Aerial Yoga Girl

Who is She?

Karlene Linxweiler - aerial yoga girl

Who is the aerial yoga girl?

Karlene Linxweiler is the aerial yoga girl. 

And you’ve guessed it she practices aerial yoga and hence the name. 

She has a huge following on Instagram. Whilst she started with aerial yoga in one of those delicious yoga hammocks she has now moved in to aerial silks as well. After all it is the same material.

As well as a huge Instagram following where you can see the latest moves she is practicing via the 911 posts that she’s made to date you can visit her studio or workshops to learn aerial yoga and or aerial silks. If you can’t get to see her in person you can take online aerial yoga lessons. 

She’s the owner of the Most Complete Aerial Fitness and Aerial Yoga Online Tutorial Site, Aerial yoga girl TV. 

As well as online lessons she is dipping her toes into creating lots of products such as aerial yoga manuals aimed at those looking to teach – you don’t get any certification so you have to debate the value of this. 

She’s produced an aerial silks journal where you can tick of all the foot locks and moves you have mastered. It also includes nutritional support, conditioning and warm up moves as well as a cross training plan. 

She is a master at aerial yoga and the products she is creating in our opinion have some small value but if you’re looking for teacher training choose a training courses where you get a certification. The manual whilst in it’s 5th edition is a bit disorganised. 

The online aerial yoga classes are worth investing in though if you can’t make it to class. 

Aerial Yoga Girl TV & Live Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga TV hosts two ways that you can learn. 

The original platform, aerial yoga TV (formerly Kama Fit TV) where you can subscribe to watch a host of pre-recorded videos which teach you the following things:

  • Warm Up, Flexibility, and Conditioning Drills
  • Aerial Yoga Poses and Sequences
  • Aerial Sling and Hammock Moves
  • Aerial Silks Climbs
  • Aerial Silks Foot Lock Moves
  • Aerial Silks Body Wraps
  • Aerial Silks Drops
  • Aerial Silks Sequences

Or you can subscribe to watch what the Aerial Yoga girl calls Live Aerial Yoga videos. But you have to debate if they actually are live. She teaches one new class a week, and then you have access to what is a huge library of previous classes she has taught. It’s not exactly what i would call live but you do get access to a lot of classes.

Personally if I’m paying for a live class, I’d like her watching me on zoom to make sure I’m doing it right. However, all classes are labelled by intention and levels, as well as organized into units for you to easily find, view, and check off classes as you complete them.

Taking that into consideration I’d probably stick with the original Aerial yoga TV. 

Both Aerial yoga TV and Live Aerial yoga require separate subscriptions.  One is around $10 and the other $20 per month. 

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