Pleaser Flamingo

Some of the prettiest pole dancing shoes around

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Credit: Pleaser

Pleaser is a specialist in pole dancing shoes  & boots and the amazing Pleaser Flamingo boots range is fast becoming the standard collection that pole dancers worldwide are buying. 

The Flamingo range is so popular that Pleaser has restocked its shelves time and time again.

These pole boots feature an 8-inch heel, which sounds pretty scary. But considering they have a 4-inch platform, it’s actually only the equivalent of a 4-inch heel when you think and because they are front lacing boots they give more support and therefore confidence when wearing them. 

The range is available in 14 shiny vinyl and matte vegan leather options in US women’s 5-14. 

Stunning shoes and boots are included in the collection …. let’s take a closer look and find out why they are just so amazing!


What an amazing selection of sexy shoes and boots Pleaser deliver within the Pleaser Flamingo collection. Whichever pair you go for you will not be disappointed with the fit, design or style. 

As standard, the Flamingo range features an 8″ (200mm) Heel and a 4″ (100mm) platform.

Consumers have a variety of styles to single out as their favourites. The series includes Platform Ankle Strap Sandals and Slides (mules) as well as ankle, mid-calf, knee-high and thigh-high boots.

The collection is made from an assortment of materials such as faux suede, faux leather, patent leather and polyurethane. 

Some of the range is suitable for vegans and those that don’t want footwear to incorporate animal products or for it to have been tested on animals. These vegan shoes and boots have an inner sole that is coated in polyurethane instead of being made from leather.

After such a selection of styles and materials, there is an incredible choice of colours such as Laser Rainbow Hologram w/ Geometric Lines, rhinestones, grey, pink, yellow, blue and red. In fact, the list goes on. Take a look below to see the full range of colours available. 

With pretty metallic rose prints, holograms, you’re spoilt for choice. 

As standard the sizes are listed as US women, after all, they are designed in the USA. So don’t forget to check out the US equivalent of your UK or European size. 

With such a choice of sandals or boots which will you choose? Below is a selection of those available. 

A Closer Look at the Collection

The Pleaser Flamingo collection is huge there are so many styles in the range.  Below we take a closer look at some of the more popular picks. As a general rule of thumb, each style shown below comes in a range of colours. 

Pleaser flamingo Shoes

There’s a selection of very beautiful Flamingo shoes. The 808 and 809’s are all device and perfect for polers that like to invert and climb. If you like a slightly thicker strap that is clear then the 808’s will be your pick. The 809’s feature a slightly narrower strap that is black. 

The 897 has a Double Criss Cross Ankle Strap Sandal and is available in sparkly blue – if you like sparkles you will love these!

There are others in the series such as the 850 and 801, that we have not shown on this page that might not be so good for pole fitness.  They may however be suitable for professionals or wearing along with a pair of jeans on a night out.

pleaser flamingo-808wr

Pleaser flamingo Boots

Ankle high

Never have we seen such a beautiful range of sexy ankle high platform boots. They are available in a great range of colours, we have only shown a handle of the beauties below. We particularly like the black and rose gold ones. 

Pleaser Flamingo 1020 is a very popular boot with many pole dancers buying these. The 800 and 1016 also have their place being swirled around a dance pole. 



You either love this height or you hate them. Some find the Flamingo 2015 restrictive to dance in at first. But they look super hot. The peep-toe adds a little something to the design. 


Knee high

A very popular choice when it comes to picking up a pair of pole dancing boots. We are particular;y fond of the 2020, it’s the sparkles.


Thigh high

Imagine climbing and inverting the pole in these patent thigh-high boots. How much stick would you get. And how hot would you look? Are the Flamingo 3000 thigh-high boot is worth the investment? We reckon so! What do you think?


Pleaser Flamingo - Vegan

The shoes below are suitable for vegans, they are made from Vegan-friendly materials. They feature a Vegan Leather Insole, which is usually made from PU / Polyurethane coated fabric – it is free from animal products and animal testing. This is just a selection of the Pleaser Flamingo range that are Vegan. Each shoe or boot is available in many more colours.

flamingp 1020

Where to Buy?

For the biggest selection of Pleaser’s Flamingo shoes and boots the best place to start looking is at Pleaser websites and buying direct.

This works a treat if you are based in the USA.

If you are located in the UK, Europe, Australia or elsewhere then shipping can often be a bit on the steep side. So the next best place to look is at Pleaser’s store on eBay or Amazon.

Can i Buy cheap Ones?

For the best prices look out for Black Friday deals where buyers can get free shipping.

Another way to get cheap Pleaser Flamingo footwear is by watching out for the sales, take a look at shoes on clearance. 

eBay can also be a great place to get a pair second hand. Although you need to watch out here because they are often not being sold for much less than you could buy a new pair. Due to the demand and desire to own a pair of Pleaser Flamingo.

It’s also worth considering companies that offer you the chance to buy them new but give you the opportunity to split the payments over a few months, That way you can buy now, pay later. But we don’t think that even these boots are worth getting into debt for. Just save up for a few months before buying. You feel better for it. 

Overall Review

The Pleaser Flamingo shoes and boots are just to die for. If you are on the fence about buying a pair, jump over it now and click the buy now button. 

They are amazing 8inch high shoes or boots with a 4-inch platform. We don’t that you will regret buying them should you buy a pair today.  

They will get delivered fairly speedily to you wherever you are in the world. You may have to pay a little extra for shipping. But nobody really minds that. 

Those based in the USA will find online stores the best place to grab their shoes, often direct from Pleaser works quite well.

For those in the rest of the world, unless you can’t find the Pleaser Flamingo style you would like on a local retailers website, ordering direct (1) can often cost you a little bit more due to the shipping costs. 

We don;t really have any negatives to say about the Pleaser Flamingo but if you’re not convinced about these beauties then why not take a look at the other Pleaser ranges.