The Best Pole Dancing Crash Mats for around the Bottom of Portable, Fixed and Stage Poles

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best pole dancing crash mat is, then we recommend the 3″6 Thick and 5ft Wide Pole Dance Mat from Pole Tribe  as the best one.

Practising new moves especially those which are inverted or that you climb up into can be dangerous if you were to fall. But fortunately, there are some great crash mats available to put around the base of pole dance poles.

**Please note a crash mat is not a substitute for proper tuition and a spotter. It’s always safer to learn new moves with a qualified teacher who knows how to spot the move you are learning.

Here are the best pole dancing crash mats we could find, ideal for your home pole.

In this article, we’re going to review the following pole dancing crash mats:

  • Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mat – #1 choice for the USA
  • DTX Folding Pole Dance Mat – #1 choice for those in the UK / Europe
  • Platinum Stages PINK Pole Dancing Crash Mat
  • Lupit Pole Crash Mat
  • Tangram Mat by AGM Designs

Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mat

Pole Tribe MatThe pole tribe pole dance mat is a very popular option that we found on Amazon. The mat is 5ft in diameter and 3.6 inches thick. For those who like to colour coordinate the mat is available in four different colours including black, hot pink, ocean blue and violet purple. 

The mat folds into quarters making it portable, easy to transport and store. 

They claim that it is “proven to be stiletto-proof” – however, I’m not sure walking around a mat in heels is very safe for the ankles. 

The mat is covered in vinyl material which is a non-slippery surface when dry.

When put in place around my 45 pole there is a small gap which means when using the pole in spin mode the pole turns freely. 

The mat is perfect for all tension mounted portable poles and for stage poles with a round base. 

If you want to practice pole fitness moves at home then this is the ideal mat. don’t forget a spotter is always best when trying a new move for the first time.  

This is a really good option for those in the USA & Canada. If you’re in the UK you’ll find a much cheaper option below. 

Amazon reviews: 5 stars from 129 reviews.

DTX Folding Pole Dance Mat

DTX Crash Mat PoleThe DTX folding dance mat is our number one choice for those in the UK. The mat is 120cm wide and available in 2 thicknesses, 5cm and 10cm. It’s available in black or purple. 

The thinner mat will be perfect for beginners, progress to the thicker mat for more intermediate to advanced moves.   

It’s a great price, coming in at just under £60 for the thicker mat in black or £50 for the thin mat in black. The purple mats are £10 cheaper. 

The mat is only 4ft in diameter which is a little smaller than we would like it to be. 5ft would be better when using a stage pole. HOwever, that said it’s a good thickness and should soften the blow if a user falls off.

The one thing we have noticed about this mat is that it is firm enough that we could practice handstands.

After ordering the mat, it came on time and was boxed very neatly. Delivery doesn’t qualify for prime shipping but the cost of shipping was only £6.99. Very affordable. 

The mat is very sturdy and velcro strips help to keep it in place around the pole.

A good, affordable mat that is great for around the base of a dance pole. It folds up into quarters so it’s easy to store and transport. 

I’ve been using this DTX mat for a good couple of months now and it still looks brand new even after lots of use. The diameter of the mat is great for the moves and tricks I do on the pole. 100% would recommend it to anyone.

Amazon reviews: 4.7 stars from 49 reviews.

Platinium Poles Folding Pole Dance Mat

Platinum Stages Pole MatA 4ft foldable pole dance mat that is 4inches (10cm) thick brought to us by the US pole manufacturer Platinum Poles. Weighing in at 4kg it’s not very heavy so will be transportable and easy to move when you want to store it. 

The manufacturers state that the 10cm thick mat is suitable for a maximum fall height of 3 metres.

It is made from heavy-duty polyester-reinforced PVC outer cover which is safe for use with heels and dance shoes. This is stated by one of the mats we have discussed above, and we’re not sure heels and safety mats go together. But you can make that decision yourself – just watch your ankles.

We tried out the mat at a friends house, she is super happy with the product. It is a good quality mat that is durable. I would definitely buy one of these mats when in the market for a new one.

At £79 plus £6.99 for postage, it’s not going to break the bank for those of us in the UK. 

This pole crash mat does not seem to be available in the USA.  

Amazon reviews: 4.7 stars from 49 reviews.

Lupit Pole Crash Mat

Lupit Pole Crash MatLupit Pole, who make top-quality portable, studio and stage poles sell a 5ft crash mat

We like this mat as it is a bigger diameter than those listed above meaning that it will cover the platform on the stage poles fully, unlike the 4ft poles above. 

The downside to this Lupit Crash mat is the price. The premium crash mat is going on for €300, which is a lot more expensive than the mats above. But I guess you get what you pay for.

Also, the mat is made in Italy, so you are paying for the mat not to be made in Asia using cheap labour. 

We tried out these mats at a local studio, the mats are made of top-quality materials. We especially loved that the underside of the crash mat is made of anti-slip fabric to prevent it from moving around during use. 

Like all-pole crash mats, it is designed to fold up so it can be stored easily and fit around the base of the pole. 

Tangram Mat for Pole dancing by AGm Designs

tangram matAGM who make the most portable stage pole bring us the tangram mat which is a hexagonal shape to fit around the base of their podium poles. 

The mats are 160 cm x 139 cm (63′ x 54,72″). They come in two thkcnesses 10cm and 16cm.

The 16 cm mat is the thickest available on the market that has been designed for pole fitness. It is ideal for heights over 320 cm (10,50′).

The mat has a number of benefits: 

  • INNER SUDS WITH HIGH ABSORPTION – The most efficient and long-lasting, already used in the mats for the aerial disciplines
  • RHOMBOIDAL MODULARITY – meaning users can change the form of the mat based on the practice

We love everything about this mat except the price tag. It’s the most expensive mat on the market, but it is also the most advanced mat. Again, as above you pay for what you get. 

Best Crash Mat by Pole Brand / Type

Best for:

Fixed and Tension Mounted Portable Poles

We recommend the top two mats for around the base of floor to ceiling poles. The Pole Tribe mat for those in the USA and the DTX mat for those in the UK. They are both cost-effective solutions. 

Whether you are using x-pole, platinum poles, Lupit or ThePole floor to ceiling poles these are the best mats. 

Stage Poles

Stage poles tend to have a podium that is 5 feet in diameter so a crash mat that is of a similar size is probably best. So whilst it is a little more expensive we would recommend that Lupit Pole Crash Mat. It will fit X-Stage, X-Stage Lite and Lupit pole. 

R Pole

R Pole sells a thin crash mat that goes with their poles. This is probably the best mat for this portable freestanding pole. 

Pole Hive

We are in love with the AGM stage poles. The podium is a hexagon shape and whilst we have seen studios use round mats on these bases we feel that it could be a bit of a trip hazard so would recommend that user buy the tangram mat for around the base of these poles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a weird one actually, X Pole sells all sorts of pole dance and aerial related products, but the one thing they haven’t started selling is crash mats for pole or aerial disciplines. 

However, all of the mats listed above will fit around the base of X Poles portable pole or stage poles. 

This will depend on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. In general, beginners are not going to be doing any crazy inverts, but that doesn’t mean that a safety mat is not required it’s just that you are likely to be practising at a lower height. 

The manufacturers of the Tangram mat suggest that their mat is suitable for use at a height over 3.2m.  

Mats that are 10cm thick, manufacturers state that users should be at a height of no more than 3 meters. 

we’re sure that there are instructions out there somewhere on google but we’re not going to give instruction on making your own crash mat as these are specialised products designed to break the fall of a user, which could save their life. There is no room for error. 

We love pole dancing, we hope that you found everything you were looking for. If not why not check out our pole dancing hub which has links to every other area of our site that’s pole related.