The Best Weighted Hula Hoops for 2022

The weighted hula hoop provides an excellent aerobic exercise, it can burn calories and help to strengthen your core muscles. What’s great about them is that there are plenty of good products to choose from, they are easy to store, simple to use and they don’t cost very much.

Having had a weighted hoop for some years now I can tell you that it is one of the most fun ways to work out. You can use them indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. They are portable so you can pack them in your suitcase when travelling. Workout alone or with friends. Now we are all so good at using video calling services since the pandemic you can even work out with friends over the internet. 

It’s a great form of exercise that is is fun and accessible. Weight loss can be an added bonus to learning new hula hoop skills and tricks. Improved hand-eye coordination and core muscle strength are two of the other benefits. 

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Our Favourite weighted Hula Hoop!

GATE FITNESS Weighted Exercise Hula Hoop for Adults

The Fitmode Lab Hula hoop comes with 1 weighted hula hoop (2 lb), 1x jump rope, 1x carry bag and a workout poster.

I bought this after I saw the reviews on Amazon, I figured that a customer review of 4.7 from 377  shoppers was something that I could get on board with.

I found this hula hoop to be comfortable to use, easy to balance and simple to take apart for storage if needed. I highly recommend this weight hoop. I had previously bought a different brand and it was useless in comparison.

Weight: 3.1lb

Color: Red


best weighted hula hoop - gate

What is a Weighted Hula Hoop?

Unless you’re into circus skills when you think hula hoop you probably think of the lightweight plastic hoop you had as a kid. Unless you’re a pro they need to have a bit of weight in them so that the spinning momentum can be maintained. Weighted hula hoops generally weigh between 1lb and 8lbs. This is greater than the hula hoops that those performing circus skills use. This means that you get a brilliant aerobic workout as well.  

Weighted hula hoops can be made out of different materials and can be of different shapes. 

A workout with a weighted hula hoop provides you with both a cardio and a strength training workout. Take a look below at the benefits of using a weighted hula hoop on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Using a Weighted Hula Hoop


Weight Loss & Fat Burn

Strenthens Glutes

Strengthen Abs

Improved Coordination

Stimulates blood circulation


Improved posture


Working out with a weighted hula hoop has many benefits. They can contribute towards helping you to burn calories, tone your muscles, lose fat around the hips and waist, and increase your core muscle mass.

It’s banded around on the internet that a 5-minute workout with a weighted hula hoop is equal to 60 minutes of jogging, 40 minutes of swimming, 40 minutes of yoga and 420 sit-ups. These figures make red flags pop up in my brain.

So I went to have a look at some research papers to find if I could fund out whether these facts were true.

Research revealed that the America Council for Exercise (ACE) had funded some research at the University of Wisconsin. The study revealed that a 30 minute weighted hula hoop workout which consisted of hooping moves and twirling motions around the arms, waist, and legs burned roughly 210 calories, approximately 420 calories per hour.

This is comparable to the exertion of boot camp-style classes, step aerobics and cardio kickboxing. And it would suggest that the comparables stated above are correct. 

The number of weighted hula hooping calories burned are indeed very respectable!

It’s also banded around on the internet that hula hooping can shrink your waist. This makes sense because if work specific muscles they can be stronger, more toned and more defined. But I wanted to check the facts. So of I went….

A study into the effects of hula-hooping on overweight subjects found that hula hooping leads to a decrease in waist circumference and body fat. They also found that there was a decrease in LDL cholesterol. Lahelma et al.

Looking at the research hula hooping has many benefits and can help you to lose weight, build abdominal muscle, shrink the waist. It will also increase the happy endorphin hormones, making you feel good too.

4 More of Our Favourite Weighted Hoops

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Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop

Now, this next weighted hula hoop scores very highly indeed on Amazon. Over 1,400 customers have given it an average rating of 4.5. 

My sister bought this hoop and she loves it. She is always banging on about how great it is. 

This hoop is GS (The Geprüfte Sicherheit ) certified so you know that you are getting a great product. 

It’s easy to carry around as it is easily taken apart and put back together. It is made from 8 smaller pieces. 

Suitable for: adults weighing between 100lb and 140lb.

Weighs: 4 pounds 

Measures 40 inches wide.

Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop
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How Heavy SHould the Weighted Hula Hoop Be?

That is probably a personal choice, but here are a few things to bear in mind. 

It takes more energy to keep a hoop going the lighter it is. It is easier to maintain momentum when using a weighted hula hoop and therefore you can hula hoop for a longer period of time. 

If you are just starting out, one that weighs somewhere in the region of 3-4lbs is a good place to start.

The diameter of the hula hoop should be the same as the distance between waist and midchest when it’s resting vertically on the ground. SO if you want to know what size to buy measure the distance between the floor and your mid-chest. If you don’t have a tape measure there are some good affordable ones on Amazon.  


My Final Thoughts

Hula Hoops are brilliant for a fun alternative style of exercise. They burn as many calories in an hour as some popular sports classes like swimming and boot camp. The advantage is that you get an amazing ab workout that actually shrinks the waits. 

This was the first set of home fitness equipment and products we have reviewed for our fitness and well-being section and I enjoyed myself immensely.