JALAL Aerial Yoga Stand Review

JALAL Aerial Yoga Stand

A portable aerial yoga rig found on Amazon. It looks good at first sight, is a reasonable price, no reviews but lots of information about the product; however, there is no evidence of the WLL. 

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga / Pulls Ups
  • Footprint: 105.5 inches x 74 inches  (268 cm x 188 cm)
  • Height:  Max 293cm (115.3 inches)
  • Weight: 29kg/64lbs
  • Supports: 250kg/551lbs
  • Top bar:  39.4 inches (100cm)
  • Made from: 1.5mm/0.06″ thick steel pipe that is 45mm/1.8″ in diameter
  • Made: China
  • Available in: The UK

We take a closer look at the Jalal Aerial Yoga Stand below and see if we would buy it? 


When it comes to shopping for portable aerial yoga rigs in 2021 there is no shortage of options. So why should we spend our money on the  Jalal aerial yoga stand being sold on Amazon?

At first glance, this looks like a really good aerial yoga stand for the money. Whilst it’s not the most cost-effective solution it is not grossly overpriced. 

The fact that it is a Chinese seller and manufacturer do not bother us as many of those designed in the UK are manufactured in china. However, it looks very similar to other brands being sold on Amazon and a portable rig that was designed and safety tested in the UK (see below).

We have concerns over the safety of the product and whilst it will probably be Okay, do you want to risk your health doing a sport that is supposed to have many health benefits? 


jalal in use
jalal feet

These Images Are the same As Those On Other Aerial Yoga Stand Listings by Different Sellers.

jalal stand - legs

A Closer Look at the Jalal Aerial Yoga Stand

jalal dimensions

A piece of kit that gives out all the signs of being a good piece of kit. 

The Jalal Aerial Yoga Stand is made of sturdy steel pipe, composed of a beam and supporting steel pipes for legs. 

The legs are detachable and are composed of three parts that screw together. It has been designed to be portable.  Which means we can take it pretty much wherever we want to exercise. 

The seller states a maximum load capacity of 250kg/551lbs. However, no WLL is stated so we have to question what the safe working load is without the fear of it breaking. Take a look below at the “is it safe” section. 

The seller refers to it as a bracket – we are not sure why. The blurb has clearly been written by someone’s whose knowledge could be questionable. 

The seller reports that the triangular structure is a very stable shape. It also has an added safety belt that prevents the bracket from sliding, which further improves the stability of the bracket. According to the blurb is it a safe and reliable stand.

It is feet that are designed to rotate in all directions without slipping; the bottom of the foot-pad is non-slip design, which increases friction and has a better grip.

If safety is proven this could be a versatile product and could be used for aerial yoga, aerial dance, Olympic rings, hammocks and as a pull rod or swing frame – again this is according to the seller.

Many of the images used on the seller’s site and that we show here are very similar to other models being sold by Chinese tradespeople on Amazon and eBay. we would have to question if the images are real. 


Compared to some aerial yoga stands this one from Jalal is not the most expensive we have seen, check out the price of the one from GNY but it is also not the most cost-effective solution either.

Take a look at either x-poles A-Frame or the Prodigy Rig if you want a more cost-effective solution that also comes with safety ratings and from reputable sellers. 

Is It A Fake?

Whilst the Jalal Aerial yoga stand is not a fake, as they are not stating a brand name it does look very much like the Prodigy aerial yoga rig. The design is a spitting image, the top bar is the same length and so is the maximum height. It does weigh 10lbs less though. The difference in the weight is probably due to the diameter and thickness of the top bar being much smaller (50mm diameter, 3mm thick vs 45mm diameter, 1.5mm thick).

Is It Safe?

jalal materia;
Is Safety is Questionable??

The Jalal aerial yoga stand is probably safe enough but when you take into account safety factors of 5:1 like reputable companies do then you have to question whether this frame is safe or not.

We commented above that the top bar was of dimensions less than that of reputable companies. 

We can’t say much about whether the decreased thickness of the top bar will make the stand unsafe, but once you take safety factors of 5:1 into account the Jalal frame may break if used by anyone who is more than 50Kgs.  So possibly designed for children or those of a very slight frame. Find out more about Weight Load Limits (1) so you can determine for yourself if this is safe or not. 

If you plan to do grounded poses only, then this will probably be just fine but if you plan on doing any postures which are inverted or flying then it might be wise to spend your money elsewhere. 

Where To Buy It

If you are happy with how safe it is, you can buy this Jalal aerial yoga rig on Amazon

Free shipping is included in the price and they state that dispatch is within a couple of days. We assume it is being shipped from China so it might take a while to get to the UK. 

It does not appear to be for sale in the USA or overseas. 

In Summary - Would We Buy this Rig?

If we are honest, no we would not buy this Jalal Aerial Yoga Stand. It looks great on first glance, plenty of information about the product and a reasonable price. But when you look at the spec a bit more closely you realise that this might be a little bit dodgy.

It is probably just fine for grounded postures but if you are planning to hang upside down or ask it to support all of your weight you might come a little unstuck. many of the safety features of other more reputable brands are missing.

If you plan to just do grounded postures you might as well save yourself some money and buy an expanding door frame. If you plan to do inversions and flying asana’s then we advise you to check out some of the more reputable aerial yoga stands listed on our site.