GNY Aerial Yoga Stand Review

GNY Aerial Yoga Stand - A-Frame

A product that looks good. But we have to question why the writing on the advertising pictures is all in Chinese when it’s being sold on a website for UK customers? It looks like a rip of off X-Poles A-Frame.

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga
  • Footprint: Max 4m
  • Height: 1-3.4meters
  • Weight: 30KG
  • Supports: 600kg
  • Top bar: 1.4meters
  • Made from: ?
  • Made in: China


This is a portable rig for aerial yoga, silks and hoop. They buyer has several option, to buy just the frame or buy a frame along with either a hoop, hammock or silks. Accessories suitable for the aerial kit purchased are also supplied. 

The GNY Aerial yoga stand seems a little overpriced compared to other portable rigs for home use being sold in the UK, USA, Australia or Europe. 

It is almost as though they are trying to cash in on the availability of similar products due to the Covid pandemic. 

Would we buy this portable aerial stand? NO, we would not touch this with a barge pole.

Our Thoughts on the GNY Aerial Yoga Stand

This aerial yoga stand look very much like the A-Frame that X-Pole makes. We wouldn’t trust it with a bargepole. There might be some delays on the portable rig from X-Pole (due to the Covid pandemic and Brexit) but this one from GNY is over three times as much.

On top of it looking like a rip off and being overpriced there are no real details of what the product is made from and who has tested the weight limit. 

Images on the sellers site are in Chinese so you can’t get much detail from them either. 

The positive about the GNY aerial yoga stand is that it comes with many optional extras such as swivels, figure-8, carabineers, hammocks, hoops or silks.

However, when you take a closer look at the accessories there are no Weight Load Limits (WLL) displayed on any of them. They don’t provide these in the write-ups either. If you want to know why stated WLL are important or more about safety in aerial arts check out the course by Night Owl Circus

This product was found on Amazon being sold by “shanxiyueyangyunshangwangluikejiyouxianzerengongsi”. A company whose storefront has products from multiple product categories. 

Whilst there are lots of reputable sellers, who sell things on Amazon there also lots of either ignorant or less-than-reputable sellers who sell less-than-authentic merchandise (i.e. counterfeit) merch on Amazon. This product looks like one of those which should be avoided at all costs. Not just because of the price tag but the limited information about what the aerial rig is made from and the lack of safety information. 

Is It Safe?

GNY in chinese

We just don’t know!

Whether the GNY Aerial Yoga stand is safe or not, is a question that we can not answer as there are is no evidence that any safety testing has been conducted or even what the frame is made from.

What Comes in the Box?

GNY kit
GNY with hammock
In use 2
in use

It looks as though there are multiple options. 

  • A-Frame Only
  • A-Frame & Carry Bag
  • A-Frame, Hammock & Accesories
  • A-Frame, Silks & Accessoiries
  • A-Frame, Hoops & Accesories

In Summary - Would we buy it?

I’m sure it is pretty clear from our review above that we are not very keen on this aerial yoga stand. And no we would not buy it. There are many more cost-effective stands for aerial yoga or aerial arts that come with details about their construction and the safety tests that have been conducted or the established  WLL.