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Who is The Yoga Girl on Instagram?

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Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher famous for her book “the Yoga Girl“, which is also the name of her Instagram account. The Swedish yogi set up a yoga school on the Island of Aruba after discovering yoga in Costa Rica. Since writing the book The Yoga girl has been featured on the front on many yoga and fitness magazines over the years.  

She has written a number of books, published Yoga DVDs &  Online lessons, runs virtual yoga retreats and frequently publishes podcasts for her followers to listen to. If you’re interested to tread what she has to say there is a weekly blog for you to read on her website.

In 2018 she founded the Yoga Girl® group of companies. The mission of all of these companies “is healing what’s on the inside so we can aid in the massive healing needed in the outside world.”

Who is Rachel Brathen?

Rachel Brathen is an author, motivational speaker and international yoga teacher.

She’ published the New York Times bestseller “Yoga Girl”, several more books and she inspires more than one million followers on Instagram every day. In 2017, Forbes named Brathen to its list of the most important social media influencers in the fitness category, noting that Brathen can command a $25,000 fee per Instagram post (2).

You can take yoga classes with her at Island Yoga in Aruba or online via her online platform. A number of teacher have taking 200 hour yoga certification with her. 

She seems to have her figures in many pies, the website “yoga girl” is packed with plenty and on first glimpse can look a little confusing. 

The Rachel Brathen, The Yoga girl is not to be confused with the “Aerial Yoga Girl” who practices aerial yoga in a hammock. As far as we can tell Brathen doesn’t take part in this practice but she does practice handstands on a paddleboard so perhaps she would love it if she tried. 


Yoga Collection - Online lessons

The certified yoga teacher has several platforms you can take classes with her online.

Take a look at the “yoga girl” website and you can sign up for classes and online retreats with her.

Alternatively you can take classes on VHX Tv. which is operated by Vimeo OTT. 

Whichever option you choose you will need to sign up for a subscription deal. 


Yoga Girl

Brathen wrote the book “Yoga Girl” which became a New York Times best-seller in April 2015 (1).

In Yoga Girl, Brathen takes readers beyond her Instagram feed and shares her journey like never before—from her self-destructive teenage years in her hometown in Sweden to her adventures in the jungles of Costa Rica, and finally to the beautiful and bohemian life she’s built through yoga and meditation in Aruba today.

In 2019, she published a second book called –To Love and Let Go: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Gratitude from Yoga Girl.

It gets 5 stars from well over a 1000 readers.

The book is a moving and inspirational memoir on how to cope with tragedy, adversity, and change through yoga. Rachel wrote this book after she herself suffering with depression after a series of traumatic events took the time to to heal and an opportunity to be reborn herself whilst pregnant with her little girl. Read about the tools Rachel used to cope with and overcome her depression.

Her Recommendations

We guess that Rachel Brathen frequently gets asked questions about what yoga clothes and equipment she uses because she has an area on Amazon where she recommends a ton of stuff that might help you with your practice including yoga mats, yoga apparel, books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rachel Brathen, AKA the Yoga girl lives in Aruba with her husband and daughter. 

the yoga girl was born on October 5th 1988. At the time of writing she is 32 years of age. 

The yoga girl got married to Dennis Schoneveld in 2014. his Instagram feed claims he is an all around Waterman & Triathlon Enthusiast.