About US

Loops World is a platform that delivers knowledgeable information about everything related to firstly pole fitness, aerial yoga and aerial arts. Want to know what the best product is for your chosen product we are fast becoming the number one resource.  From poles and platform shoes to hammocks and Lyra’s we have you covered. 

We have a second arm that is looking to expand into fitness products in general over the coming few months. 

Sophie Green is the fitness blogger behind the website. It is a relatively new site but we expect it to grow successfully in the coming years. I hope you find what you are looking for. If you do need any advice and I haven’t yet reviewed it on our site then please contact us and I will be pleased to help. 

Scroll down to read my mission and find out more about me. 

Meet The Sophie

Thanks for visiting Loops World. Allow me to introduce myself…..

Sophie Green
Sophie Green
Pole & Aerial Specialist

Sophie Green has an MSc in Biomedical Science and worked for many years within NHS labs. After developing a love of all things pole and aerial she concentrated her efforts on these alternative forms of exercise. She has a number of certificates from Spin City and Xpert Fitness in pole fitness, aerial hammock and anatomy and physiology. 

As a mum with little free time she has equipped her home with poles and A-Frames to practice her passions at home. She has done a lot of research into buying the right products and would like to share this information with you. 


The Mission

There are very few high-street stores that you can buy equipment for pole fitness or aerial acrobatics. I love both of these sporting activities and wanted to practice at home. It was frustrating that it was hard to decide where to buy pole dancing poles, rigging for aerial arts or acrobatic products. So to cut a bit of a lengthy story short, I decided to create the sort of informational site that I needed when I was looking to invest some equipment for home.

The site gives reviews of both brands and online stores selling everything that a pole and aerial addict needs. Find out where you can buy not only equipment for these wonderful sports but who stocks the hottest pole wear and aerial attire.

Make Loops World your go-to resource for all things fitness related. From reviews to buying guides, helpful advice to the latest drops; you’ll find everything you need right here.

Why the name, well Loop is the beautiful name that my husband gave me after proving that I was a bit of a lunatic. Aerial and Pole fitness have become my exercise of choice for the last 10 years or so – a life sentence to some. So Loops World was an obvious choice.

I can think of nothing better than twisting and twirling around a pole, revolving around an aerial sling or arching around a hoop.

Having a young child I failed to be able to head out to classes as often as I liked, so I invested in some equipment for home and now I get to play all the time 🙂 Whilst the investment in products can seem costly, they actually pay for themselves after a while.

No one does anything for nothing, so my long term plan is to monetise the site with affiliate links – this essentially means that if you are redirected to an online store and you buy something I may earn a small amount of money from this. It help me to keep the site afloat – and perhaps buy the odd bit of product for myself.

From one pole, aerial and fitness enthusiasts to another, I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for on Loops World.