Bikini Competition Heels - Everything You Need To Know!

bikini competition heels

Are you looking for the best competition heels for bikini and bodybuilding comps? Awesome because that is what this page is all about. 

We have information all about picking the right pair of competition heels and which online stores are the best to buy them from. We touch on the bikini competition heel requirements although you should be aware that some federations do have rules and regulations regarding the shoes. The finally we have some answers to the most frequently asked questions right down at the bottom of the page. 

But before all of that, we reveal our favourite clear posing shoes for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Scroll down and take a quick squizz at some of the best figure competition shoes for sale online. 

We kick off some stunning rhinestone heels. Let’s stop chatting and take a look at them now. 

10 of Our Favourite Competition Shoes

We have selected only the highest quality shoes for our competition heels collection. The designs have been tried and tested by many competitors meaning the choice is so much easier for you.

We’re out testing check back soon!

How to pick the perfect Competition Heels

We have a lot of experience with posing and competing in competition Heels. You need a pair that makes you feel comfortable but also show off your personal style and perhaps catch the judges attention.


It’s a good idea to measure your feet to get the right size. Most online shoe shops have a size guide. 

As a rule of thumb, most competitors find going down a size from your usual shoe size. This is because the heels should be pretty snug and the plastic will stretch. 

As a rough guide look at the space between the back of the shoe and your heel. If there is more than half an inch when your foot slides forwards it is a good indicator that the shoes are too big. It would be a good idea to drop down a size. 


Shoes with a platform are much more comfortable. if you don’t want to be crippled on competition day then opt for heels with a platform. They minimize the angle and pressure on the ball of the foot making them more comfortable.  The platform also adds some stability making them easier to walk in. 

Rhinestone Covered

If you are looking to step up your game then bling is the way forward. Whether you want to go all out and gets a pair with glitter encrusted heels and platforms or just a little on the platform you will be the belle of the ball. Add some glitz!

Wide Feet

Those with wider feet are advised to go shoes without a platform as they have a wider sole. 

Rhinestone embellishment, 5-inch heel and 1-inch platform

These are the most elegant competition heels around and you will have seen many girls wearing them. 

High Quality vs Cheap

There is a very good reason that fitness models choose high-quality completion heels over cheaper brands. The reason is that they fit better. Bikini competition heel brands have specially designed heels for figure comps. The arches of these shoes have correctly designed arches that are well balanced and match the natural shape of your feet making the difference between pain and all-day comfort.  

If you buy cheap heels which have been improperly designed you will find that the shoe arches rise in a straight ramp from just behind the balls of the feet to the backs of the heels. this means that the arches of the feet are not supported and the feet slide forwards in them. These shoes hurt the balls of the feet as all of your weight is on them. 

If you have gone to so much effort to train and diet, you might as well splash some cash and get the better heels. 

Simple & Timeless vs Bling

A popular choice is a fully encrusted heel and platform, but you may prefer a light scattering of crystals over the platform, or maybe you prefer no bling at all. Whichever your preference make sure you check the competition regulations before you walk out on stage. 

Best Brands

Just like pole dancing shoes, Ellie and Pleaser are the leading brands. 

Where to Buy Bikini Competition Heels?

There are a number of online stores that are perfect for buying competition heels from. They are reasonably priced and the shoes you buy have been specially designed to fulfil the needs of fitness, figure, bikini or pysique on stage. As with everything make sure that you check the regulations of the comp you are entering before you buy any. 


A Couple of Tips

Muscle and Fitness (1) suggest that it’s a good idea to buy your shoes early so that you can practice walking and posing in them. Some suggest that you get them at least 4- 6 months in advance., That way you will be completely comfortable when you walk out on the stage. 

Buy the Heels that Best Suit your Figure

Whilst to get the most out of your heels you need to buy the pair that best suits your figure that you have been working so hard to achieve but they also need to suit your feet as well. The heels should just slip onto your feet.   

Clear heels are what is required to give the illusion of elongated legs but when you can’t actually see your feet. These will highlight all your efforts prior to the competition. 

5 or 6-inch heels work well for elongating the legs and prevent the judges from thinking that your calves end abruptly. 

Once again check the rules of the federation as to how high the heel or platform can be. 

Buy the Comfortable Ones

Whilst you might be drawn to the really pretty pair with diamontes and that is an extra inch higher than you would really like, leave them on the shelf and buy the pair that is your second choice but are way more comfortable. your feet will thank you on competition day.  

After all, if your feet are in pain due to the heel the judges are going to see that pain written all over your face. 

A great approach is to opt for heels that allow you to walk in your usual style. If walking is difficult you are going to hobble and wobble across the stage. 

Whether you pick straps or slip-on is a personal choice. I would always go for straps in my older age as slip-on shoes just tend to fall off my but my best mate loves slip-on. 

If the heels give you confidence and attitude buy them. 

Practice Walking in Them

Practice makes perfect! As soon as you have picked your shoes, make sure you walk in them around the house as much as possible. If the first time you put them on, is on comp day you may not strut your stuff quite as elegantly as you might with some practice. Don’t lose points because you haven’t practised. 

If you have laminate or a wood floor to practice on that would be perfect as it will be very similar to the surface of the stage. Walking on the carpet, the especially thicker carpet will be more of a hindrance. Do your household chores whilst wearing your heels, jobs like washing up or stacking the dishwasher is a good place to start.

When you try them make sure that you walk in an upright position, make sure the shoulders are not drooped. Shoulders back and chest lifted!

Buy Two Pairs

The professionals suggest buying two pairs so that you have a spare pair in case anything goes wrong with the first. That means that you need to practice wearing both pairs before comp day. 

Practising will ensure that you can find out if the shoes will give you blisters or if you will trip over in them. 

Always practice your whole routine in your heels. take them to the gym and try them on there. get your coach to assess your walk and confidence in them. 

Bikini Competition Heel Requirements

The requirements for heels can vary between competitions. 

For example, the UKBFF states “High heel shoes must be worn, but platform soles are not permitted. The colour and style of the shoes will be the competitors own choice.”

But the IFBB or the National Physique Committee have different rules. 

Frequently Asked Questions

NPC Bikini, Figure, or Fitness competitions require competitors to wear shoes.   The heels help to create the illusion of elongated legs. 


That’s a very good question especially if you are worried about falling over on stage. This is a totally understandable fear as nobody wants to embarrass themselves do they? 

the biggest factor to your success of walking in them is to practice, as we point out above. 

There are three walking drills you can practice to get ready for the big day. 

First, try walking in a straight line. Then try walking backwards and then try some dance steps. 

Most Physique competitions do not require competitors to wear heels. 

There is no shortage of online stores to buy heels from. We recommend Amazon or buying directly from Pleaser. 

This depends on the federation, always check with rules and regs of your comp.

But one comp has these rules

“High heels, 5-6 inches, that compliment the contestant.” “A coloured or clear heel can be worn to suit your Bikini/Costume. At least a 4-inch heel and 1 inch platform at the front.” High-heeled shoes are required”

Because they give an illusion of elongated legs.