking to splurge.

Pole dancing poles are a great way for the pole dancer in your life to practice her skills at home. It’s accepted in the fitness world that to improve and progress quickly you need to pole 2-3 times a week. Having a home pole can make the difference between being able to schedule in enough practice to improve or not.

However, poles are definitely not a budget option. Depending on the type of pole it will cost between £159 and £1000. 

velentines gift pole dancer

This short valentines gift guide for pole dancers hopes to have given you some great ideas of what to gift your valentine this year. 

If you are looking for more ideas why not take a look at our comprehensive guide to pole dancing gifts. 

happy shopping and have a super special valentine’s day this year – you deserve it!