Do Argos Sell Pole Dancing Poles?

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Argos is a very popular catalogue shop on the UK high street. They sell all kinds of gym equipment so a very popular question posed by some in the UK is “do Argos sell pole dancing poles?”

Whilst Argos sell a great range of gym and fitness equipment they have not, to our knowledge ever stocked pole dancing poles. But you can buy the world favourite portable pole dancing poles from X-Pole here.


So if Argos don’t sell pole dancing poles where do you buy a pole dancing pole from? 

Take a look at our pole dancing page, find out which is the best dance pole and where you can buy them from. 

The reason for this is probably because whilst the demand in the pole dancing world for a free-standing or portable dance pole is great, the demand from the general public just isn’t there. 

However, we consider a dance pole to be a specialised piece of kit just like a multi-gym or a fit box. These items just like a dance pole would not be that popular. So I guess we just don’t have the answer as to why they don’t stock them. 

It would be great if you could buy pole dancing poles from Argos. Maybe in the future, they will start stocking them. 

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About Argos

Argos is a catalogue retailer operating that is a well known shop in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company which has physical shops and online stores was established in November 1972 but was acquired by the supermarket giant Sainsbury’s in 2016. It is named after the Greek City of Argos. 

They are a great store to buy fitness equipment from, just not pole dancing poles.