The Best Online Aerial Yoga Classes in 2021

Aerial yoga is a relatively new form of yoga combined with a touch of aerial arts, that was previously only available at specialised studios can now be practiced at home thanks to free standing rigs and hammocks. It is without a doubt one of the best ways to work out that we have come across. Like many forms of exercise it is has many benefits such as improved mood, spinal decompression and increased flexibility. No wonder so many people want to try it. 

If you can’t make a studio due to home commitments, travel distance or covid-19 you will be pleased to know that there are some great online aerial yoga classes. With virtual classes, you can learn postures and short sequences at home as well as take full 1 hour live sessions. There are lessons for all abilities but if you are a beginner you are advised to seek instruction at a studio, especially before attempting any inversions. 

In order to practice you will need some equipment such as yoga hammock and something to hang it from such as a free standing aerial yoga frame or stand


Our Picks

Kama Tv

Aerial Yoga Girl - Kama TV

The number one place for online aerial yoga lessons offering tutorials and live lessons. It is the most complete aerial yoga online tutorial site to date. You can learn postures and short sequences with the Kama Fit TV tutorials or take live aerial yoga classes. 

The tutorials are short and concise. The easy to understand instructional videos mean you can learn postures such as child’s pose, inverted king pigeon, skyward  dog and flying half moon. Next move on to short sequences such the hip opening flow, core flows, flexibility flow or inversion flows. Use the flows and build up to creating your own hour long sequences. 

 If you are looking to follow along with an instructor and have access to hour long session’s every day then the live aerial yoga classes will be perfect. These live online lessons allow you to train and be inspired consistently from the comfort of your home at anytime of day or night. There is a library of over 200 aerial hammock trick, conditioning, and aerial yoga classes. 1 new class is added every week. There are 3 styles of classes which include Aerial Fly, Aerial Flow, and Aerial Ground. All lessons are marked by intention and level so you can easily find a class that works for you. 

Kama TV is run by Karlene Marie (aka “aerial yoga girl”) who has a wealth of experience in aerial yoga and exercise in general. 

If you are new to aerial yoga try out the tutorials first then head over to the live lessons.

Cost: £8 per month



NDIYO (which means yes in Swahili) have created a very simple to use online Aerial Yoga platform. It offers a pose breakdown library, carefully curated series that will keep you motivated as well as a wide variety of beginner to advanced classes. 

This site is full of attractive clearly labelled picture gallery which on first impressions looks like it will be easy to find what we are looking for. This looks a great set up, it appears much easier to use than other online aerial yoga classes listed on this page as access is all in one place – you don’t get redirected to Vimeo or Facebook like with Kama Tv above. 

The platform is in it’s infancy and there are no where near as many sequences as you get with Kama TV but I’m sure they will be adding to their collection in the coming weeks / months.  Saying that there is a nice selection of aerial yoga poses, beginner flows, stretch and strengthening sequences. There is also a selection of Pilates (core and strength and confectioning classes. ) It’s very well organised. 

But with a better platform comes a higher price tag. 

Cost: FREE 14 day trial then $22 (£15) per month (or $216 for the year)

Aerial Yoga Online

Aerial Yoga Online Logo

Unnata® Aerial Yoga offers an authentic Yogic experience, working with an Aerial hammock, and the support of gravity, to relax and realign the body, centre the mind, and uplift the spirit.

They have a small selection of on demand videos. We have tried a couple of the videos. They are very good but the selection of videos has remained small. they don’t seem to be expanding there video collection.

There is no subscription fee, you just by the individual classes. Each lesson is just $12.50 but at the time of writing each class had been reduced to just $6.50.

It’s disappointing to see that in the past year they have not added any videos to the library. When looking for online aerial yoga classes we would definitely choose a different place to learn over this one.

Aerial Dancing

Born to Fly Logo

A great place to learn aerial yoga moves with the very talented Rebekah Leach. Once subscribed you have access to her whole aerial library which includes aerial sling, silks, hoop, rope, trapeze and more, which is probably more than you want if you need unless you are a seasoned aerialist. There are contributions from many talented artists as well. Membership is $40 (£29 ish depending on the exchange rate) per month but there are some other subscription packages as well. 

Rebekah has also created a number of aerial yoga manuals which I found brilliant to use at home to learn from. Find out other ways that you can learn aerial yoga at home.  

In Summary

We all know how good yoga is for us (1), combine that with the fun, endorphin inducing exercise that’s like swinging on a swing in the park you have a brilliant exercise class. There are some contraindications to taking part in online aerial yoga classes but in general it is a safe form of exercise that anyone can take part in. 

Whilst online aerial yoga classes are in there infancy there are a few excellent instructional videos and classes available online. These can be free lesson that can be found on You Tube or subscription services. Subscription services do tend to give you a better choice of lessons. We expect over then next few years we that more and more will be added, offering greater choice and competition. 

We have made an observation that all of these online lessons are given by US based aerial yogis. We are not sure why this is but it would be nice to see someone from Australia, the UK or even Europe to create some online aerial yoga lessons. 

Aerial yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that you can do at home, make sure you buy safe equipment and have fun taking part in online aerial yoga lessons at home. It’s a brilliant way to learn but does not replace expertise tuition from a trained instructor. 

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