X-Pole Hammock

Would You Buy the Arize Fabric for your Aerial Yoga practice?

X-Pole Hammock Kit
Credit: X-Pole

A decent aerial yoga hammock from a reputable company based in the UK. If you are looking for a safe hammock kit then look no further than the X-Pole Hammock

  • Designed for: Aerial Yoga, Aerial Sling, Flexibility or tricks & flips at home.
  • Length: 5m
  • Width:  3m
  • Material: Polyester, Elastane
  • Stretch: Medium
  • WLL (Weight Load Limit): 4409lb/2000kg
  • MBL (Minimum Breaking Load): 881.84lb/201.4kg

X-Pole Aerial Hammock Overview

While the market is currently being flooded with silky fabric that has been made into yoga hammocks, there are not many other brands that you can count on to provide a reliable piece of kit. 

If you like aerial yoga or sling and want to practice at home the X-Pole hammock will not disappoint you. It comes from a reputable company that has a background in developing equipment for pole and aerial arts. They have been involved in this industry for a number of years so you can trust that you are getting a good quality aerial yoga hammock kit. If you have a background in pole dancing or aerial arts you will have heard of this company and will have no doubts about the quality and safety.

These aerial hammocks by X-Pole are made from high quality material. They are available in a range of colours and you have the option of buying just the material or as a kit.

The only thing that lets X-POle down is the availability of stock. From time to time, even pre-covid you often had to wait for these hammocks on back-order.  We believe that due to Covid and Brexit there can be a delay in getting your hammock depending on the colour you are looking for.


white fabric
blue fabric

What We Thought About the X-Pole Hammock - Our Review

The x-pole hammock is a great little yoga hammock that is used in many studios that also offer pole dancing and aerial arts because the same company are industry leaders in making pole dancing poles. So pole studios trust X-Pole so use their aerial products as well.

The X-Pole hammocks are a good starting point, they are soft and are medium stretch fabric, meaning that they are good for beginners as they will not be as painful to the hip bones. 

The fabric is of good quality, although we do personally prefer the prodigy fabric.  This is because the weave of the fabric is different, we have just become used to the prodigy one. 

Because it is the medium stretch you might find that you need to re-rig or rig a little higher during class. 

It comes in a range of colours including pink and purple. Customers can either choose to buy just the fabric or with a connector kit. 

X-Pole also sells a brilliant portable A-Frame to hang the yoga hammock from. The rig which can be used indoors and outside is a great piece of kit. So if you are looking for something to hang your hammock from, it would make sense to buy the frame and hammock at the same time.  They also sell a hammock mount which can be installed into a joist or beam by a professional tradesman.  X-Pole is a one-stop shop for all of your aerial yoga hammock needs. 

We believe that the fabric is made in China. 

The cost of the fabric is pretty reasonable, although with shipping on top there might be alternative solutions. 

What You Get In The Box?

Depending on whether you buy the fabric only or invest in the connector kit will determine what you get in the box.

Those that opt to buy the fabric only will just receive a piece of fabric 5m x 3m in the chosen colour. You will need to tie the knots yourself.

If you buy a fabric with a connector kit you will be sent a fabric that is pre-tied onto 2 25Kn carabineers. You will also get a pair of 600mm daisy chains which you can use to connect the carabineers to your rigging point. 


  • 1x Hammock material
  • 2x Aluminium carabiners (25kn)
  • 2x Daisy chains 600mm
  • 1x Carry bag

Whilst it is possible to buy a fabric and the rigging attachments separate, if you are new to aerial hammock at home it is just easier and safer to buy them all from X-Pole and know that you are getting a safe piece of kit.

How to rig it?

 We are not professional riggers so we won’t offer you advice on that but here is X-Pole’s video on how to hang it.

How Safe is It?

The X-Pole hammock is one of the few yoga fabrics on the market that you can trust. It has been tested to ensure it is safe for use. Unlike some cheap fabrics that you can buy on the internet, this has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it will hold a persons weight and will not break under the strain.

The X-Pole hammock has been tested. The manufacturer’s instruction sheet states a Breaking Load of 1300kg and a working weight load of 130kg (10:1). So it is going to hold some quite heavy people. 

Where Can I Buy the Product?

The best place to buy the X-Pole hammock from is X-Pole themselves. Whilst you might find some resellers advertising on eBay etc they are at elevated prices. Take a look and compare the prices and see for yourself. 

Head over to X-Pole (1) and buy your hammock at the lowest prices around. 

Overall Review

Overall, the X-Pole hammock is one of the best aerial yoga kits currently available. We recommend that if you are new to aerial yoga that you take some classes with a trained professional first. Online lessons are available as a last resort if you are new. 

Once you are confident in your practice it is a good time to start practising at home. If you are going to be doing any dynamic moves make sure that you have a mat under you. 

This is a great hammock for beginners as the medium stretch is kinder to your muscles if they are tights – it won’t dig in as much. They are not so stretchy that you need to adjust them all the time. 

Based on what we have heard from users of these hammocks students like them a lot. They are made from good quality fabric that washes well. 

The option to buy as a kit or material only is quite convenient if you already have rigging equipment at home. 

The hammock kit comes with everything you need to attach it to your rigging point whether that be a free-standing rig, hammock hook or door mount. However, you should remember that aerial arts can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing or you rig the equipment incorrectly. 

We hope that you like our X-Pole Hammock reviews and hopefully, it helps you decide which brand to buy in the future.

We only marked it third in our ranking because we prefer the less stretchy material of a competitor and because these hammocks are often only available after a long wait on the X-Pole backorder list. 

If you’re not convinced that this is the hammock for you then take a look at who made our number one spot in the aerial yoga hammock category.