The Best Free Standing Aerial Rigs for Aerial Arts

If you like to do aerial arts such as trapeze, silks, hoop, lyra or any other discipline you may need a free-standing aerial rig so you can practice away from the studio or put on outdoor performances.  Now, it’s no secret that trapeze rigs are a little bit of an investment, but it will be one that you won’t be disappointed you made. 

Below we’ve listed the free-standing aerial rigs that are popular among the circus community. 

Should you be looking for a smaller rig for aerial yoga or to practice condition and static aerial arts practice take a look at these portable stands

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Our Favourite Aerial Rig

Firetoys Freestanding Outdoor Aerial Rig - BigRig

This outdoor aerial rig is a popular choice for aerialists in the UK, USA and firther a field. 

The precision engineered, fully UK designed and manufactured 5.5m outdoor aerial rig has been independently strength tested. It is suitable for two people. This is the WLL: 174kg (at a ratio of 10:1).

This precision-engineered aluminium rig is a freestanding outdoor aerial rig that has three rigging points.

The rig that took 2 years to design and test won’t sway or distort even under heavy loads. 

Users will find that it is easily assembled and disassembled without tools. It can be set up at one of two heights – 5.5m rigging point height or at 4.5m rigging point height. 

It’s amazing that the rig  can be leisurely assembled by two people in under 10 mins without any tools. It can be disassembled in nearer to 5 minutes.

Firetoys Freestanding Outdoor Aerial Rig - BigRig

With a total weight of roughly 100kg and the longest component being 1.9m (3’7″) it will fit into most estate cars with the back seats down. 

The rig can also be used inside if you have a room with enough height.

This is a great rig that comes it at a very reasonable price.

RRP: $2,500.00

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Ludwig Aerial Rig

A safe, high-quality rig that was designed back in 2021 by Ludwig.

It can pretty much go anywhere with very little effort as it breaks down into pieces that will fit in the back of most cars. 

The Ludwig Quad Rig consists of a 4 leg design and by using 2 or 3 of the leg pieces the rig can be set up at various heights between 7ft and 24 ft high with about 20 different height configurations in between.

You have the option of buying a 4ft or 6ft top bar.

The kit conveniently includes adjustable extension feet, straps with four clips, set screw, wrench and all the hardware needed for setting up.

Aerial Rig Ludwig

It really is a super versatile top quality aerial rig.  

There are options to add extra eyebolt holes and cleats to tie pulley systems off on. 

It comes in black hammer semi-gloss powder coat color as standard but for an additional fee, they give you the option of adding a different colour.

One of the brilliant things about this rig is that it’s painted with Powder Coat paint so you have the option to leave it outside, as long as you check in regularly for rust etc. 

With the exception of flying trapeze, you can use this rig for Single and double Trapeze, Fabric, Lyra (aerial hoop), Corde Lisse, Limited Spanish Web and Aerial Yoga. 

RRP: From $2,500.00

Aerial arts is extremely popular and following the pandemic many have realised that they can train at home. But in order to train at home, most need an aerial rig. 

The aerial rigs above are some of the best and most trusted in the industry. Both  are available to buy in the USA. The top one is available in the UK and around the world. 

Whilst aerial arts is become really very popular, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing or train without the proper safety equipment. 

Whether you want to train on an aerial heart hoop, lyra, silks or sling these aerial rigs are the best to practice one.

A safety mat is a pretty standard piece of equipment that aerialsist use. They are worth every penny and shouldn’t be thought of as too expenisve. Invest in safety mat when you buy your rig.

If you want to learn how to use your rig, Firetoys has some brilliant books about trapeze, silks, fabric, hoop, aerial yoga. Invest in some of these books if you plan to train at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s possible to leave some aerial rigs outside.

But it all depends on what they are made from.

A lot of metals rust when they come into contact with water or air-moisture. If the rig goes rusty, it will be unsafe to use, which is why many rig suppliers tell you not to leave the rig up outside.

If the rigs are made from a material that doesn’t rust or are powder coated then they are probably safe to leave outside, but you will need to check with the manurfacturer of the rig you are looking to buy. 

If any of the frame is made from 

Making a safe free standing aerial rig at home would be difficult unless you are a structural engineer and can take into account a dynamic force. Unless you know what you are doing stick with buying an aerial rig from the  professionals.

The two brands above are the best aerial rigs available around the world.