Best Pole Dancing Poles For Home Use In 2023

Pole Dance Poles are an essential piece of equipment if you want to partake in pole fitness and dance at home. 

A selection of different poles have been created for home and studio use.  New manufacturers are appearing on the scene all the time. 

Choose between tension mounted, fixed poles or stages. Select one that is a multi-piece portable or one-piece fixed version. opt for a static,  spinning or a pole that does both. The pole you pick will be determined by your specific needs.



Find the best poles that don’t have the option to spin

Static & Spinning


Take a look at our top rated poles that have static and spin modes

Our top 5 pole dancing poles for home use

x pro

#1. XPERT Pro by X-Pole

The most popular pole dancing pole that people buy for home is also one of the most affordable options.

This tension mounted pole has a simple to use mechanism in an easy to access place to flick between spin and static modes in seconds.

The pole features a sleek upper dome and is available in a range of options including chrome, silicone, powder coated, brass and titanium gold.

Lupit G2 Sparkle

#2. lupit pole - Classic G2

This pole designed and manufactured by the Slovenian company Lupit Pole. The G2 is available in a range of finishes including LP Chrome which has an excellent grip and has a very smooth texture so so is a very good choice for beginners or people with slippery hands, as it is more forgiving of weaker handgrip strengths. As standard it a multi-piece, removable and portable. It can be used in a static or spinning mode. Like other poles on this page it can be installed quickly and there is no need to drill holes for permanent fixings. If you suffer from a nickel allergy, there chrome pole could be the one for you as they claim to have a totally new tube material and innovations applied to the product, which is now 100% Nickel Allergy Free, with a sustainable surface, 100% peeling and chipping free surface and incredible grip. It features a quality surface and a unique upper disc Flex System plus NEW Safety Block Nut that ensure quick installation and maximum safety to the user.​


#3. Xsport from X-Pole

This starter level pole is a very popular choice that both beginners and experienced polers that don't like spiny mode might opt for. It's the cheapest in the X-Pole range - get a quality pole without breaking the bank.

I use this pole at home, it fits nicely in the garage, although it would be nicer if it was a tad warmer in there but X-poles pole warmer (available to buy separately on x-pole website) is great at warming it up on those cold days. You can use it inside the house as well - but it was the only place I could negotiate putting it (lol).

It is easy to set up and there is no need to drill any holes as it is a pressure mounted pole - meaning that it stays in place, when you lengthen the pole in situ. Out of the box it fits a ceiling between 7ft 4" and 9ft. If you need a longer pole, because you have crazy high ceiling you can buy extensions.

The pole only has a static mode. It doesn't spin - if you want spin mode take a look at the pro or Xpert version.

It is available in a range of finishes and diameters.

Lupit G2 Sparkle

#4. Diamond pole from Lupit Pole

This is basically the LUPIT POLE CLASSIC G2 detailed above, but it is decorated with original Swarovski Crystals. It looks so pretty but whether I would spend the on getting this version I'm not sure.

x-stage lite

#5. x-stage lite from X-Pole

A lean and compact portable podium pole. It is very quick and easy to set up. As long as you have enough height clearance you can set it up pretty much anywhere.
When buying there is a choice of either 40mm or 45mm diameter. It conveniently features both static and spin mode as standard.

Depending on what grip you like you can choose between arrange of finishes including Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone and Powder Coat.

A very popular choice for home users that don't want to / can't use a tension mounted pole.

About Dance Poles for Home

Over the last 18 years or so pole dancing has grown massively in popularity.  Fawnia who has over 20 years of teaching experience and possibly one of the first recorded teachers of this form of fitness produced the world’s first instructional video Pole Work, volume 1 in 1998. This was closely followed in 2004 by the shipping of the first X-Pole, which was possibly one of the first portable pole dancing poles for home use. In the same year, R-Pole developed an instructor training course and went on to develop the R-pole.

Many who go to pole classes like to invest in a pole for home so that they can practice at home. Some girls (and boys) never go to lessons and opt to learn how to pole dance at home. Anyone how plans to practice or learn at home needs their own pole, it’s an essential piece of kit. But “what are the best dance poles for home?”.

There are three main types of pole dancing pole which you may have seen above.

  • Tension mounted – these do what it says on the tin. They are fitted in place by tension. You put these poles under a joist and increase the height by turning the pole to the point where the pole is fixed in place and won’t move. A very convenient option for many. They are the cheapest most convenient option. You can put them up and take them down in minutes once you know what you are doing. Ideal for those who don’t want a pole up all the time.  Generally, they come in 2 or 3 pieces so they are easy to store away.
  • Fixed poles – The poles are made out of a piece of metal the height of your space and fixed in place with permeant fixtures on the ceiling. 
  • Stage (Podium) –  fully portable option that can be set up anywhere. It has its own base and doesn’t require a ceiling to mount it up to. Take it to the beach, the mountains or your front room. A slightly more expensive option but so very convenient if you want portability or have super high ceilings.  

Dance poles can have an option to spin or not:

  • Static poles – those don’t have a spin option
  • Spin & Static Poles – these have a switch that enables you to swap between spin or static mode. A handy option to have.

There are a number of reputable manufacturers and the list keeps growing. 

  • X-Pole – a leader in pole and aerial sports. They make tension mounted poles as well as stage poles for home and studio use. Originally just in the UK but now have offices worldwide. The most affordable option for free standing and removable poles. 
  • Platinum Stages – One of the early manufacturers of poles.  Making stage poles and permanent poles. Based in the USA.
  • Lupit Pole – Manufacturers and designers of Portable home poles, stage poles, studio and competition poles.  Located in Slovenia, Europe. 
  • The Pole – a new kid on the block. Their great selection of poles come at a cost but are 100% made in Italy.
  • R-Pole – another pole manufacturer based in the UK. They make the most lightweight portable poles. They did extensive research on the best pole diameter for dancers to hold. 
Other brands of pole dancing poles are available on places like Amazon etc but whether they are tested to the same standards as the poles above is debatable. They may be cheap imitations of more popular and possibly safer options.

If you recently bought a pole and are now thinking – what now! Our post titled I bought a pole – what now? – might be able to help!
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