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The Best Shorts for Pole Dancing


Looking for the best pole dancing shorts for pole fitness? You’ve come to the right place. Pole dance shorts are the must-have item of clothing for anyone looking to nail those pole goals. 

Pole dancing shorts are an imperative piece of kit if you are a fan of pole dance and fitness – whether it’s climbing or performing a combo of thigh and knee hangs – you need those legs out. 

Leggings might work well for warm ups and spins but pole dancers need to have bare skin showing if they want to climb or do any inverted moves. Whilst sticky leggings might be great in the cooler months, ultimately you want sexy shorts revealing lots of leg and for some moves you need your bum cheeks out.  

But there are some important issues to consider: what length of shorts should you go for? Do you want to reveal as much skin as possible to show body confidence or do you want to cover up a much as is feasible? And, most importantly, will the shorts stay put or expose your nether regions?  

Well don’t worry – we’ve done the rounds and picked out all of the best pairs of pole dancing shorts for you to shop now for pole dancing, condition and fitness classes or sexy pole flow. So without further ado, read on for the best pole dance shorts.

Our Top rated Brand in 2020

Wink Active Wear

A leading UK clothing brand for pole, yoga and fitness wear

Favourite Budget Shorts

Starbild summer high waist pole fitness dancing shorts

A great pair of pole dancing shorts with a ruched bum with outside pockets.  They claim to offer tummy control, be squat-proof, stretchy, lightweight, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, breathable as well as soft and comfy. The ruched detail on the hip helps to lift up your butt, highlight your buttocks and make you look sexier. The translucent high waistband enhances their charm. They come in a range of colors and sizes so you can pick your favs or buy a few pairs. 

This is a great pair of high-waist compression pole dancing shorts for those that don’t want to harm their bank balance too much.  

Best high Waisted Shorts

Finest Low waisted Shorts

Discover the Cheekiest Shorts

Pleaser Usa

The go to brand for pole dance shoes world-wide!

Buying Guide: Pole Dancing Shorts

If you’re on a budget there is no denying that designer pole dancing shorts can be a tad expensive. Whether you think they are worth spending the money on is for your bank balance to tell you.

If you are on a budget a pair of boy shorts from your local supermarket or department store will function just fine on the pole. Back when we started out on our pole dancing journey over 15 years ago girls went crazy over sparkly shorts from Primark.

Saying that there are some amazing designers of pole wear around the world and they create beautiful shorts that are pretty to look at and designed to flatter your body. They are also constructed with pole dancing in mind. 

There are a plethora of brands out there it is easy to find a style and design that suits your personal taste and style. Designers of pole wear have created shorts that allow maximum skin exposure in all the right places but have designed them so that they stay put during the most demanding of pole moves. 

So what should you look for in the ideal pair? A good set of pole shorts should allow your legs to breathe, wick sweat from the body, and not move around but not restrict your movement. A waistband that is too tight or material that rides up as your invert is a surefire way to make you go a little bit red in the face. No one wants to be pulling their pants to cover the crotch whilst hanging upside down. 

Another key point to bear in mind is the style. We generally find that compression styles work best whether you like to go skimpy or cover up with high-waisted shorts.

Considering the amount of pole wear ranges out there (we’re pretty sure our wardrobe is not 50% pole wear) finding the right pair can be daunting. Here we have tried and tested an array of pole shorts – from high-street favorites to high-performance pole wear brands – to help you avoid the dreaded bunching issue and find pole shorts that last the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general retailers allow you to return items if you have bought the online.

As a general guide returns must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered with original tags attached and in original condition.

Unless stated otherwise the buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping cost on returns.

Some stores may charge a restocking fee – which seems a little harsh when you can’t see items that you buy online before hand. 

Ensure you check and accept the returns policy before you buy any new clothes for pole. 


Generally speaking shorts are made of cotton or lycra.  Lycra is a good choice for pole wear because it is moisture-wicking and it doesn’t irritate the skin!

There are not many eco friendly materials that act like lycra but many retailers are switching to sustainable products. 

If you’re looking for something special that’s not off the rack for a photo shoot, competition or show there are a number of retailers that offer a custom order service.

There are so many brands of pole clothes. But what do you do if the company who make those dream shorts are located at the other side of the world? As look would have it many of the bigger brands have international stockists. If they don’t then ask them if they ship world-wide.  Most would be pretty happy to oblige. 

There are a plethora of online stores that you can buy from. Many online retailers stock a huge range of pole wear brands. We have a list of online stores and brands on our site. 

If you don’t want to buy cheap pole wear for practice and class look out for discount and clearance sections. Also, many retailers and stockists have sales at certain times of the year. Black Friday and the January sales can be great days to pick up fantastic deals on pole dancing shorts. 

There are so many brands developing pole dancing shorts specifically for pole fitness and dance. Companies such as Rad, Creatures of XIX, Bad Kitty, Bandursuka make some amazing pole shorts. 

Many stores now cater for plus size ladies and make some beautiful sets of shorts and tops. Take a look at our post that reveals the top 10 outfits for plus size pole dancers.

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