Best Attire for Flying Fitness in 2021

Aerial Yoga Clothes


Are you wondering what to wear to your aerial yoga class? Do you want to invest in the best attire for practicing your asana’s in the air? Well that’s just perfect because you have found the number one site to visit if you are looking for aerial yoga clothes.

As standard a pair of leggings (or shorts) are worn along with a t-shirt or long sleeved top that covers your arm pits. Some students choose to wear yoga socks to prevent them slipping on the ground and to give them more stability when standing in the hammock – these are of course optional. 

Below we take a look at the best available in 2021 for all budgets.

Best Aerial yoga Clothes for 2021

Follow the links below and find out which hammock or swing is the best for you to invest your money in, find the number one A-frames and Rigs, Select top quality rigging and grab the yoga mat that will be top choice for aerial yoga postures and inversions.

Aerial yoga clothes - what do people wear?

It’s a common question, but just think about what you would wear to a yoga class and pop on the same.

Most studios will prefer you to wear a top that covers for arm pits. This is for hygiene reasons. Nobody wants to use a hammock that smells of the previous users arm pits 🙂

Whilst hammocks will get washed frequently it would be impossible for a studio to wash after every use – so respect your fellow yogi’s and wear a top that covers your pits 🙂

Leggings or shorts can be worn on the hammock. I guess your choice will be dependant on your climate and time of year. I always choose leggings for some reason.

Some yogi’s like to wear sticky socks as this gives them a little more grip for grounded asana’s and when they are standing in the hammock. Wearing socks will be a personal choice. There are some great ones available.

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