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Can The Best Exercise for Us Really Be Determined By Our Star Sign?

Last week I decided to treat myself to a real, made from paper magazine. I was drawn to the particular magazine because on the front it was advertising that it revealed the best workout for your zodiac sign. I’m one of those really sceptical people when it comes to horoscopes but I was strangely drawn to it thinking it might offer some insight into the next type of exercise I try. If I chose the best exercise regime based on the suggested zodiac workout could i get fitter? Stick with an exercise plan?

I’ve tried all sorts of exercise classes. At first I love them, in fact I can’t get enough of them and then if my pattern gets upset and I stop going for whatever reason, I can find it hard to get back into the swing of going. This has become more apparent after having a child which makes having any sort of routine difficult at times. 

Could these minor issues be due to my star sign? Lets take a look and find out what I found out. Is it all a load of mumble jumble or is there a style of exercise I should be aiming for to keep my enthusiasm levels up. Or could it be that i just need to keep swapping and changing so that I have a challenge, something to work towards and focus my attention and commitment to workout. 

I’m going to start by looking at my star sign, as I said Sagittarius and then have a look at each of the other 11 star signs.

Just a heads up I’m doing my research at the sun signs website (1)

zodiac sign workouts
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Sagitarius - What is my best Zodiac Workout?

Sagitarius zodiac workout

It starts by saying I am in luck because I’m a fire sign and I can’t sit still. That is certainly true, it drives my husband crazy that I’m up and down like a jack in the box. He’s one of those odd (in my opinion 🙂 ) people that could sit still for hours. 

Not sitting still due to high energy and metabolism are great for leading a healthy lifestyle, the calories you burn from fidgeting and getting up to do jobs means you burn calories without even realising it.

The next thing it says is that I like to travel so get easily distracted from a work out regime. This is certainly true and I don’t think it is just travel that gets in the way, just life in general and trying to fit in a social life as well. I do find that I’m easily distracted from a routine. 

The next thing it says is that I will like to change things up, variety being the spice of life for you. This is certainly true.

It says good exercise options for Sagittarians is rock climbing, white water rafting, rollerblading, aerobics, bicycling, gymnastics, and competitive sports. 

I personally love yoga, the high energy sun power yoga not the mamby pamby sitting around and meditating type. I also love pole dancing, aerial yoga and aerial sling. I used to take regular spin classes but since having my child I’ve not got back into those – but that is more a time thing. Pole and aerial arts are very much like gymnastics.

Also they are in a group class, as I’ve booked I’m committed to it, it makes me go. I have friends to meet there too.  

I have to conclude that what it say’s is correct. I already seem to be selecting the best styles of fitness for my zodiac workout.

But if I read what it says about all the other 11 star signs will I find that I can draw things I agree with those stars signs as well?

What Did I think When I read the Best Zodiac Workout for the other 11 Signs?

Well, let me tell you, that I didn’t look at all 11 signs as after reading the first 4 I had made up my mind. 

I could take things from all of them that would work for me.

In general whilst there were aspects mentioned that were specific to a certain sign like cancer should go swimming because they are a water sign.

In general eveythuibng I read was applicable for me as a sagitariun. 

More Research

I was reading the Byrdie website (2) to find out their take on zodiac workouts and this snippet of info I quite liked

“In astrology, we can use the Sun Signs to help identify ways to use our energy that best suits our workout needs,” explains astrologer Brad Williams. “For example, if you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) then we would likely look for something actionable to help release some of that fire. A water sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces may need a workout that helps ground and center them. For Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) the ideal workout would be something that can help us materially in our day-to-day life. If you are an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), perhaps a more mentally challenging or connecting workout might do the trick.”

In Conclusion

Zodiac fitness, who would have thought that it was really a thing? It seems that the stars agree with the best fitness regime for my sign is correct. I’m still not a believer, but did I select the fun alternative forms of exercise I take part in because of my zodiac sign?

However, when I read about what some other zodiac signs should do for exercise I found that most of it was just repeated information, Maybe that’s because I am a sceptic and I went in with blinkered eyes and thoughts?

Why not take a look at your zodiac workout and see if you agree with me.

What’s the best workout according to your zodiac sign? Why not follow the link to website mentioned above and see what it says about your star sign?

If the whole planet was to work out there zodiac sign and did an astrology workout based on what the stars say would the world be full of healthy and fitter individuals?

Want to work out what you star sign is? There is a cute little calculator over on horoscopes dates that you can head over to and find out what you astrology sign is and then figure out what the best zodiac workout for you is.