X-Pole Pole Dancing Pole Review

Sport vs X-Pert vs X-Pro

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While there are a number of pole dancing poles currently on the market, no other brand is a popular as the number one dance pole by X-Pole.

And it’s no surprise why, as you’ll soon learn.

One of the best things is that X-Poles are available in a range of diameters, finishes and editions. First, you have the choice of sport, X-Pert or Pro. Then choose the diameter – 40, 45 or 50mm and then select your preferred material (chrome, stainless steel, brass or powder coated).

Which Version?

Sport, X-Pert or Pro

X-Pole sell 3 kinds of dance pole – sport, X-Pert and Pro.  We admit it can be a bit confusing at first when you are trying to buy your first pole. There are so many options. Hopefully, this will help a little with choosing the type of pole you put in your basket.  Read on for descriptions of each version.

x-pole pole features
Credit: X-Pole

The X-Sport is the most basic version, a static pole that does not spin. It’s the most common pole bought by those new to pole fitness. The pole is easy to install, you simply find an area with enough space and you can pressure mount it between the ceiling and the floor (tension mounted). As standard, they fit rooms which are between 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′). If you have a ceiling height that is outside these parameters you can purchase additional extension pieces. 

You get everything you need in the bag. It can be put up and taken down in minutes. A safe option for those starting out on their pole journey. 


If you know what you are doing or want the option to spin then this is the pole for you. As standard, you can switch between static or spinning modes.

Grab this pole if you’re a home poler who wants the best of both worlds with static and spinning as standard.

X-Pert Pro

The all singing all dancing, top of the range, pole. It comes with the X-Lock a fancy mechanism that enables the user to switch between the non-spinning mode and spinning mode with a flip of a switch. This is great if you need to switch quickly between the two modes. It can even be down mid routine. 

It fits the same ceiling height range as the sport pole and you get everything in the bag that you need to install it in seconds. 

The only negative that we have come across with this setting is that it can easily be knocked when you pop your mat around the bottom.

Grab this pole if you want to be able to switch quickly between static and spinning. 

What Diameter?

40mm, 45mm or 50mm

Originally poles just came in one diameter – 50mm, it was the industry standard and it was used in competitions.  Some think that these are the best diameter to use when installing them in places with high ceilings. 

You can now you can buy a range to fit your hand size and preference. 

45mm seems to be the standard diameter used today in many schools and in competitions. It is the new industry standard. A median between the 40 and the 50mm poles. Many find performing tricks on these slimmer poles easier as they can get a better grip.

If you have particularly small hands or want to do more tricks then 40mm might be the way forward. 40mm may be too narrow for some girls especially those with larger features. 

What Finish?

Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Powder Coated

Credit: X-Pole

So many finishes – as a beginner it can be so confusing. 

Chrome is the industry standard finish and a good all-rounder for all levels.

Stainless steel is similar to the chrome pole and is often found in studios as they are good for those with nickel allergies. 

Brass is sticky and they get stickier as the ambient temperature increases. 

Titanium Gold, Powder coating and silicone are all sticky poles. 

Silicone requires very little skin to pole contact.

Those with a powder coating are great for those who struggle to grip a chrome or stainless steel pole. They offer the ultimate grip. 

Titanium gold poles offer an enhanced grip due to the electronically coated finish.

If going for a super sticky pole be aware that you may not be able to do spins if using them in static mode. If you want to do spins and tricks on a non-spinning pole then a chrome, stainless steel or brass finish are probably the finish to go with. 

If you are all about tricks or are spinny mode then a grippy pole could be an option for you. 

The finish you choose is very much down to personal preference.

Where to Buy an X-Pole Pole Dancing Pole?

The best place to buy your X-Pole from is straight from X-Pole direct. 

In recent times you could buy one from their shop on eBay or Amazon. But those being sold via these channels are either second hand or resellers who have hiked up the price.

Buying a secondhand x-pole

There is nothing wrong with buying a second hand X-Pole. Just make sure that everything you should get in the bag is in the bag. Ask the seller how often they have used it and why they are selling it. A pole with a ton of scratches or missing some parts is no good to anyone. The world is just coming out lockdown due to the global pandemic so there are going to be some top quality poles that people have bought and don’t need anymore. Have a look on the Facebook marketplace or on eBay. 

Resellers on eBay

There are a number of people selling new X-Poles on eBay. If you check the prices you will see that the price you are paying is over the odds. Buy straight from X-Pole, cut out the middleman and save yourself a few quid. Take a look at the prices on eBay then compare them to those on the X-Pole website if you don’t believe us. The resellers, once you have placed an order are probably just then placing an order with the company themselves and you pay for them to do this when there is no real need to do that.

Why Does X-Pole have no Stock?

Good question, from time to time getting hold of a pole dancing pole from X-Pole can be a bit of a struggle. The poles are made in China, so from time to time supplies get delayed by the shipping process or during production. It can be frustrating if you have made your mind up and your heart is set on buying a pole dancing pole for home but you get a message from X-Pole head office to say that they have your purchase on backorder. It’s even more frustrating when they say they don’t know when you will get your pole.

When events such as Covid and Brexit come along, demand increases and shipping gets delayed that’s going to leave a huge shortage in the supply either in the UK, America or Australia. 

Why Buy Direct from X-Pole?

If you are looking for an X-Pole for sale take a look at the companies website it is really the best place to buy your pole dance pole for home from. You know that it is brand new, has no scratches, has all the pieces, it’s not been tampered with and you are paying a fair price for it. 

X-Pole have offices all over the world, so you can buy from your local office and it will be shipped to you in a timely fashion.


Pole dancing poles by X-Pole are sold all over the world. They are the go to brand of pole in our experience. Ask someone what brand of pole dancing pole they have at home and the chances are they have an x-pole.

X-Pole is without a doubt the market leader in portable pole dancing poles for the home. A large number of studios have them too. 

One of the reasons for their popularity is their reputable name, next is the price – no other companies can match the low cost and they are good quality and safe poles. 

The only negative is that sometimes you have to wait on delivery because their are production delays or they have somewhere along the shipping.

If you’re going to buy a pole dancing pole for home then invest in one by X-Pole.