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Pole Dancing Clothes


Whether it’s pole class, home training, a competition or a photo shoot you do NEED those new Pole Dancing Clothes 🙂  

Sexy Pole Attire is awesome!

If it’s getting cold outside you WILL NEED warm layers to keep you warm whilst you warm up ahead of getting on the pole or perhaps sticky leggings to keep you toasty whilst you spin, climb and invert on the pole. The days of freezing cold studios are mostly a thing of the past but you still need layers to keep those muscle warm and ready for action. Invest in warm pole dancing clothes to travel to and from the studio in and wear whilst you do the warm up for class.

With so many brands, online stockists and styles of pole wear it can all get a bit confusing. So we have put together a concise list of all the items you could possibly buy for your pole bag and listed them below for inspiration. Hit the links to find styles, colours and variations on the theme. 

There are so many online stockists to buy your next outfit from but who offers free, fast shipping?  Which stockists allow you to return your purchase? Who has the best prices or allows you to spread the cost. Are there any discount coupons available and when do clothes for pole dance go on sale?  Read our buying guides and find out the answers to these questions. 

Our Top rated Brand in 2020

Wink Active Wear

A leading UK clothing brand for pole, yoga and fitness wear

Best Shorts for Pole Fitness

Discover your perfect pole dance shorts. Find the pair that lifts and holds your bum; staying put during those important moments – making it look it’s best at all times. Learn which label excels to give you performance and style. Check out which gym shorts are made of luxurious fabrics and don’t pinch.

Best high Waisted Shorts

Finest Low waisted Shorts

Discover the Cheekiest Shorts

Sports Bra

Tops for Pole Fitness

Get top quality and comfortable tops that are perfect for Pole Dancing. Discover the online stores and brands that have the largest selection of cuts and colour combinations. Choose between sports bras, crop tops, vest (tank) tops and hoodies.
Sports bras are essential for those moves that require a little bit of stomach on the pole. Fancy a bit more coverage then a crop top is a good option. Cover your crop top or sports bra with a vest (tank) top for those days when you don't want to reveal too much skin until it is absolutely essential.

If you're feeling a little chilly add a hoodie.

Sports Bras

Crop Tops

Vest Tops

Hoodies / Jumpers


Meet your new pair of leggings, perfect for traveling to and from the studio in or to keep you warm for that all important warm up.  Discover quality brands and a huge selection of colours, designs, sizes and patterns.

Whether your looking for a simple pair of black leggings, or a pair that are high waisted to 3/4 cropped leggings that are made out of lace, velvet or are printed we are sure you will find the perfect pair for you!

Want to practice your inverts in leggings – no worries select a pair that are sticky. Grippy leggings are this seasons must have item!



Other bits of Pole Dancing Clothes

The range of clothes you can now buy for pole dancing and fitness is endless. The items below may not be as in demand as the attire above, but there is definitely a market for them in the pole world.  Bodysuits are becoming really popular attire for dancers to don, especially for pole shoots or if you have a bit of belly you would like to keep covered.

Suspenders around the bottom of your shorts can also look extremely flattering when spinning around the pole.

Find clothes that are made from the highest quality super stretch fabrics that work as a second skin, providing comfort and support.


Harness/ Suspenders

Footwear & Accessories

Buy your Exotic Sexy Shoes for Sexy Flow classes from reputable online stores.

knee pads

Back warmers

Pleaser Usa

The go to brand for pole dance shoes world-wide!

What should I wear to Pole Class?

We are pole addicts. You name it – we have tried the brand, the style and probably almost every colour – yup, we are junkies!

If you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing it for years there is no real need to spend a fortune on shorts, tops and other items of clothing. Any old pair of shorts and a sports bra will do. Pick some cheap pants up in a budget store like H&M, Tesco or Walmart and grab a sports bra at the same time.

However, pole wear should make you feel confident and free to do your best. If the cheap, budget brand does that for you then great.

But if you desire something special to boost your confidence, you have a competition or show coming up then you might want to spend a bit more. Prices range from reasonable to what we personally think is a bit more expensive / bordering a crazy sum. But it all depends what your budget is and how often you wear it. There will be some amazing choices whatever your budget.

Whether you like the scantily clad outfits or want a little more coverage you will find that there is plenty of choice. Functional and flattering Pole Clothes to suit a variety of shapes and styles are flooding the market.

But “Which is the best brand?“,  “Which is the best online retailer?” and which are the best to fly, swing, climb and dance, even when upside down in?

Some retailers boast features like intelligent contouring that enhance the natural shape of your body creating a tight, toned and seamless look. Others claim that the clothes are made from the highest quality fabrics that work with your body to boost your workout!

Breathable, moisture wicking, super stretch, colour fast fabrics are what we need.

As pole junkies our aim is to seek out quality products from around the world that are exciting & unique and available to buy online. A one stop resource for all pole clothes – bringing you cutting edge pole dancing clothing.

Pole dancing clothes might be pretty but some of it is very expensive…….and maybe we’re a bit prudish but after years of professionals trying to stay away from the sexy side some would question if some of the outfits available are really meant for the pole class or are they more for the stage, competitions and pole shoots? I really don’t want to see that much of someone’s bum during class. We’ll just leave that hanging there……

A lot of the outfits created are coming from Australia, UK, Ireland, Europe or the USA.  

Take a look above and find the essential items of pole dancing clothes that you can’t live without, then take a look at our recommended bits and bobs in each selection and perhaps pop some of them in your basket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In general retailers allow you to return items if you have bought the online.

As a general guide returns must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered with original tags attached and in original condition.

Unless stated otherwise the buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping cost on returns.

Some stores may charge a restocking fee – which seems a little harsh when you can’t see items that you buy online before hand. 

Ensure you check and accept the returns policy before you buy any new clothes for pole. 


Generally speaking shorts, sports bras, vests and crop tops are made of cotton or lycra.  Lycra is a good choice for pole wear because it is moisture-wicking and it doesn’t irritate the skin! Scuba is often used to make shoe protectors from.

However if you want items such as leggings to stick to the pole look out for sticky materials like pvc, leather or vinyl. There are a number of companies that make grippy clothes which have been specifically designed for pole – these often have silicon or pvc strips added to them. 

There are not many eco friendly materials that act like lycra but many retailers are switching to sustainable products. 

If you’re looking for something special that’s not off the rack for a photo shoot, competition or show there are a number of retailers that offer a custom order service.

Yes and no. It depends what you want to do on the pole. If you are going to sexy pole flow and spins on the pole then you can wear anything you want when pole dancing.  But if you plan to climb, sit or do any tricks that require you to grip the pole, you are going to need to take those layers off.

However, a number of sticky, grippy items of pole wear have been created that might mean you don’t need to strip to pants and crop top on the coldest of days. Sticky leggings and other grip aids have been developed. We are also researching to find out if you could make DIY grippy clothes….watch this space.

If you want to grip the pole when wearing leggings you can invest in some specially developed grippy ones. 

There are so many brands of pole clothes. But what do you do if the company who make those dream shorts are located at the other side of the world? As look would have it many of the bigger brands have international stockists. If they don’t then ask them if they ship world-wide.  Most would be pretty happy to oblige. 

There are a plethora of online stores that you can buy from. Many online retailers stock a huge range of pole wear brands. We have a list of online stores and brands on our site.  We came across a small brand that we would like to share with you: Pole Dynamix

If like us you don’t want to buy cheap pole dancing clothes for practice and class look out for discount and clearance sections. Also many retailers and stockists have sales at certain times of the year. Black Friday and the January sales can be a great day to pick up some great deals on pole clothes. 

There are so many brands developing items specifically for pole fitness and dance. Companies such as Rad, Creatures of XIX, Bad Kitty, Bandursuka make some amazing items. 

Many stores now cater for plus size ladies and make some beautiful sets of shorts and tops. Take a look at our post that reveals the top 10 outfits for plus size pole dancers.

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