Pole Dancing Apps

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When you search for a pole dancing app it can be frustrating as you often can’t find the apps that you really want to find.

Stick the search term pole dancing into the search bar of google play or the Apple apple store and up pops apps with games featuring pole dancers, apps that simply list physical schools around the world so that you can find a place to learn near you or pole dance schools apps that students can download so that they can schedule there next class or browse the timetable. 

The apps that many of us are searching for when we key in the term “pole dancing app” are way down the list. So far down that, we can’t find them. Those apps that we can install onto our android or apple phone to teach us how to learn at home can be so hard to find.

So we wanted to make a list so that it’s to find out what apps are available so we can learn tricks, spins and climbs at home. 

These apps are all brilliant to use as either a reference when we want to train, show our instructors what we want to learn or use to teach ourselves at home.

Top Pole Dancing Apps for 2021

Here’s a list of the best pole dancing apps available in 2021 for you to install on Android or Apple devices. 

Studio Veena

Studio Veena App

Studio Veena was the first person to bring us online pole dancing lessons and whilst they don’t have an app the website is fully compatible with mobile browsers so you can use it on your phone as an app if you bookmark it or make a quick link from your home page. 

We have to say it is one of the most complete programs. It’s been in operation since 2008 so there is a wealth of knowledge on the site. 

We do think the website could do with an overhaul, there is a lot of content that is becoming a little unorganised. Saying that there are subheadings for all of the areas, so once you know what is in each area you can quickly find what you are looking for. 

However, the explanations Studio Veena gives and the accompanying videos are brilliant. There is also a great pole dance community within the Studio Veen website. 

I used to use this programme way back in 2013 when I lived in a country with no physical lessons. I loved training with Veena. it felt like I had someone really in the room with me. I could start and stop the videos and reply until my brain, which is a bit like a very slow out of date processor had figured out what I had to do. 

The programme used to just teach pole moves, foam rolling and stretching but it has no been expanded to include an aerial hammock, hula hoop, chair dance and lap dance. 

When it comes to pole dancing, which this page is all about the pole dance videos are broken down into beginner, intermediates and advanced moves.

There are 30 days programmes working towards specific moves like Ayesha’s and caterpillar climbs where you focus on building strength in the muscles needed to execute the pose plus essential poses needed to get the focus moves. Like building blocks to achieve the goal. These programmes are aimed at speeding up your pole progress with my easy, step by step, tutorials and 30-day programs.

As well as moves Veena gives teaches you how routines on the pole and on the floor. 

If you are looking to learn how to pole dance then you can’t go wrong with subscribing to Studio Veena. 

Pole Dance Community

pole dance community

The pole dance community (1) has been around for a long time. It was set up in 2009 as an advisory and awarding body for the pole dancing industry to help self regulate pole dancing instructors and studios. They created an internationally recognised Pole Dance Syllabus.

The Syllabus was originally available to access online or via a video that you could buy. Times have moved on and the syllabus can be accessed via the PDC app which is available on Android and iOS. 

The app features 336 moves which are divided into 6 difficulty levels. You can tick that you have completed a move for your own information.

The syllabus is a handy reference to moves that you can learn. There are short videos of all of the moves featured. The speed at which the videos are played can be altered to 20% and 50%. So great for watching them in slow motion. The slow speed is great if you need to watch in slow-mo. 

Level one features a lot of transitions and pole walks. Level six features Janeiro, iron-X and meat hooks and star fish. Some of those really advanced moves. 

The moves within each level are listed in alphabetic order. It would be nice if you could switch it to order of difficulty. 

The only negative is that there is no verbal instruction on how to do the moves or how to link them together if you are interested in making routines.

So the app is not there to teach you how to do the moves but nearly a great reference for remembering what you might have learned in class last week or 3 years ago. 

The app is not there to replace attending a physical school to learn from a qualified teacher. 

Would we recommend this app: Yes as a handy reference but no if you want to learn how new moves. 



This pole dancing app says you can Learn Pole Fitness At Home No Matter Your Skill Or Fitness Level. The developers claim that it’s the perfect solution to getting fit while you have fun and being sexy. 

This app has been created with the aim of teaching you how t pole dance from the comfort of your own home. 

It also features flexibility, HIIT and chain dance programmes. 

All of the workouts are broken down into levels, and each level has subsections that make it easy for you to follow along and progress. 

The app features fun and effective workout videos designed to help you reach your fitness goals.  It allows you to stay motivated by giving you rewards when you complete a workout.

After downloading the app we revealed it looks clean and bright. It appears well set out. With several sections. the first of which introduces the instructors. 

The other sections are all focused on teaching you how to pole dance. The sections include warm-up, bonus material, Level 1 – 5 (beginners to advanced), handsprings, and level one flexibility. 

Each section has plenty of content. For example level 3 has 11 sections with a total of 56 sessions. Each session includes a video of the move and a verbal explanation of what’s going on.

We like this app because it not only teaches the moves but teaches you how to link moves together as well as teaching you simple routines.  


The app is free to install but does feature in-app purchases. It works on iPhone or on Android phones Download from IOS App Store or Google Play.

To access any of the content you need to create an account and subscribe. We find it disappointing that the website and app do not reveal how much the subscription is until you have created an account. Clearly, it’s a good way to get your contact details so that they can follow up with you if you don’t subscribe at first. But not very transparent. 

If you fancy giving this pole dancing app a go you can get two weeks free. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you don’t mean to continue with it. 

Using the App

After creating an accountvia the website we tried to log into the app on our device. It didn;t accept our password. Assuming we had got it wrong we tried to reset the password via the app. Sadly this function didn;t work for us. The screen just froze. 

We tried creating a second account via the app, but once we tried to log back in that didn’t work either. 

So we took a look at some of the reviews in the meantime,

“The only thing I wish I knew before buying the year membership is that some of the choreos in the beginner tab doesn’t work or load and many of the videos I’ve watched so far have the low camera and mic quality. I don’t feel the year’s membership is worth the low-quality videos. However, the tutorials are great!”

“Nice app but for beginners needs more step by step breakdown of each move. Goes too fast into each section and won’t let you zoom in to see hand positions or hard to rewind to few seconds. Need body mechanics on how to lift yourself on the pole or more conditioning exercises. Each section needs to be longer.”

As we couldn’t get the app to let us create an account after 3 or 4 attempts we finally gave up. 

We hope you have more look if this app is something that interests you. We’re going to stick with Studio Veena’s online lessons for now. 

Pole Power App

This app doesn’t teach you pole moves, but it does guide you through over 35 excellent warmups, stretches, and conditioning exercises from pole teachers from around Europe, with videos and tips.

As well as warm-ups, stretches and conditioning exercises this app also features a venue finder so if you’re moving or going on holiday you can find a studio near you. 

As this app is free to download it’s worth an install. If you find that it’s not useful you can always delete it without feeling bad because you are losing out on a few dollars. 

This app hasn’t been updated since September 6, 2017. That’s a long time without any updates.

An app that was originally for the whole pole community and was being built with zero budget, so they started building it and waited to see if anyone used it before they invested time and money into it. We guess that not many people used it as it is still very basic with not much content. The content which is there is a little basic. 

Using the app:

There are 3 sections to the app, train, find venues and feedback. This is what we found when we tested each part.

Find Venues

The app asks permission to know your location so it can search for nearby locations. This feature didn’t seem to work very well for us. After 5 minutes of search, it was still looking. 


This area of the Pole Power App has 5 subsections, Air Candy’s Stretching, Jelena’s Pole Warm-Ups, Drehmoments Conditioning, No-Pole warm-ups and bonus material.

If of these sections has 4 or 5 exercises. Each exercise has a pretty poor quality video and a small description underneath. 

We’re not very impressed with any of the exercises, descriptions or videos. 


This explains what is going on with the app and gives you links for Facebook, Instagram, and email. They haven’t updated any social media since 2019.


It looks like the creators had a good idea some years ago but not the enthusiasm to complete the project. 

Would we recommend this app: Not at the moment. If the designers come back, add more content, and make improvements, it might be worth installing. 


Pole PT

Brought to us by the author of the Pole PT book that has taken the pole dancing community by storm.  This app doesn’t teach you how to pole dance but you can buy programms that teach you the essential moves you need to be able to do before you master an advanced move and technique on and off the pole so that you develop the stretch in the correct muscles to be able to achieve the focus move. 

What we like about this app is that the pricing is transpatent. if you look on the website you can see how much each programme costs. 

The programmes are 6-8 weeks and cost around £89 each. The prices are in pounds because the Personal trainer that created the programme is british. If you are in the USA, each programme will set you back about £123. When you think about it, the price is quite reasonable for an 8 week training schedule. But if you are adding this on top of pole dancing lessons the price might start to get a little bit too much. But I guess that depends on how much you want to achieve your pole goals. 

OpenDance Academy

We haven’t installed this on our phone yet. We’re out reviwing it – we’ll be back soon with more information.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a pole dancing app that teaches you how to pole dance at home, you are kind out out of look. There isn’t the ideal one out there and you might need to use a varity of resources. Studio Veena whilst she doesn’t have an app the website which can be used on your phone offers the most compete package.

The Pole PT is brilliant if you want a package that helps you get the strength you need to master a certain pose over several weeks.

If you want a handy reference to the moves and a quick demo of how to do them, them the PDC’s app is worth installing.

Should you be serious about learning to pole dance via a pole dancing app then use Studio Veena on your mobile browser alongside the Pole PT and the PDC’s app.

You might eek at the cost of all of these apps but once you have bought them you will have the information for life if you download and store it on a device somewhere.  

The price might scare you but pole dancing apps are fast becoming one of the pole dancing essentials.