Gravotonics Hammock for Aerial Yoga Reviewed

gravotronics hammock
Credit: Gravotonics

A lightweight aerial yoga hammock made out of parachute material. They are beautifully crafted using high strength fittings & they are triple stitched. It is available in two sizes.

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga 
  • Length: 2.5m (or 3.2m)
  • Width:  1.5m (or 2m)
  • Material: 100% Nylon – parachute material
  • Stretch: negligible
  • Safe Load Capacity: 440lbs (199kg)


This aerial yoga hammock is delivered by the family-run Balinese company, Gravotonics. They have been creating aerial yoga products since 2003. As they are still in business we must believe that they are a well-respected company. 

The Gravotonics hammock is available in 2 sizes and you can choose different materials to be combined so you can make your own unique hammock which is perfect for aerial yoga or inversion therapy.

You will be aware that aerial yoga has taken the world by storm and the amazing benefits it has to offer. This hammock offers you the perfect solution to practice at home. 

If you plan to travel with your hammock this offers the best solution as it weighs in at only 1kg. That’s not going to take up a lot of the allowed check-in allowance or even that for hand luggage.

The fabric is breathable, machine washable, quick-drying and colourfast. Great for those practising in warm climates or those who get sweaty. There will be no transfer of dye.

As the fabric is tear and stretch resistant it is a huge bonus over the more popular hammock material which can easily tear if not looked after and some of them can stretch.

They are priced at a very reasonable amount even when you add the FREE shipping on top. 

A choice of 6 colours is available, and the fact that you can choose to combine two colour fabrics to make your own unique hammock is a selling point in itself. 


Gravotonics Aerial-Yoga-Hammock
aerial yoga swing colours
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Review - What We Thought About the Gravotonics Hammock

We look at a number of things when evaluating and reviewing aerial yoag hammocks on this site. We look at things such as what the hammock is made from, where it is made, how comfortable it is to perform inversions, what is included and the price. We also consider shipping and the size of the actual fabric. 

Take a look and see what we thought…..


The Gravotonics Hammock is made from 100% Nylon. It will not stretch, is resistant to tears and will not rot.  It differs from other hammocks as they are usually made from 40 denier nylon, which is a bit stretchier and softer. 


Sadly we are yet to try out this Gravotonics hammock. But we can imagine that because it is 100% nylon, with limited stretch it could be quite painful around along the hips when performing downwards dogs or any inversions. However, this could be viewed simply as the pain that you endure when having a sports massage and there will be many benefits of this initial pain – if there is any. 

Like with anything if there is pain from some postures then this will ease with time as the body gets used to it and I guess recommendations would be to do these postures for a short amount of time and build up to longer stints in them over time. 

What You get in the Box?


The Gravotonics hammock package includes

  • 1 x Aerial Hammock/Sling (REG: 1.5M W x 2.5M L) || (LRG: 2M W x 3.2M L)
  • 2 x 1.5M long Adjustment Straps (Daisy chains)
  • 1 x Matching Color Carry Tote Bag (w/ secure drawstring)
  • FREE 33pg. Aerial Yoga Instruction Manual (See tab for description)
  • Easy Installation Guide

The carry bag and aerial yoga instruction manual is a nice little bonus. SOmething that we have not seen included in any other hammock kits. 


The Gravotonics hammock for aerial yoga is a bargain. At just £59 for the large size, it is a very reasonable price. The lower price may be due to the 100% nylon fabric this may be cheaper to manufacture than the 40 denier nylon used in other hammocks. 

However, if you are looking for a lightweight, cheap hammock for grounded or inverted moves then this certainly worth considering.

Is It Safe?

Gravotonics have been selling their very popular yoga swing for nearly 20 years and there do not seem to be any untoward reviews of them. They state a safe load capacity of almost 200kg (440lbs), if you plan to do anything dynamic in this swing then we suggest you calculate the working load limit. However, even with a safety factor of 10:1 this will hold quite a lot of weight. 


We were quite surprised to discover that a purchase of a single hammock comes with free express shipping. This is brilliant because some larger companies charge quite a lot for shipping, even for shipping within the same country. This is a huge bonus, especially considering they are priced very reasonable to start with.


Gravotonics is one of the few companies that offer a guarantee with their hammock. They offer a 10-Year Warranty on their individually hand crafted aerial hammocks!

Care Instructions?

These hammocks are pretty easy to care for. It’s quite convenient that they can be popped into the washing machine on a cold cycle and then just hung on the line to dry. In between washes you can just spritz and wipe with a sanitising spray to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria. 

Where To Buy?

Through the links on our site, you can purchase a Gravotonics hammock that has undergone a verification process for both quality and affordability. While other online vendors and retailers try to up-sale their products, we’ve actually gone out to find the store with the best price possible.

If you have been searching for the best cost, click through to our verified suppliers for an unbeatable rate!

aerial yoga weight limit


Not our first choice of yoga hammock but they are made by a reputable company and if you are used to the Gravotonics swing material you will probably get on with this.

If you enjoy the savasana inside the hammock then you will struggle with this hammock unless you are very short as even the large-sized hammock is only 2 metres with so laying down inside the hammock will be a struggle.