10 Best dance Shoes for Exotic Dancers

Inspired by the after-hours scene we've picked the best shoes for pole & lap as well as your local gym class.

Exotic Dancer Shoes

High heeled platform shoes make the exotic dancers legs look so alluring. These exotic dance shoes are frequently seem on the feet of pole dancers, pole fitness fanatics and those working as dancers in clubs after hours. However, many students and professionals tent to practice in flat feet, leaving the platform heels for the show.

If you’ve caught the pole or lap dance bug, for exercise and fitness or for paid work and are thinking of investing in some new footwear, what sort of shoe should you be looking for?

The Independent consulted with a podiatrist and ex-professional dancer who said that each style of dance has it’s own unique considerations such as the movements, the aesthetics of the style and the floor surface. Polers must also consider whether they will try and climb the pole. The podiatrist said that primarily the shoe needs to be appropriate to the style of dance. 

It is generally accepted that pole dancers move around the the pole, dance in releve and when performing postures and tricks on the pole that pointed toes give better lines. So platform heels have been adopted, as worn by professional exotic dancers. Those that participate in Pole and Lap dance for fitness will often wear bare feet or ballet slippers unless they are taking part in a choreo class, a photoshoot or competition. 

Trainers tend to be discouraged although dance trainers, with a pivot point on the ball you would think would be acceptable – however, they prevent the wearer from going up on tip toes. 

Of course when dancing, aesthetics are crucial. Thus buying dance shoes from a brand that specialises in exotic dance shoes is encouraged. The heeled shoes worn for exotic dance differ from a standard high heel shoes because the forefoot region of the shoe is semi-flexible which allows the dancer to point the toes – this highlights the length of the leg creating beautiful lines. 

There are a couple of other ways that the shoes differ from standard high heels. The heel is often curved so that they offer better balance. The heel and platform are often one piece to offer more support.  The inner sole is padded for comfort. 

Shoes and boots are usually made from leather or PVC which you find sticks to the pole when needed. Some brands have created shoes made from suede which offers  a small amount of grip. 

For pole it’s best to avoid any shoes or boots with big buckles as these can scratch the pole and get in the way of some tricks. 

Buying from a reputable online store ensures that you get shoes that are designed to meet the demands of exotic dance. The aesthetics are important but you also need to ensure that they fit well and are comfortable. Yu might need to buy a few pairs so that you can try them out on a carpeted area to see how they fit and move. You can always return those that don’t fit.

The products below were tested by me or have been recommended by friends in the industry. 


Some of Our Favourite Exotic Dancing Shoes and Boots

Pleaser Sky 308

sky 308

This Classic Sandal Never Gets Old. It’s a staple that nearly all exotic dancers will have in their closet. It’s available in multiple colors & styles so it can be paired with almost any outfit. 

Pleaser Flamingo 809


The Flamingo 809 from Pleaser is another classic that never gets boring. A bit of a higher heel if you’re feeling brave. Available in multiple styles and colours.

Pleaser Xtreme-1020


Don’t let the xtreme scare you. They are 7 inch heels, so not for beginners but not crazily high. A lovely pair of exotic dancer boots. Available in several colours.

Pleaser Radiant 701


These are not suitable for pole fitness if you plan on hanging up side down or spinning as they might fly across the room and stab someone in the face. However, if you love them you could buy some temporary straps and wear them for pole. Perfect for other forms of exotic dance. 

Pleaser Radiant 701


The perfect thigh high platform boots for exotic dancing. Climbing a pole will be a doddle with these amazing boots that reach high up the thigh. They look super alluring when on. Team them with shorts, skirts or hot pants 🙂

Alternative Footwear for Exotic Dance Classes.

So you want something on your feet but you want to avoid platform heels when practising. Below are some great ideas for alternative footwear for dancers. 

Bloch Criss Cross Dance Sneaker - Black

dance shoes

For those of you who like to wear something on your feet but don’t want heels. We can’t see anything wrong with these lightweight trainers. We have used them for years for home practice.

The lightweight sneaker from Bloch have a split sole for flexibility and ease of movement and built in arch support.

The foot is supported by the criss cross ribbon around body of the shoe. Breathable mesh inserts help to keep your feet dry. And most importantly in our opinion is the TPU spin spot which we find is just perfect for turning and retaining contact with the floor.

If you can find them, opt for ones made out of leather. Reebok and Nike used to make some but they seem to have been discontinued. 



These are perfect for when you want to wear bare feet but you want to be able to pivot. I just hate it when you have to do thread throughs or pirouettes in class and you can’t spin easily because your the balls of your bare feet stick to the floor. We found that these footundeez are the perfect solution. Plus you can still climb the pole as most of you foot is still exposed. 

The fantastic foot undeez are underwear for your feet! Designed to maintain a snug fit and support and protection to your foot.

They are made from Nylon Lycra Spandex materials so you get a perfect snug fit with stretch. The suede sole patches help you pivot.

Will you be buying some underwear for your feet?

Dance Sox

dance sox

What to look like your wearing boots and keep your feet war, then Dance Sox might be the solution. 

As well as looking gorgeous they feature grip control lines to secure the sock to the dancer’s foot and also have padded heels.

The great thing is that they can be used to dance on any surface. We haven’t actually tried these out yet. But they look ace. Perfect for winter exotic dance class without actually wearing platform boots.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes can glide fairly easily when performing steps such as Ronds de Jambe and pirouettes. They are excellent on most floorings and they don’t leave marks. Get some made of neoprene and they won’t stick on the pole. Users will struggle to get foot grip if doing a front attitude or Russian splits. 

The Verdict: Best Exotic Dance Shoes

The right exotic dance shoe for you will depend on the style and your level of experience. It will also depend if you are training or performing.

For versatility and excellent value, the Pleaser Sky 308 and Flamingo 809 are all good picks. We have just stuck to the Pleaser brand of shoes but Hella Heel and Ellie Shoes are also worth a look at.

Did you find some exotic dancing shoes that took your fancy? We hope so. If you are looking for shoes that are suitable just for pole fitness and dancing head over and take a look at our page about the best pole dancing shoes.