Learn to Pole Dance with the Best Pole Fitness DVDs

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Pole dance DVDs might seem a little outdated in today’s technological advanced world but there are some amazing DVDs with pole dancing workouts for beginners and those advanced pole fitness enthusiasts. 

They are a great addition to your weekly pole class or to learn from the very start if there are not any lessons close by.  

If you use DVDs in addition to your weekly class or you use your purchased DVD twice a week you will be dancing like a pro in no time at all.

Over the years the pole dance DVDs which are good to learn from have been sieved from the ones which are of lower quality. 

Which is the Best Pole Fitness DVD?

So many pole dancing dvds have been released over the last ten years. It’s hard to know which is the best to buy when you are just starting out. All of the DVD collections listed below have been created by some of the bigger names in pole fitness. You will find that they are all worth the money you spend on them. 

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Our Best pole Fitness DVD!

Felix Cane - Pole Mastery Series

LEARN: 100 pole moves, tricks, transitions, variations and artistic points


felix cane pole mastery dvds

They Say: 

World Champion Felix Cane Pole Dance DVD Instruction Series. Disc 5: Flexibility Improve your flexibility for overall health and well-being as well as facilitate beautiful lines in your pole dancing Appropriate from beginner to advanced (even if you’re NOT a pole dancer) All stretches explained step-by-step, specially sequenced and timed as you participate directly with Felix Join us as pole dance has gone mainstream! Expect amazing things from the first ever instructional DVD series by World Champion Pole Dance Artist and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Felix Cane. Start with a full warm-up, and then get fit and have fun as you learn step-by-step from the very best in the world.

We Think: 

Felix Cane is a Two time World Champion Pole Artist and a Cirque Du Soleil sensation. She lives in Perth, Western Australia. She now owns the Polaris studio in Perth. She created the pole mastery series back some years ago. 

There are five DVDs in the series where you will learn well over 100 pole moves, variations, transitions and artistic points.

The series includes a full-length warm-up, step-by-step instruction, proven methods for safely gaining flexibility, artistry secrets, signature acrobatic pole moves, and breath-taking routines.

Each video provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for each move or routine.

The Pole Mastery Series will teach you how to master the art of pole dance and get fit. It’s a comprehensive DVD series!

It’s a great series to learn and improve your pole dancing skills.

The best place to buy this DVDs series is second hand on eBay. 

Jamilla Deville - Art of Pole

The Art of Pole DVD

Jamilla Deville is one of the world’s best-known pole dancers, and a pioneer of the art form. Jamilla started pole dancing in the year 2000.

She went on to be voted by the global pole community as IPDFA International Instructor of the Year in 2010 & 2011, as well as Pole Dance International Magazine’s Instructor of the Year 2011. 

Jamilla created The Art of Pole DVD series, which is also known as “the pole dancer’s bible” by some. The Art of Pole Collection became a top-selling pole dance instructional DVD series.

The Art of Pole takes you from the very basics of pole dancing and instructs you step by step in the finer points of technique.

Every DVD in the series includes a thorough warm-up, cool down, conditioning and stretching section, as well as live performances from Jamilla (with a cameo from pole goddess, Fawnia Dietrich).

Learn walks, spins, climbs, inversions, mounts and dismounts; smooth transitioning, snappy combinations, and the touches that make pole moves into pole dance. 

This DVDs series is still available to buy brand new. 

Jamilla Deville - Routines

After the success of the Art of Pole DVD series mentioned above Jamilla went on to produce two more DVDs simply called Jamilla Deville – Routines.

These two DVDs teach you how to perform pole dance routines around your pole. Turn the moves you learnt in the art of pole dance series into a routine with these easy to follow routine DVDs by Jamilla. 

These DVDs can still be bought brand new. 

The Pole Fitness Series

The Pole Fitness Series

We have to admit that we don’t know much about this DVD series apart from that they are still available to buy brand new. However, our first impressions of the cover shown in the advert aren’t very good. They look very amateurish. 

There is three volumes in the series. The first is 40 minutes cardio workout that does not involve any spins or airborne moves. So is suitable for beginners. 

The second DVDs is focused on toning and building strength. It targets the upper and lower body as well as the core utilising exercises that use only a dance pole and your own body weight. The seller claims that the DVD will help you build the strength you need to safely execute all those spins, lifts and crazy tricks!

The third DVDs is all about Stretching & Flexibility – it shows you how to work with your dance pole to help improve your flexibility. Using your pole you will stretch muscles that are hard to get at. This volume also includes a 20-minute stretching routine that you can do anytime.

Each DVD costs $25 or you can buy it in a bundle for $65 saving $10.

Pole Motion

pole motion

Pole Motion was born in 2011, with the release of a pole fitness DVD featuring Justine McLucas. Pole Motion was born in 2011, with the release of a pole fitness DVD featuring Justine McLucas. Pole motion only released one DVD, which features step by step instruction, covering basic spins, poses, pole sits, floorwork and hand grips.

What you get on the DVD is a fun warm up routine around the pole, 3 lessons, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions, a stretch out session and special bonus features.

Pole motions DVD featured in Glamour Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, The Sunday Mirror and handbag.com and got a 5-star rating on Amazon!

This DVD is suitable for beginners and those looking for a refresher course on moves they probably have learned in class. 

This DVD is still available to buy new. It costs £11.99. 

Pole Dance & Fitness

pole dance and fitness

This single DVD delivers an intensive course aimed at intermediates. 

With the help of two assistants Jeannine Wilkerling: German pole dance champion from 2007 to 2010; shows you how you can advance your own potential of figures based on pole sports basics.

The DVD which takes one hour to complete shows you step-by-step exercises of the rotating pole such as inverts and many other challenging figures.

It delivers a whole-body fitness workout but leaves lots of room for your own creativity. 

We have to admit we have not tried this DVD but it gets 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The reviews suggest that “Everything is explained and shown very well”, “Just super helpful.” and “I think the DVD is well suited for beginners. Everything is well explained and also presented several times for each page.”

However, the DVD is in German with English subtitles. 

So take the language into consideration if you plan to buy this.

The good thing is that this is still available to buy brand new. 

Benefits of learning from DVDs

Pole dance DVDs are a great way to learn the art of pole fitness. Whether you’re a beginner you can learn the moves needed for this great form of fitness. If you’re a pro you can sharpen your skills and take them to a new level.

Pole dance DVDs are great if you can’t make it to class.

You can revisit moves you have already learnt or learn new moves. Many DVDs will show you how to link together the moves you have learnt into a routine. So not only will you get build strength but you will also get a cardio workout by linking together spins, tricks and transitions. 

You can’t make class because you’re not sure you will make it out of work on time or you have no one to look after the kids but you still want to learn how to pole dance. DVDs are the perfect way. You can train at a time that fits around work, social occasions and childcare. 

DVDs are cost efficient when you compare it to subscription fees for apps and online lessons. You pay once and the DVD is yours for life. 

Disadvantages of Learning from a Pole Dancing DVD

The main disadvantage of DVDs is that once you have done it a few times you might get a little bored of doing it and then need to buy a new one. Also once you have mastered the moves for that level, especially beginner moves the DVD might become obsolete.

The other thing with DVDs is that you need to take your DVD and TV into the room you train, or for some people, you will need to bring the entire set-up outside with you. Unless of course, you have a DVD fitted into a laptop. 

This is one reason why pole dance apps are a better way to learn in this day and age because you can have them running on your very portable phone or tablet. 

Where to Buy Pole Dance DVDs From?

If you want to learn how to pole dance at home and you have a DVD player then pole dance DVDs can be a great way to learn. 

Many of the DVDs created over the last ten years or so are now out of production so the best place to pick up your DVDs is on eBay although it is still possible to buy a new copy of some DVDs on Amazon.